Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Found this bio on Seth. 

LOVE the excerpt that reads: In recent decades, however, Seth Klarman, along with his wife Beth, has turned their interests more towards philanthropy. Feeling that he has more money than he personally will ever need and more than his family will need gave him the initiative to found the Klarman Family foundation in 1990.

More money than you will ever need? 

Then donate all the land Highlands owns back to local farmers  (and get the tax write off) who will continue to grow food, build community capacity and we will even put your picture on the side of building as the man who cared about the community.....more than money.......

What is high-larry-ous is the picture they used on the bio shows a mega quarry in the background.



For every municipal tax payer and municipal elected official, this is a must see. 

The Ombudsman delivers his report on closed meeting investigations and he is not kind to many elected officials who still do NOT seem to get the fact that they are dealing with tax dollars and they must be open and transparent. 

Watch him here and note that one of his recommendations is that ALL meetings, both open and closed be video or audio recorded.  Gee I recall Melancthon ratepayers lobbied for that and were told NO.  (video runs about 30 minutes and you will need high speed)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"The message was still enough is enough. And Palgrave residents concerned about the possible contamination of their drinking water after a fuel spill at the Tottenham Pit were tired of hearing it.
The engineer hired by Brock (to perform tests) is Houston Engineering,” Connors said. “We found a court case where they were found to be falsifying evidence. This doesn’t give us a lot of faith.”
Connors told the council that these were all concerns expressed at the original public meeting, and it was frustrating residents that the MNR assured them they would be protected.
“But here we are, a spill has occurred, they’re not following protocol and we’re being treated like the bad people,” she said."....
And here is the Court case against the engineers hired by Brock, where they were found to have falsified information:
Local residents have worked diligently to see the license revoked, as they believe the operation has been dormant for years and should not restart. They have also been able to expose a number of inconsistencies in the information provided to them, including the aggregate company claiming water flow patterns that do not coincide with the most recent approved site plan, and Oak Ridges Moraine legislation that states mining below the water table should not happen at all.
They have been reassured by officials with the Ministry of Natural Resources officials that their concerns would be looked after, however, recently, they have been scrambling for information about a fuel spill that occurred after a numbered company associated with Brock demolished buildings on the site and have lost faith in the assurances of the Ministry.
The aggregate company, Brock Aggregates, claimed they weren’t responsible because the lot, which the demolished buildings resided on, was owned by a numbered company – 693316 Ontario Ltd. However, the vice president of the numbered company is also the vice president of Brock, and G & L group, which owns Brock Aggregates. Brock also owns the aggregate license for the entire Tottenham pit area.
They (the Town of Caledon) had a concern and wanted the house demolished, so we went ahead and demolished it,” he said. “It wasn’t an oil spill due to the demolition. It was an oil spill that had been there for years. The MOE  supervised the removal and everything is done and all is satisfied.”
The ministry would not have done that because it is the Technical Standards and Safety Authority who is the lead on the matter,” she said. “Ministry staff monitored excavation of the fuel contaminated soil on Saturday (Oct.) the 13th and we understand an assessment is still required by the TSSA.”

Saturday, October 27, 2012


STROMBO CALL TO ACTION: listen to his request and then just do it!!

AND for those who attended Soupstock, this next video will be a wonderful souvenir.

For those who weren't able to be at Woodbine Park, you will feel as though you were there.

It is a brilliant little film (less than 8 minutes) which tells the story of this remarkable event.

Enjoy it and then please share it with everyone you know!!

Then go to
to view the Soupstock pictures and latest NDACT news.

Finally here is a witty Tweet from Teamheadwaters (the good guys) 
 Team Headwaters @TeamHeadwaters
20 Oct
Waiter, there's a cause in my soup!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


NestlĂ© Waters Canada is questioning why the province plans to impose mandatory reductions on the amount of water it can draw from its Hillsburgh well during times of moderate drought. – OH REALLY?

And in a bizarre PR disaster, it would appear they used some covert tactics to get Guelph Council to  cancel a screening of a documentary called Tapped.

Honestly, I had no desire to watch the movie until I saw this, now I can't wait to see it, so thanks Nestle.

Hey, you don't think they have hired Daniher to do their PR do you?


Fuel spill at Tottenham pit worries residents

A fuel spill at the Tottenham Pit has residents worried if their water is safe to drink.

And their concerns have increased after being told it’s up to the aggregate company to find out.

Brock Aggregates, a company that has applied for an amendment to their license on the Tottenham Pit, a quarry at the corner of Mount Wolfe Road and Highway 9, recently entered the property with large construction equipment to demolish buildings on the lot.

And now the company is responsible for the testing to prove whether a fuel spill caused by their demolition activities will affect local water supplies.

Residents became concerned about the demolition when they saw it commence this past week and contacted the town to see if demolition permits were in place.

After walking toward the site, they also contacted the Ministry of the Environment about a smell they quickly attributed to a fuel spill on the property.

According to Leo Butko, manager of regulatory services for the Town of Caledon public works department, permits were not in place for all buildings demolished and the town is conducting an investigation to see what actions should be taken.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hope he ads me to his blog list.  I have added him to mine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Free workshop series, the first phase in co-creating a community play about the proposed Melancthon Mega-Quarry.

Come and have your say about the proposed mega-quarry, pro & con & undecided

All interested individuals & groups are welcome to get involved.

Produced by Everybody’s Theatre Company and the Rural Learning Association in collaboration with a local steering committee.

The first in the series will be: Song Writing Workshop: Write a song about the proposed mega-quarry with professional songwriter James Gordon.

No experience necessary. No need to pre-register.

When: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hours: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Where: Honeywood School House, Honeywood, L0N 1H0

Price: Free!

Contact: (519)856-9891

Web site url:

By: Dale Hamilton

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Science and facts prevailed today when Nelson Aggregates’ proposed expansion into Mount Nemo in Burlington was dismissed.

Key factors for dismissal were the Jefferson Salamander and significant woodland:

The Jefferson salamander is a threatened species in Ontario. It received habitat protection under the PPS 1997 and 2005 as well as the Endangered Species Act, 2007. In 2005, MNR documented that the wetland and woodland regions of the Mount Nemo area are habitat for this species, which breeds in the woodland pools that extend onto the southern end of the Nelson property.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


"As food prices increase as a result of these multiple pressures, land is becoming a more lucrative asset for powerful interests and investors.
As the scale and pace of large-scale land acquisitions increases globally, evidence is mounting that the land rush is out of control and that the price being paid by affected communities is unacceptably high.
....however, all too often, todays land deals fail to deliver benefits for local individuals and communities. 

A large-scale land acquisition can be defined as the acquisition of any tract of land larger than 200 hectares.
Land acquisitions become land grabs when
  • they are not based on a thorough assessment of, or disregard, social, economic and environmental impacts...
  • avoid transparent contracts with clear and binding commitments on employment and benefit-sharing;
  • eschew ...independent oversight and meaningful participation.

 Transparency is not an end in itself, but the secrecy that cloaks many land deals is one of the most disturbing characteristics of todays land rush phenomenon. It prevents local communities from knowing who is acquiring their land and for what purpose.
Too often, large-scale land acquisitions end up as land grabs in which affected local communities become victims of the deal, rather than partners in development
The global land rush shows no sign of abating. Indeed, it is predicted that commercial pressures on land will continue to mount as competition over resources intensifies
You couldn't be faulted if you thought they wrote this about Melancthon, but click and read for the details:


Monday, October 1, 2012


RE: WALKER QUARRY in Duntroon....Jobs, jobs, jobs.....people who live near there and are concerned about particulate matter, loss of natural habitat and the Niagara Escarpment Commission, who's job it is to look after the damned (and I am paraphrasing there).

Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson said he supports Walker Aggregates and its employees.
"I have great sympathy for them," Wilson said. "There is a number of jobs involved here."
Wilson said he's written to the government regarding the NEC's request for a judicial review - asking Attorney General John Gerretsen to review the matter.

Seems odd given this article:
MPP Jim Wilson (PC, Simcoe Grey) was in the legislature presenting a petition “to stop the development of the Melancthon quarry.”

So, please be clear MPP Wilson, where do you stand?


"Some companies are more concerned about making money than they are about protecting Mother Earth," Beaton told the E-B before the march. "Some corporations are trying to protect the earth, and some are trying to destroy it."

Thanks to NDACT and Danny for their leadership on this issue.