Thursday, May 30, 2013


When: Sunday August 18th, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: Honeywood Arena, 706114 County Road 21, Mulmur
Honeywood, east of County Rd. 124

Enjoy local food, music and art!

Free wagon rides or bring your own bike to see the farmlands, saved from the Highland Mega Quarry.
  • Local chefs serving local food
  • Farmers' market
  • Live music
  • Kids activities
  • Art Show and Sale
Click for the poster-please circulate the link via email

Bring your own plate and fork-garbage free event
No water bottles please-free water available-bring a cup!!
Admission: $5.00 (5 years and under - free)
Hot Food Items: $2.00 - $5.00

go to for more information

Monday, May 27, 2013


 The Standing Committee on General Government starts writing its report on the review of the Aggregate Resources Act this Monday, May 27th! The MPPs will be incorporating the suggestions presented at last spring's public hearings into the ARA. These include the calls made by agricultural stakeholders to protect prime farmland and source water regions. 

We encourage you to contact the MPPs on the Committee! Below is a sample letter and the e-mail addresses for the members. As always, please add your own thoughts/expertise to your letters. And start hitting the SEND button!

Bas Balkissoon, Chairman   bbalkissoon.mpp@liberal.ola. org
Donna Cansfield                dcansfield.mpp@liberal.ola. org
Rick Bartolucci                   rbartolucci.mpp@liberal.ola. org
Sarah Campbell       
Mike Colle                
Rosario Marchese    
Laurie Scott              
Todd Smith               
Jeff Yurek                  

To the members of the Standing Committee on General Government: 
   I understand you will begin writing the Committee's report on the review of the Aggregate Resources Act beginning this Monday, May 27th. This important process was launched in the fall of 2011, followed by public hearings one year ago. The review of the ARA was ordered in the midst of the controversy over the proposed Highland mega quarry. As you'll recall, the proposed mega quarry would have destroyed 2,300-acres of the rarest agricultural land in Ontario and impacted the water resources for up to one million people downstream in perpetuity. It was because of the mega quarry that the review of the outdated ARA was ordered by the Ontario government.

  As you write your report, I would like to remind you of the key suggestions made by the agricultural stakeholders and farmers who appeared before you last year. They all stressed that under the ARA, Ontario's prime farmland is at risk. This strategic and perpetual resource is vital to our $33-billion agri-food sector, our economy and our food security, yet it is unprotected. As well, the Highland application revealed that Ontario's source water regions are also vulnerable under the current ARA. Highland intended to pump 600-million-litres of water from the mega quarry every day, forever. As one of the farmers stated at the public hearings: It's time to put food and water first. 

  Therefore, I urge you to include protection for prime farmland and source water regions in your report on the ARA review. Tens of thousands of Ontarians are engaged in this issue. They look forward to seeing their views on the preservation of prime farmland and water resources reflected in the Committee's findings. 




Medical marijuana grow operation in Clearview
For about the last 16 months a federally regulated medical marijuana growing operation has existed at a farm property on Sunnidale Concession 12 in Clearview Township

And in this day and age where nothing goes to waste, which is as it should is where the byproduct goes...

Washington is experimenting with mixing excess stems, roots and leaves of marijuana plants into pig feed to prevent waste, and the early results are promising: The pigs get the munchies and their meat tastes better.

Is anyone else craving a McSausage right about now?

My proposed headlines?





Friday, May 24, 2013


These people are farmers.

These people are NOT farmers....


"The rumours of the Dufferin Eco Energy Park’s (DEEP) death are “greatly exaggerated,” according to East Garafraxa Mayor Allen Taylor.
Of course, Taylor, chair of the county’s Community Development Committee (CDC), was referring more to the prospects of partnering with York Region on a composting plant at the DEEP during council's last meeting on May 9, and less about Dufferin’s dreams of an energy-from-waste (EFW) facility being built there."
Honestly, what the hell is wrong with this guy. 
I can not imagine there is a single Dufferin ratepayer, even in Orangeville, who feels that York Region's crap/waste/composte whatever you want to call it should be hauled here for disposal.
Especially if they knew why York doesn't have their own homemade solution for dealing with this shit. (which they did, but it smelled too bad for them, so they had it shut down, see previous postings). 
And don't try to sell us on the "green" solution.
How many trucks per day will there be, hauling this crap here, on roads that have to be maintained, repaired and replaced by Dufferin taxpayers so York Region can composte and say they are green?
AND either backroad will need to be upgraded or the haul route will be through Shelburne, meaning York's trucks will need to jockey for position behind the trucks headed to Shitgate/Southgate which will be hauling human waste and offal material in tarp covered trailers to "Lies"tek/Lystek's facility in Dundalk, adjacent to a school and residential homes.
And don't forget they will be passing trucks hauling Dufferin's waste OUT of our community since the County cluster fxcked and circle jerked their way along on that little waste management strategy.
Except for Mayor Hill who seems to have a clue and is trying to get a motion passed to make this crappy mess go away.
KEEP UP the good work on this issue Mayor Hill


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Monday, May 20, 2013


James Dick, the company who was defeated after a 10 year battle with ratepayers in Caledon, has now applied for a license to extract dolomite on a 100 acre parcel near Rockford (Guelph-Eramosa)

So just how much aggregate do we need, are we running out like Moreen Miller (aka the Chicken Little of the Ontario Stone Sand Gravel and Association) would have us believe?
OR do we believe Dr. Jensen who says we have 200 years left?

“SAROS states that there is a serious shortage of aggregate resources on the horizon, when in reality, the MNR’s Aggregate Licensing and Permitting System (ALPS) database shows reserves in existing pits/quarries of between 50 to 70 years supply of material, while other experts such as Dr. Larry Jensen, PHD Geoscience, calculates from 120 to over 200 years. For his calculations,

Dr. Jensen uses figures from both TOARC (the industry’s Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association is the sole shareholder of The Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation) and from ALPS.”

How could we answer this question and put it to rest? 

Well the rich, rich, rich aggregate industry could map AND PUBLISH all the current/existing pits and quarries, with all information, date of existence, amount per year extracted, life span left and type of material being extracted and map all existing deposits that have the potential for extraction.

But that of course would take money out of THEIR pockets.

So, who is supposed to do this?

The ever beleagured taxpayers, of course.

1) The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) requires that Municipalities identify and map all aggregate deposits in their areas. This of course, will be paid for by the Municipalities, or taxpayers. This would be akin to the Federal government (taxpayers) inventorying all gold and oil deposits, so that private companies would not have to spend their money and time to complete these very expensive tasks themselves. An example – the Town of Caledon completed this exercise in 1999 to 2001 at a cost of approximately three million taxpayer dollars.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hens lay eggs, roosters, like Foghorn Leghorn pictured above, don't.

There is no nutritional difference between a white egg and a brown egg.

 fresh egg will float in water, a stale egg will sink.

It is easier to peel a hard boiled egg that is older than a fresh one.

And for the EASIEST way ever to separate a yolk from the egg white, watch this (PREPARE TO BE AMAZED-THIS WILL BE YOUR NEXT PARTY TRICK, TRUST ME....)

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Farmers don't get long weekends-crops and livestock need tended everyday.

Enjoy your May 2-4 and think about a farmer this weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013


"In the case of an emergency, Toronto has enough food to last just 3 days." 

This sobering revelation was made by Food Policy analyst Wayne Roberts at a lively and packed Food Security meeting in the city's east-end last evening.

There was a terrific discussion about the challenges facing Ontario and the country as we confront a growing population, shrinking farmland and expectations of cheap food.

NDACT chair, Carl Cosack, outlined the goals of Food & Water First, stressing that land-use policies must change so that prime farmland and source water regions are protected in perpetuity.

Canada does not have a national food policy, but the federal NDP's Agriculture critic, Malcolm Allen, says his party plans to unveil a National Food Strategy this fall.

The federal Liberals made a similar proposal three years ago. In response, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture backed it immediately, saying "There is no plan in this country to secure Canadian food beyond the next harvest." 

A special thanks to NDP MP Matthew Kellway for hosting the Food Security meeting. Food & Water First was warmly welcomed and we gained many new supporters.

Watch for a fresh crop of lawn signs in Toronto's east-end! Attached is a photo of Matthew with Wayne Roberts seated on the left.

ARA review report: Let the writing begin!

We have learned the Standing Committee on General Government will begin writing its report on the review of the Aggregate Resources Act on May 27th.

The MPPs on the Committee will meet for a few days to decide what should be in their report. We believe they will need to be reminded of our suggestions! 

Until then, enjoy a safe and wonderful long weekend.

Don't forget to pick up and plant your new Food & Water First lawn sign. They make an attractive addition to any yard! Find a sign depot near you at  

Thursday, May 16, 2013


This is from David Vanderzaag's presentation to the Committee in 2012 reviewing the Aggregate Resource Act where he explained what makes the prime land in Melancthon/Mulmur unique:

"Describing it is like trying to describe a masterpiece you cannot see, but I will do my best, so let me explain in laymen’s terms what makes this class 1 ag land so special.

It has 7 main characteristics:

(1) Its soil type is loam.

(2) It’s stone-free.

(3) It’s flat.

(4) It’s uniform. Each 100-acre block is the same.

(5) It’s contiguous. It is one large 15,000-acre block of the same soil type.

(6) It’s well drained.

(7) And its location: you get 28 inches of rainfall, a moderate climate, and we’re 90 minutes from five million people.

Any two or three of these characteristics alone would make land good.

This land rates “excellent” on all seven of these characteristics. "

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The May 16, 2013 agenda for Melancthon Council is posted at this link:

Some notable quotables from the contract planner, for which taxpayers pay $115.00 an hour for this type of "professional" advice:
  • "This will provide an update on an important aspect of the current Provincial review of the draft Official Plan...I have received a call from OMAFRA...the Ministry is seeking some documentation...since I NOW know the nature of the information OMAFRA requires...I intend to proceed with this work" (excerpts from page 27 at above link)
OMG-where to start?  We have a "professional planner" who has been working on updating Melancthon's now, approximately 36 year old original Official Plan, for about 6-8 years...

AND OMAFRA has to call HIM to let HIM know what they need?

And now that someone has advised our professional $115.00 an hour planner what is required, he will get right to work on it.

He didn't call them when he was preparing the plan, say 8 FREAKING YEARS AGO???? OR EVEN 8 FREAKING MONTHS AGO to find out what was required before submitting it to the Province for comments?

Well, why would he?  The longer he can drag this out, the more $$$ the hard pressed Melancthon taxpayers pay.  Don't forget, in 2013 2012 a 1% tax levy amounted to approximately $14,000.00.  Let say ole Jer made $95,000.00, that is alot of 1% tax levies we are paying produce, so far nodda alodda nothing.

And there appears to be an error on page 46 wherein it states that Melancthon's official plan 5 year review is due in 2019-it was DUE 8 years ago.  And the 5 year review won't be due again until the FIRST one is complete and at this rate, it certainly won't be anywhere near 2019.

And commencing on page 55 is a list of what planners in other jurisdictions a delegant advised Melancthon last year, they could have a full time planner for MUCH less than what they currently pay Jorden, and that planner would be in the office 35 hours a week, and could provide other services that are now contracted out-bylaw preparation, legislative research, etc. etc. etc.

Finally on page 67 is this asinine statement regarding our "professional" planners advice on the Shelburne North Subdivision and the realignment of the Third Line and Hwy 10:
  • attached are my comments....please note that my comments....are based on the general understanding of the situation...if I am incorrect, please advise and I will revise the letter according...
Holy OMB, Batman.....

What kind of a "professional" planner, for which taxpayers pay $115.00 an hour, actually admits that if he is wrong, someone should let him know and he will revise the letter...accordingly.

Who in the hell except the planner, should know what fuck is going on?


And by the way, I believe he filed his report using this ultra modern method:

Monday, May 13, 2013


A unique farmer's market is set to open just south of the old rail tracks on the 3rd Line/Victoria Street.
What makes it unique?
It will be the first farmer's market in a Town, located on a working farm (Besley Country Market to be precise)!!
As of May 30, 2013, it will be open every Thursday night from 3pm to 7 pm until October 17, 2013.
For vendor registration or more information, contact Christine Patton, Market Manager at
As every good enterprising business person would do, the organizers of the market tried levering $$ to assist the operation to ensure success.  Specifically they approached the Town of Shelburne for $9,000 towards creating the vendor-operated market.
BUT as every municipality knows (OR SHOULD KNOW), the Municipal Act, 2001 prohibits bonusing (meaning providing tax $$) to businesses, industry or commerical operations unless it in a Community Improvement Plan and offered to all.  Because after all, taxpayer money should not be used for any private private business.   And the Town of Shelburne knew that.
Full story here:
(Don't even get me started on the "bonus's the Shelburne Red Wings finagled from the Shelburne Arena Board)
Which makes it all the more strange that not a single bureaucrat or politican at the County has raised the issue of bonusing since being shook down, "approached" by Alter NRG and its business partners, demanding, "requesting"  $2 to $3 million from COUNTY OF DUFFERIN TAXPAYERS so this private company  can ship other municipal crap/garbage here.
Full article here:


MP Larry Miller's new "bulk water bill" is ready to receive Royal Assent and become law.

Bill C-383 passed third reading in the Senate this week.
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller presented the private members bill in December of 2012.

The Transboundary Waters Protection Act, has now been passed by both the House of Commons and the Senate.

It will ensure that all waters under federal jurisdiction are protected from bulk water removal while complementing provincial protections that are already in place.

The bill also contains punitive measures for those who violate the measures that are set out in the act.

Miller says Protecting our water from bulk export is something that constituents in his riding and indeed all Canadians are very concerned about.

Bill C-383 is unique in that the bill was carried through the House of Commons and the Senate without ever having a vote recorded against it.

And even when reviewed at committee meetings, only minor housekeeping changes were made.

The Conservative MP says it is incredible to see the amount of support that his bill has received from both sides of the House.

The bill was supported by Senator Doug Finley, who guided the bill’s passage through the Senate.

Furthermore, Bill C-383 received a great deal of support and input from the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation as well as the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

No word on when Bill C-383 will actually get Royal Assent and become law.



Sunday, May 12, 2013


Take 2 minutes out of your life and watch Hellman's video, Eat Real, Eat Local. 

It is full of facts about farming in Canada.

Friday, May 10, 2013


James Dick Construction Limited has applied to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for a licence to extract up to 700,000 tonnes a year of gravel, sand and dolostone..

Halton Hills Mayor Bonnette said the Town had not been informed about the application but Regional Councillor Clark Somerville and Town staff attended a public meeting only after hearing about it through word of mouth at the last minute.

Full article here:

Wow, apparently a new tactic by the aggregate industry. 

Cause after all the attention John and David Lowndes, Bruce and Mavis Wilson, Baupost and the Highland  Companies created (Flamborough pit and the 2,300 acre, 200 foot below the water table Melancthon Mega Quarry, situated on prime ag land created) I can certainly understand their need/want to keep it on the D.L (down low as the cool kids used to say about 10 years ago)

But please, please could someone inform them that there is this new invention called the internet.

And you can get information almost instantaneously.

And you can even get it off all applications for aggregate licenses by just signing up for notices on the EBR, link attached:

So, why "try" to keep it a BIG secret?

Cause honestly, it is NOT working, cat is out of the LCBO bag.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


From the April 18 (2013) minutes of Melancthon Council:
While in attendance, Mr. Jorden commented that he is fairly close to getting comments back from the Ministry on the Township’s Draft Official Plan.

Read the minutes here:


What the hell kind of performance measure is this?

IF only there were a search button on the Township of Melancthon's website, we could search all the classic quotes from Geriatric Jorden.

And honestly if this crappy blog can put a search function on it, why in the HELL can't Melancthon put one on their site? 

Ah ha...if they did, we could in fact, search all the classic quotes from Geriatric Jorden about how "fairly close" he is to wrapping his, by now, at least 8 year update of the Official Plan.

So lets take a look through history and apply Geriatric Jorden's "fairly close" comment and see how acceptable it would be (to anyone other than Melancthon Council).

RHETT TO SCARLETT: Frankly Scarlett, I am getting "fairly close" to not giving a damn.

SARGENT SCHULTZ: I am getting "fairly close" to seeing NOTHING!!!

BILL CLINTON: I was "fairly close" to not having sex with that woman.

You see, it means nothing. 

FAIRLY close?

Hopefully, Geriatric Jorden is "fairly close" to retirement and to having milked the taxpayers of Melancthon dry and they can hire a full time planner for less than what they pay him who can actually get some work done and then spend the EXTRA money on fixing the goddamn roads.

Speaking of which, take the poll on this blog about the roads.  Are you satisfied with the conditions of the roads in Melancthon?



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