Saturday, April 30, 2011


There is a link to the Suzuki Foundation letter of objection to Highlands proposal posted on the Stop the Quarry facebook site (and a link was provided in yesterdays post on this blog).

Most of it, well almost ALL of it, is clearly above this blogger's level of understanding, but something written in plain language jumped out at me.

The Suzuki Foundation states on page 6 of their objection letter in reference to the studies Highlands did on the Pine River that Highlands experts conclude:
"...that there is an extensive area of fish habitat in the area above the proposed license area and below it but, according to the Stantec report, not through it".

So with my limited knowledge and intelligence, this would only make me come to the conclusion that we have a rare, rare type of fish in this area, flying trout.  I mean how else would the trout be able to nagivate the Pine River water system since they don't go THROUGH the license area, but are located both above and below it. 

Hokey smokes, stop the application!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Owen Sound Sun Times-Council delegation to Southgate

Toronto Star-Minister extends EBR deadline for submissions

Council of Canadians-quotes by Jim Black & Danny Beaton

Toronto Star letter to editor –rocks are indigestible

Ontario Farmer-National Farmers Union says quarry should not proceed

David Suzuki Foundation letter of opposition:
(BAUPOST INVESTORS: Since Lowndes and Daniher probably won't tell you who Suzuki is, google him, you might be surprised)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Many of these articles contain much the same information, but look at the widespread coverage gained!!

Carl Cosack comments on Seth Klarman's limestone quarry

Orangeville banner reporter walks the walk

Letter to editor: Highlands will be an experiment

Editorial on community engagement-the walk is mentioned

City of Guelph supports extension on comments

Minister provides Extension for quarry comments on Environmental Bill Registry

Peter Taubins at Queen’s Park rally to Stop the Quarry

Farmer feed cities, but only if they’ve got land

Southgate supports quarry request for extension

Quarry Protest

Six inches of topsoil from desolation-from Cape Breton news

Ontario Mega Quarry riles up local farmers-from a hedgefund on line news source

Quarry would be deeper than Niagara Falls, from a Toronto on-line activist site

Much the same information but in Pacific Free Press news

Council of Canadians article

680 news

Hedgefund on line news-Seth Klarman buys land worth 120 BILLION for 80 MILLION

March arrives in Orangeville

Toronto Star article- READ The comments

CP news-protesters spend Easter weekend marching to stop the quarry

CTV news

Owen Sound Sun

Article from Cornwall

Original Toronto Star article

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here is the objection letter to the application for an aggregate resource license for the Melancthon Mega Mine (M3) filed by the Council of Canadians with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Highland Companies.

I would like you to specifically pay attention where it states:
"Because the construction company is backed by the Baupost Group, a Boston‐based multi‐billion dollar hedge fund, it likely has NAFTA rights to sue the Canadian government if at any time after the contract has been signed, any level of government changes its mind on the project or attempts to limit damage to the land and water of the area by imposing new restrictions on the company’s operations. As well, NAFTA’s Chapter 11 gives American corporations operating in Canada the right to claim the water sources they use in their operations."

Hm, that would seem like a federal issue to me. 

Our MP, David Tilson, however has been reluctant, nay refusing, to get involved in this issue over the past two years, stating this open pit mine is provincial jurisdiction, NOT a federal one. 

He states that if anyone provides him with PROOF as to why it would be a federal issue, he would certainly be interested.  (In other words if you do the work FOR him, he is all for it.)

Well one might think that a national water policy and food policy would be a Federal issue, but I guess not. 

I will go out on a limb here and say the only thing Mr. Tilson is interested in is getting re-elected.

I mean if HE doesn't know about NAFTA and a foreign company's right to sue the FEDERAL government, how in the hell does someone who writes a crappy blog be able to find this stuff? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


At the April 19, 2011 federal all candidate's debate, Liberal Candidate, when questioned on the Quarry stated:
“This is some of the best agricultural land east of Prince Edward Island, especially for growing potatoes,” Prout said. “You will have absolutely my full support in stopping this project. This is a ridiculous waste. … This can’t be allowed to happen.”

Well, good for him.

But if he really wants to get elected, what he needs to do ASAP is have Moo(vis) Wilson remove the Liberal Candidate sign off her front lawn.

Her endorsement in this neck of the woods, having bought farmland about 5 years ago from struggling and retiring farmers, while working for Highland companies knowing what was coming down the line in terms of limestone and Highlands purchasing land, is worth less than nothing.

Just saying.....

Monday, April 25, 2011


A Native Walk to Stop the Quarry started on earth day at Queen's Park with a crowd of about 200.   The core group of about 20 have been joined off and on over the past three days by hundreds of well wishers, walking with them, honking in support, providing food and water (no bottled water!!) and money for gas for the two support vehicles.

This was yesterday at the Town Hall in Orangeville:

They are starting this morning at 8:30 am at the Mono Plaza on Hwy 10 just north of Orangeville and plan to end their walk in Shelburne at the Town Hall.   They will finish the walk tomorrow at a farm on County Road 124 north of Hornings Mills.

Come out and join them. 

PS Deputy Mayor Bennington, if you want to come out and inform yourself on the issues and get a well needed photo-op of doing something good, you can rest assured you won't be "bombarded with 200 questions that you can't answer".  Sometimes it isn't all about you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter Sunday and Mickey D is out schilling on CBC radio at 6:30 AM telling everyone how Highlands are potato farmers and doing a great service for the world and how the greedy critics are only trying to raise $1 million dollars to fight them on this application.

Well, thanks for pointing that out Mickey-like we didn't know. And the problem with raising money to fight Highlands in court??? Still not sure.

Wonder how much Seth and Beth K. spend on holidays and private schools and music lessons per year for their family-because of course they don't have to spend their hard earned personal hedge fund income on fees fighting a Boston based hedge fund about their enviroment and water source, living in their gated Boston community.

And I guess I can see why Mickey can't go to Church, being the good Catholic school boy that he is.  Someone at church must have seen this clip:

After all, when you make a deal with the Devil.....I can't imagine there is a confessional big enough...Just my opinion and that is the way I see it.

Enjoy the rest of your day Mickey D.

Friday, April 22, 2011


The Thursday April 14, 2011 County Council meeting can only be described in the words of the brilliant philospher and poet, Ozzie Osbourne:

"Crazy, but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate "

More lyrics:

So all aboard with these County politicians:

Shelburne Deputy  Mayor and Red Wings GM Ken Bennington

Maycock and Adams

 Mulmur Deputy Mayor "One Issue" Campbell-Moon

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is pretty funny. 

The sound isn't great, but watch for the questions on the Chilean miners, the nutritional value of a rock and how will Highlands defend against Satan's lawsuit....

The look on the "consultants" faces is priceless when they are being questioned.

And take a peek at 3.26 on for a former federal Minister of Finance.....who looks very unhappy.


I read the on-line version of the Shelburne Free Press/Orangeville Citizen last night. 

When I came across the "editorial" stating that Mulmur Deputy Mayor Rhonda Campbell-Moon and Shelburne Deputy Mayor Ken Bennington should be praised for their vote in support of Orangeville on the rail issue, I made a bet with myself that at LEAST one full page ad would be placed in the paper by Highlands at a cost of $1,000.00 to the Claridges.

I was right and wrong.  There was 1 and a half pages of ads placed and paid for by Highlands, for an estimated revenue to the Claridges of almost $2,000.00. 


Deputy Mayor Ken Bennington

Deputy Mayor Rhonda Campell-Moon

MP David Tilson at the all candidates debate at the Grace Tipling Hall on Wed night.

Just saying


Goldhawk has talked about this issue on his show every day since last Friday.  Listen in 11-1 at 7:40 am.

Podcasts of the broadcasts are usually posted the next day and you can find them at this link:  Sylvia Jones is speaking today about it.

And on the local front, here is a gentleman with more wisdom about water in the tip of his finger, than every single highly paid consultant working for Highlands or the Ministry of Natural Resources.  At this link, Mr. Doug Newell talks about this issue:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mulmur Deputy Mayor's resignation sought:

County does nothing

Quarry dominates federal debate

Prime agricultural land shouldn't be lost to quarry

Truck traffic could pose serious problems

Unanswered questions

Experts have been wrong before

County door on rail issue remains open

Rhonda Campbell Moon

Moon and Bennington deserve praise

Dufferin Federal of Agriculture

Daniher NOT winning, but whinging

Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The United Church in Shelburne held another eco-forum to discuss environmental issues.  Last night's topic was the Melancthon Mega Mine (M3) and the impacts.

It was very informative and there were lots of people there who were hearing the message for the first time.  In fact one woman said it was scaring the hell out of her.

But do you know who wasn't there?  Highland spokesperson Michael Daniher.   He has been at every public meeting, every Council meeting and quite frankly every letter opening in the past 5 years, but an important meeting like this-nada, no show, nothing.  My understanding was he was even invited to speak at the event but declined.

I wondered why he was a no show, but then I realized it must be because after his lame attempt to bamboozle Dale Goldhawk on Goldhawk's radio show on Friday April 15, 2011, he was still licking his wounds.

In fact after Goldhawk got Daniher twisting and caught in the very fact he would not answer a simple question with a simple yes or no, Goldhawk offered to put him on hold,  should Michael want to enlighten the listeners further on the issue, to which Michael readily agreed to.  At that point he probably needed to go change his shorts anyway.

So when I really got thinking about it, I am pretty sure this is where Daniher still is:


Thursday, April 14, 2011


County of Dufferin tonight at 7:00 p.m., delegations and votes on the rail issue.

Tomorrow night, April 15, 2010 at 7:00 pm-Ecoforum at United Church-presentation being made by the North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) on how the Highland Quarry will impact you.  All are welcome, free admission.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Aggregate Resources Act, under which Highland Companies has filed for a license for a 2,300 acre, 200 foot below the water table, open pit limestone mine, provides that the proponent MUST have a public meeting.

So Highlands had to have a public meeting, which they had last night in Hornings Mills Hall.  The smallest, most NOT accessible facility they could find. 

I mean, if Jonny or Mickey, had had it in their Mom's basement (which J.L. looks like he just slithered out of), there would have been more room.

Anyhew, I am late in posting an update today, because I have been in the hospital since about 10 pm last night. No, nothing serious, just a ruptured everything from LOFL (laughing out frxxking loud).

So tonight's update? 




Hardy, har, har, har....spit milk out my nose, etc.etc.


Baupost Group; Seth Klarman; Baupost Group; Seth Klarman (backers of the Baupost Group, of the Highland Companies). Please mention them in all your facebook, my space, etc. posts so it will come up in google.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Image you have just been through a municipal election and you can’t get your agenda moved forward due to one particularly difficult elected official. One who seems to be throwing roadblocks up at every turn for no reason other than a power trip and “I know more than you so there” and “I am right and it WILL be done my way” mentality.

Imagine facing four more years of that.

Ah, you thought I was talking about the situation in Dufferin right now where elected officials, are seemingly at odds with one councillor who was duly elected by a majority of voters to serve a four year term.

Well then you would be wrong.

I was talking about the poor beleaguered Melancthon ratepayers during the 2006-2010 term. Those ratepayers who begged, pleaded, cajoled and begged again for Council to position themselves for a battle to come.

You know, by doing things like passing a demolition control bylaw, implementing a new official plan as the old one was thirty years old, by hiring a full time, experienced planner, by instituting fees for filing an aggregate application, by passing a tree cutting bylaw, by completing an OPA for specialty crop or like Caledon did, an OPA to strengthen their aggregate policies, I mean I could go on and on and on.

But nothing happened, Council would NOT budge, NOT listen, NOT engage or listen to the public. It was a legal battle to get them to post agendas publically. So talk about frustrating.

Ratepayers felt as if they were being endangered by that situation and no one was listening and there was absolutely
NO rationale provided by our elected officials.

BUT now, we (all ratepayers, grassroots organizations, anon bloggers) are being urged and assured that it is a new term of Council, we should let bygones be bygones FORGET what happened in the past and all work together to win a difficult battle and don’t publically criticize the elected officials, it would be better for all.

In fact in December 2010 we were advised things were going to be radically different in Melancthon in six months. Well that is one month away and still waiting....waiting....waiting....

Well, all I can say is you lead and we will follow. When the elected officials start letting bygones be bygones over what happened on a previous Council in a previous term, even though the players might be the same for the most part, and start working together toward a common goal, this blogger will be the first to follow their lead.

So instead of spending money and staff time on how to get rid of a duly elected official (which by the way you can’t), instead of litigation try mediation and work out your differences and get ON WITH IT.

Ah, but I can hear the comments now on the blog. This blogger just doesn’t understand how difficult it is to work with this person and this rogue Councillor has no authority to do what they are undertaking.

Well clearly if any Councillor is trying to do the job that staff are hired to do, they are in the wrong. That includes fire inspections, digging graves for a cemetery, cutting grass, researching and writing a bylaw or policy OR writing letters unless they are from a politician to a politician. It is NOT the Mayor or any member of Council’s job to be writing to insurance adjusters, or staff at the Province, etc. etc. Council gives direction and staff implements it.

THE single most important issue EVER, on which the entire County’s future depends, is coming up at the County of Dufferin soon and every single vote counts.

So suck it up and work it out like ratepayers do when they are faced with the same thing. To lose a vote at County over a personality conflict would be inexcusable.

Lead by example and now would be a good time to start.



Apparently there is a meeting in Hornings Mills tomorrow night at 7pm. 

Under the aggregate resources act, the proponent, in this case Highlands, must hold ONE public meeting and this will be it.

And make no mistake-they must hold a public meeting-they do not HAVE to provide answers and even less so, the do not have to provide HONEST answers, because (is) a lie by omission is still a lie???

I would suggest you bring a chair, something warm to wear and get in an orderly line and wait, just like you were buying Justin Beiber tickets for your 12 year old. 

But WHEN you get inside the building, you can bet that you will be warmed by a nice, constant flow of hot freaking air, out of the mouths of many highly paid consultants.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Why I do believe it is the smell of desperation.

Mickey D. did NOT look happy at the Legion meeting wherein his shortcomings, I mean the shortcomings of his bosses DVD were simply pointed out.

He looked even worse at Mulmur's Council meeting, all twitchy and shakey.

And then, a mass mailing to everyone in the world to "set the record straight on the proposed quarry".

All well and good except it doesn't set anything straight. Here we go....continued from yesterdays post:
"WATER QUALITY WILL BE MAINTAINED" Well isn't that a nice promise to make?  Why in the hell wouldn't it be maintained?  And listen to their promise that "limited exposure to the atmosphere....oil and grit separators..."  So there is the admission that drinking water will be reinjecting into the acquifer WILL be exposed to the air, and oil and grit (SALT from the  trucks). So for them to make gazillions of $$$ for their ridiculously weathly investors WE get to drink water that has had limited exposure to the atmosphere?  Right now mother earth gives us NO exposure to the atmosphere and yet Highlands assures us they ensure that they will clean up the water that they have contaiminated.  In fact maybe Seth and Beth, to show us how safe their system is, will for the next five years agree for them and their family to drink NOTHING but water from an underground acquifer that has been exposed to the air for a couple of days, then put through a separator to get rid of the oil, grit and salt. 

'FINANCIAL ASSURANCES WILL ENSURE LONG TERM OPERATION OF THE WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN" further they state "the company would offer establish appropriate financial assurances".  Lets see, a 150 acre quarry approximately 150 feet deep in Caledon was turned down at the OMB.  This wasn't even one of the issues the parties couldn't agree on.  BOTH parties agreed that the financial assurance required for that pit would be $90 million.  So compared to size, depth, amount of aggregate, carry the 1 by the square root of bullshit, means nothing less than 1.44 BILLION could be even considered (not accepted, but considered) as a starting point.

"COUNTY ROAD 124 CAN ACCOMODATE TRUCK TRAFFIC" -yes indeedy it can accomodate truck traffic.  Anyone in their right mind knows it can NOT accomodate 7,200 trucks a day in traffic.  Notice they do NOT deny claims that it WILL be 7,200 trucks a day?

'ESTIMATES OF POSSIBLE RAIL USE ARE PURE SPECULATION" excuse me?  The rail use, if the County is stupid enough to sell it, is NOT speculation.  Highlands goes on to say "if rail becomes available its use will be examed as a means of reducing reliance on trucks".  Read that again: if rail becomes available its use will be examed as a means of reducing reliance on trucks"  Up until now their messaging has been it WILL reduce greenhouse gas emissions by taking trucks off the road. Now they are saying it will be examined.  I can tell you right now their examination will conclude is it better to ship it out as fast a possible, which includes 7,200 trucks a day AND maximum number of trains, fully loaded per day.  And when I say per day I mean day like in 24/7.

"LAND WILL BE REHABILITATED TO AGRCIULTURAL USES"  They go on to state, and Daniher is always very careful to state, "all the extracted land that is suitable for rehabilitation to agriculture will be rehabilitated...."  The key word here is "suitable for rehabiltiation".  Do you know how much land will be suitable for rehabilitation -NONE, NADA, NOT a FREAKING ACRE.

"THE QUARRY WILL CREATE LOCAL JOBS"  300 trucking jobs, NOT local and they will NOT spend income on the local economy.  The result will be in their estimation 150 jobs, but they don't show how many of those jobs will be replacement jobs for the farming ones that will be lost.  Nor is there an economic impact study being provided to show all the other local jobs that will be lost-golf course, Fines, all other farming jobs, etc. etc.

'BLASTING WILL COMPY WITH ALL APPLICABLE RULES"  Which means exactly what?  Nothing. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Why I do believe it is the smell of desperation.

Mickey D. did NOT look happy at the Legion meeting wherein his shortcomings, I mean the shortcomings of his bosses DVD were simply pointed out. 

He looked even worse at Mulmur's Council meeting, all twitchy and shakey.

And then, a mass mailing to everyone in the world to "set the record straight on the proposed quarry".

All well and good except it doesn't set anything straight.  Here we go....

"NO ONE'S DRINKING WATER WILL BE AFFECTED"-really?  Well of course not, according to Highlands leading experts have concluded that.  Do they say how?  Well not, but this is how they did it.  Highlands due a bunch of wells in the lowest, wettest swampiest parts of the land they owned and took the readings they wanted.  Then some "expert" did a computer model.  Wow, I feel relieved.

"99% OF THE PROPOSED QUARRY IS LOCATED IN THE PINE RIVER WATERSHED"  Well that may be, but the quarry will be situated on the headwaters of the Grand and Nottawasaga Riversheds and three subsheds, one of which is the Pine.  And I wonder, once you start digging a huge honking hole and hitting underground lakes and "managing" the water flow how that 99% of water is going to know it is only allowed to travel a certain way because Highlands said so?

"WATER IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO HAS BEEN MANAGED FOR MANY YEARS"  Good to know, but they keep talking about the Holland Marsh-more on that later.   And funny enough they WANT us to think of the Holland Marsh when they talk about their water, but NOT when you talk about a specialty soil  The Holland Marsh soil is special and so is the Honeywood silt loam.  Highlands says nothing special about Honeywood soil because it only grows potatoes which aren't special.  Well the Holland Marsh grows carrots and celery for the most part and last I knew there was nothing special about that crop either.  IT IS THE SOIL that is special.

"PUMPING AND RECHARGING WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ARE ONTARIO-PROVEN" really-where has this been proven in a hole bigger than Niagara Fall managing 600 million litres of water a day?  NO WHERE that is where. 

"THE QUARRY WILL CONSUME LESS WATER THAN FARMING" What does "consume" mean.  If it means in their wash stations and processing probably.  But if they include the 600 million litres of water a day they must "manage" then all I can say is hahahahahahaha and liar liar pants on fire.

More in another post.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Thursday, April 7, 2011


How do I know Spring has Sprung?

Did I see this?

NOPE, I saw this on the fourth line before 6am, in CLEAR violation of Strada's operating agreement.

Oh yeah, that was the same day that everyone who opposed Strada's expansion plans to the MNR were delivered a registered letter saying what great neighbours Strada is and how everyone's concerns have been met. 

And if you want to complain to Council, don't bother.  This has been going on since the day the first load of gravel was taken out of that pit.  They couldn't/wouldn't/didn't enforce it then and I can't believe they will now.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This was posted under anon comments on April 3:

The energy cost is just a part(significant as it is) of the overall costs which must be borne by the productive acreage. The only revenue source to fund the pumping and the other costs will be from the income of the farmed land, unless there is a sizable trust account set up by Highland.

These additional costs include the maintenance of the pumps; the replacement of the pumps; the inspection and maintenance of the recharge wells (which number around 540) which may clog or become contaminated; the replacement of recharge well pipes which will degrade and leak in time; the monitoring well inspections and maintenance; the entire water compliance assessment regime which needs to be staffed, and supervised (there are annual reports required to be filed with a number of government agencies); and contingencies such as low water levels that may require the provision of temporary drinking water to affected residents, and the drilling of new deeper well in order to repair the situation, the possibility of having to install hydraulic barriers around areas in the quarry that leak excessively; the uncovering, cleaning and reconstruction of basal trenches that become clogged and change the drainage in the quarry.

There is probably more that I have not thought of yet. And all this will be paid forever by anyone who owns the land.

Now do you still believe that this quarry will be rehabilitated??


Guess who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar on Saturday?

Thanks MD

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Clearly someone has read Highlands proposal (and thanks for your contribution)
One other interesting oversight to consider....

The traffic study uses a "worst" case scenario ("worst" for us, "best" for Highlands!) that puts 150 trucks per hour in and 150 trucks per hour out of the quarry, 24 hours per day, seven days per week AVERAGE.

Now I have seen enough of the construction industry in the GTA, at all hours of the day, for every day of the week, to know that there are not many project sites that work 24 hours per day, and even fewer that will work on a Sunday. There are not that many aggregate- hauling truckers that run through the night, whether it is a larger firm or an independent, since there is no active site to ship to. So I would expect that there would be a much larger volume of trucks during the day than their study puts forward to come up with a daily average of 150 per hour.

Another thought... there is no firm figure of tonnage expected to be shipped in the report. They give the figure 10 million tonnes at one point (which would give the quarry a 100 year lifespan according to their reserve estimates and I would guess that this figure would be excessively long timeframe even for the shrewdest hardcore, yet still mortal, capitalist), but say that the amount shipped will be market-driven, hence the seeking of an "unlimited" license. The traffic study does open the door to more trucks on the road saying that if the PEAK hour volume exceeds 150 trucks, then intersection improvements and road widening will be necessary along #124 down to #89.

150 trucks per hour average each carrying 40 tons would be a 52 million tonnes per year output which would give the quarry a 20 year lifespan, which would certainly be a more agreeable timeframe for a greedy investor.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I can NOT believe that Highlands overlooked this little hole (pun intended) in their economic argument.  Their application states 465 jobs, 300 trucking and 165 other jobs.

They don't mention that the 300 trucking jobs will be for people who own their own trucks, because their plan does not specify that they will be owning a trucking company.  The trucking jobs will clearly not be local jobs, nor will these drivers stop to pick up some groceries or buy lumber or visit the dentist or eye doctor.

Nor does Highland mention the impact on local existing prosperous businesses.  Does Murray Fines think anyone will do the trek to Shelburne to buy a bag of nails and risk their lives with that many trucks on the road?

How many-3,600 in and 3,600 loaded out. 24/7 except on stat holidays.

Does Johnny's pizza think anyone is going to traverse the 124 trail at any time, day or night, to buy a pizza?  Ha, I say, Ha.

Nor does Highland mentions that most of these 165 other jobs will be replacement jobs for the ones already employed through their agriculture operation.  So net gain in local jobs, less than 100.

And yet no economic impact statement on existing business.  I am pretty sure Honda and KTH won't be happy with competing with another 7,000 trucks on the road a DAY, working in their just in time operation that they do.

Since people started figuring this out, Highlands AFTER they submitted their application and originally posted on their site, has now posted a link about "Hiring local first" policy. 

Wonder if that is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights?  I guess we shall see.


If you have taken a look at Highlands application the first thing you will notice is there are no quantitative numbers provided.  In other words they tell you they will run 16 pumps 24/7 to keep water out of their 2,400 acre 200 foot below the water table open pit limestone mine dry.

What they don't tell you is once they have mined the holes dry (intentiional pun) they will disappear so that IF we want the water pressure stablized someone will have to pay the hydro to run these pumps, NOT to mention the maintenance and mitigation.

A friend gave me these numbers and the bottom line is it would cost, in todays dollars and hydro prices, $4,449.59 per YEAR per ACRE to keep the hole dry.

And if you read the fine print of Highlands proposal, and it is all fine print, while they are mining 2,400 acres, give or take a few, only 1,263 acres, less than half, can be returned to agriculture. 

Why?  Well because of the slope on the sides of the hole.  And of course then in order to farm it someone would have to maintain the road to get to the bottom of the hole and haul the crops back up, etc. etc. etc.

Friday, April 1, 2011


In case you are wondering why there have been no new posts-this anon blogger was recently served with court papers to stop posting and take down this blog.

Last post.
PS: Happy April 1 day.