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Here is the link:

Watch for a letter from Highlands solicitors, Goodmans wherein they advise that the Township's peer reviewers were retained prior to March 4, 2011 (MY NOTE: then why in hell was Councils letter submitted to the MNR two pages long with nothing substantial in it?) and they go on to state that the Melancthon peer reviews will be completed in approximately 10 weeks.  (MY COMMENT: how in the hell would Highlands know that when that information has NOT been relayed to the ratepayers. This would also seem to indicate that Highland knows who Melancthon's subject matter experts are, but us lowly taxpayers, nope, we weren't advised).

Highlands solicitor then goes on to make the generous offer that they will be willing to sit and discuss application with Melancthon's peer reviewiers and their experts at any time.

I would not in my wildest dreams ever, for a minute, think that Melancthon's experts would meet with Highlands "experts" and no one else's.

Something else of note on agenda an Official Plan update from Geriatric Jorden with yet another excuse why the OP isn't ready yet.  This time it is because of the large number and complexity of the comments received on draft plan and others.  Who is the other?  I bet it is from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing saying what a crappy plan it is.

So his new time frame is "sometime" in August the plan will be presented and hopefully within six weeks for the review process would mean late fall or early new year.  Kaching-another $20,000 thousand in his pocket for "working" on the OPA.

Then there is an amendment to the upgrading Hydro One Line on the 2nd line NW. 

The biggie is a delegation by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on education and training for Councillors.  This is in open session.  It would be nice if someone could ask the presenters if it is the responsiblity of Council to run the day to day business of Council.

Dear Anon:
I know you won't believe this, but minebuster is not an expert in everything.  I have no idea why your post disappeared, sometimes this stuff goes into spam, sometimes it just disappears, but since you have something to say and took the time to say it here it is again:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MELANCTHON COUNCIL MEETING JUNE 2, 2011 AT 9AM":

It is common knowledge that the peer reviewers for the township were retained in the last term of council but they were not able to start their work reviewing until the application was deemed complete which only happened recently. The letter is as it is because the peer review process is not complete and the township wanted to submit a letter but anything more than was in the letter would have had little basis in fact, (because the reviewers were not done, in fact only starting) and would have predjudiced the townships position. It also would be as if the township was prejudging the application, which would have caused a lot of problems.

While the peer reviewers are working towards a goal,(the township has two timelines for OPAs and Zoning apps) of 120 and 180 days, I am reasonably sure ther township would prefer "thorough" reviews rather that fast reviews. An statement by Highlands of a time period is strictly an estimate on their part.

The peer reviewers names are not a secret but if anyone wishes to contact them they should do so through the township.

The peer reviewers from both sides of an application meet to try to resolve differences, and to clarify questions and information. It is standard procedure.

Jerry Jorden has been working on the OP and has had numerous submissions from council, the public, community groups, and Highlands, all of which have to be researched, and brought into compliance if they are being used. I won't comment on the money as the bill is not in, and the MMAH has had no input on the OP except for answering a few questions posed by council and the public.

And you well know, it is NOT councils job to run the day to day business of the township. The staff recieve direction from council, by majority vote in council and they then are to carry out the wishes of council expeditiously and effectively as directed.

Posted by Anonymous to Mining for the Truth in Melancthon at May 31, 2011 12:05 AM

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Watch this and tell me that Shelburne, Dundalk, Badjeros, Corbetton, and any living creature within 50 miles etc. etc. etc. won't be able to "enjoy" the repercussions.

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The number of videos and youtube postings that people have produced and posted about Highlands/Baupost proposal to destroy Melancthon (IN MY OPINION) has been truly staggering, from heartfelt speeches, to original songs and pictures.

This video, however, really struck home and I believe the reason is it profiles the farmers who stand to be destroyed (via dust, trucks, impact on water, impact on livestock, etc) by Highlands and Baupost, should their preposterous proposal ever see the light of day.

Please take the time to watch it and tell me you aren't moved.

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Paint in to Protest Quarry

Quarry Critic Issues warning to the Town of Innisfil

Fundraisers for NDACT

Respect property rights-deny Highlands application

REQUIRED READING “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

I normally only post a headline and sometimes a line or two of an article and then the link and let the reader decide to read the entire article or not.

I am posting an article in its entirety.  It is required reading, it is so well done.  AND by a writer in a local paper who has actually interviewed people, attended the property and came to a conclusion.

Columnist takes a closer look at quarry plan:

Have you ever been mesmerized by looking down 165 feet to the bottom of the Niagara gorge?

You may soon have the opportunity to be mesmerized locally by gazing down 232 feet to the bottom of an orifice in Melancthon Township, only fifteen miles north of Orangeville (as the buzzard flies). This opportunity is based on plans to begin the excavation of the largest open pit mine in Canada, or the second largest in North America. It would encompass an area one-third the size of Toronto. Your first reaction might be to ask, “So what does that have to do with me here in Orangeville?”

The proponent of this limestone quarry in Melancthon is The Highland Companies, a Boston-based numbered holding company. I am not an engineer, geologist, or even a lawyer, instead I taught high school mathematics for a period of 34 years.

During that time, my years were spent as a problem solver, working with students analysing the pros and cons of arguments. The controversy to excavate a quarry in Melancthon seems, to me, to be a matter of dollars and cents, rather than common sense.

When I noticed a story in the Orangeville Banner on Earth Day that a group of concerned local citizens and members of the Turtle Clan Mohawk native people, led by Danny Beaton, planned to walk from Toronto’s Queen’s Park to Melancthon in protest of the proposed quarry, I thought the subject worth investigating.

Since I don’t like dealing with any potential problem without knowing the facts, I decided to find out as much information as possible about the quarry. After scouting around and talking to some of my friends, I learned a gentleman named Jim Black owned a farm in Melancthon in the eye of the storm of controversy.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I made the trek by van to Jim’s 200-acre farm north of Hornings Mills, on the west side of County Road 124. I had made no prior arrangements to speak with Jim. I just showed up.

When I entered the farm yard my greeting was the heady aroma of cattle manure, its source being two beige bovines chewing on their cuds while reclining behind a fenced enclosure. I asked a farmhand near the barn, “Excuse me, is Jim Black around?” “Ya he’s in the shed painting.” “Great,” I replied, “maybe I can chat with him while he’s working.”

When I entered the drive shed, the earthy farm aroma changed to one of paint and thinner fumes. I expected to find Jim wielding a paint brush and bucket of paint. Instead, I found him wearing coveralls, rubber boots and respirator as he was operating a spray gun with which he applied a coat of dark red paint to a farm implement.

I explained to Jim that I hoped to gain as much information as possible about the proposed quarry, so that I could write a story for the Orangeville Banner, also stating my concern that I had no desire to keep him from his work.

He finished the spot he was painting, stepped down from the ladder saying, “Let’s get out of these fumes into some fresh air before you keel over, besides it doesn’t take much to talk me out of work these days.”

We meandered through the yard, into the house, through the kitchen, ending up in his tiny office. We pulled up two chairs and I began to ply Jim with questions in the hope of understanding the quarry situation more fully.

As far as I could discern, there was an abundance of facts and at least as many fears. One of the first questions I asked Jim was, “What makes your land so good for growing potatoes?”

He replied, “It’s two things, the rich loam soil, and the limestone beneath feeds water to my crops, like the wick of an oil lamp.”

“If they did dig the quarry,” I asked, “what will happen to the topsoil? Will they stockpile it, sell it, or what?” Jim figured they would end up mixing it with the excavated debris, and the resultant mixture would be of little agricultural value.

Among the facts, The Highland Companies owns approximately 8,300 acres of Melancthon, with options on another 500 acres. This suggests Highland has potential control of approximately 15,000 acres of prime potato growing land, in the centre of which they propose to excavate their mega open pit mine.

This would be like sinking the pit in the centre of the vegetable- growing Holland Marsh, but unfortunately beneath Melancthon is where the profitable limestone lies.

Highland has presented 3,100 pages of documents to argue its case to the Ontario government. The proposed quarry would include operations 24 hours per day, seven days per week, with blasting every day of the year except for statuary holidays. The submission contemplates 7,200 large trucks coming and going into the pit every day, 3,600 in and 3,600 out.

Since the pit would be to the depth of 232 feet, and the ground water table is approximately 24 feet below ground, the company proposes that standing water from the quarry would be re-injected into new wells in the aquifer. These ‘facts’ are horrendous in their own right, but the most frightening aspect of all is the ‘unknown.’

Every area in the world is unique in the way that nature responds to such a proposed trauma. Even the so-called experts cannot guarantee how nature will respond in each case. The highest point (1,790 feet) in Ontario lies within spitting distance of Jim Black’s farm.

The County of Dufferin published a history book entitled Into The High Country by author Adelaide Leitch. To quote two paragraphs from Adelaide’s history volume: “The true wealth of Dufferin is probably its water — water plentiful, clean and good, that has from the beginning been a special bonus given Dufferin by its geography. Some from underground tapped by wells up to 475 feet deep. Some bubbles from hillside springs.

And water gives rise to ‘old-timers’ tales like that of the ‘Bottomless Lake’ of Mono. There, they say, a sleigh and two horses once were lost during the winter, to be discovered two years later some distance away. Early surveyors, according to the old settlers, came upon an ‘Underground Lake’ in Melancthon said to be at the back of lots 288 and 287, Concession 2 of the New Survey. Here was a deep cavern with an outlet under the rocks teaming with speckled trout.”

Often fact and fiction blend, who really knows? All of Orangeville’s water is obtained from wells. If the quarry is built, with a proposed 600 million litres pumped out of Melancthon daily, could it happen, that one day turning on your tap in Orangeville will result in ‘blurp,’ a single drop trickles out for your morning cup of tea or coffee?

Highland proposes to inject its collected water back into the ground. This, I assume, would be after it has absorbed all of the contaminants such as blasting residue and diesel fuel from excavation equipment. Perhaps water temperature will also rise threatening aquatic life. Speckled trout, floating belly up may then become the norm for fish in Dufferin’s streams.

Into The High Country also reminds us “Dufferin is the mother of rivers, the Grand, Boyne, Pine, Nottawasaga, Credit”, and who knows how many tributaries of these water courses? There are many facts, most of which aren’t good, but the many unknowns continue to surface.

If Highland is allowed to proceed, and irreparable harm begins, a letter from Maude Barlow, national chairperson for the Council of Canadians warns that due to the NAFTA agreement, “if at any time after the contract has been signed, any level of government changes its mind on the project or attempts to limit damage to the land and water of the area by imposing new restrictions on the company’s operations,” the Canadian government can be sued.

When Roman Emperor Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River he was quoted as saying, “Iacta alle est” (The dye is cast, or there is no turning back). Hopefully when the time comes for all officials to cross their Rubicon of decision making and the dye is cast, for citizens of Dufferin, it will be the correct one.

The Highland Companies has placed several full page ads in Orangeville newspapers. The two headings in the ads read ‘Myth’ and ‘Fact’. The myth column expressed many farmers’ fears, whereas the column purporting to mollify these fears was headed ‘Fact’. I believe that the word ‘Fact’ should be replaced by ‘Opinion’ or ‘Intent’. Since every situation is unique, there is no guarantee that what even experts consider to be facts will unfold as they predict.

One additional card at play is the railway land between Orangeville and Owen Sound. Highland proposes to re-establish a line so that limestone can be shipped by rail to Owen Sound, then by boat worldwide. To sell the land, 27 votes are in play with Orangeville owning 13. I must confess that I taught mathematics to Orangeville mayor Rob Adams during his formative years. Rob was a capable math student, but more importantly, any problem solving skills that he learned during those years should now be put to good use.

The quarry is not contingent on Highland obtaining the railway land, but if it did, the purchase would simplify matters and provide it with more options, but also a different set of problems to deal with.

Following my conversation with Jim Black, he made one parting remark, “All that I’ve discussed with you in the last hour is only the tip of the Highland Company iceberg of information. Many more related events have happened, are happening, and might happen, that we haven’t even had time to mention.”

As I drove south on County Road 124 following my conversation with Jim, I noted the purchasers of Melanthon property had not been resting idle. More than 30 farms along the route have had their buildings demolished. Some are homes that have been in families for generations. I passed a massive Euclid loaded with twisted stumps, earth and debris from the latest demolition project.

Afterthoughts: The more I learn about the prospective Melancthon quarry, the more uncomfortable possibilities come to mind. I once lived in Dunnville, a town on the Grand River near its mouth on Lake Erie. From an Ontario roadmap, it appears the Grand meanders for approximately 120 kilometres from its source in Dufferin down to Lake Erie.

The Grand’s actual length would really be much longer as it wanders past the wildlife in Luther Lake, the village of Grand Valley, Orangeville, Fergus, Guelph, Kitchener and Brantford.

If there is tinkering in Melancthon with water sources, will this have a ricocheting effect all the way along the waterway to Lake Erie? A final thought that surfaced most recently was brought to my attention by a friend, Bob, who had previously spent many years working with blasting.

Bob remarked, “You will likely see a dust cloud over the quarry site once they begin operations. Imagine the implications of dust clouds drifting over Dufferin, and the impact it could potentially have on our town!”

I realize some of my statements may not hold water, but I believe the biggest drop in the bucket of decision making arguments is the indisputable question, “Who really knows what will happen if the quarry is allowed to proceed?” To quote a line from T. S. Eliot’s poem The Wasteland, “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
Article at this link:


In today's issue of the Shelburne Free Press, Wes Keller, freelance writer for the Orangeville Citizen and Shelburne Free Press, writes that Highlands didn't lie about their intial plans for the 2,700 acres of prime agricultural land they had purchased. 

He begs the question that if a used car salesman extols the positives of a vehicle but doesn’t speak of the negatives, has he lied?

He goes on to write he was the reporter who wrote a 2007 article about Highland's.  In that article he questioned whether residents should have fears about Highlands digging a huge quarry.  He writes in today's column that he was unable to locate John Lowndes, but he obtained quote from Trevor Downey for that article.  Well that isn't exactly accurate.  

In fact,  this is a quote from the 2007 article: "Trevor Downey of Downey Farms and John Lowndes both say the intent in Melancthon is merely to have a world-class potato operation."

In today's column he also advises, "Nonetheless, we also posed the headline question of whether or not the fields of potatoes would turn to gravel, or some such."  As if somehow readers should rely on the headlines for the truth rather than quotes in the article? 

Except, the headline of that 2007 article, is in fact, "Canadian Hydro Developers explain 'amenities' divergence"

Here is Wes's column from today wherein he denies writing that John Lowndes stated his intention was to have a world class potato farm.

And here is the link to the article from 2007 wherein Wes wrote and I quote: "Trevor Downey of Downey Farms and John Lowndes both say the intent in Melancthon is merely to have a world-class potato operation."

You decide who mislead who.

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Tilson calls for a federal Environmental Assessment:

OPA/ZBA PROCESS-an overlooked point

"And just to point out and remind everyone this is the same planner and Council who didn't feel it necessary to make any decision on the turbine issue several years ago (neither yes or no), nor did they peer review a single study submitted. By making no decision, it jumped over the provincial ministry process, where they would have taken a look at these studies and went straight to the OMB where they do NOT peer review anything."

If that seems familiar, it is.  It is from the February 21, 2010 posting on this blog, for the newcomers you might want to go back and take a look at the implications of a COUNCIL not making any decision with respect to an OPA or ZBA and then if you want you can call the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing or the Clerk of Melancthon to confirm.  This particular posting was about turbines, but the same applies to any OPA/ZBA application.


COUNCIL as defined in legislation and case law, is a body corporate made up by a pre-determined number of individuals are who elected by a majority vote in a pre-determined geographic area. 

COUNCIL makes decisions on the activities of the geographic area to which they were elected.  COUNCIL only acts at the COUNCIL table via motions that are put forth at the Council table during a regular meeting, always in open session and if passed they become resolution and part of the corporate record. 

Individually they are referred to as COUNCILLORS.  A COUNCILLOR can act individually doing whatever they want, but only if it is directed by COUNCIL at the Council table via a motion is it part of the public record for poeple to know and read about. 

Tomorrow, for those who need it, a little update on the provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 and when COUNCIL is permitted to go into closed session (and just to be clear, one of those reasons is not because there is someone sitting in the gallery that they don't want to hear what is doing on).

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MAY 2-4

Go enjoy the long weekend.  No more posts this weekend until it rains again, which should be in about 10 minutes given the spring we have had.

Imagine a wet spring and farming in the bottom of 200 foot below the water table hole in the ground???

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Quarry has premier’s attention

Thank you to protesters

We should not make the land unreal

Open pit politics

Quarry to be an election issue?


Dear Editor:

When Creemore Springs Brewery was asked last week about the potential effects on their production and product from the proposed “MegaQuarry” in Melancthon, the brewmaster wrote, “My understanding of the watersheds in the area is that our source is distinct from the area that will be affected, both in terms of elevation and direction of flow.” But how can he be sure?

Given Al Clarke’s article last week, what about the “unknown unknowns”? Wouldn’t it be best to call for an Environmental Assessment now to get Highland Companies to prove that taking water from 200 feet below the water table will in no way affect Creemore Springs beer? Or are we just prepared to have water trucked in from who knows where?

Sandi Wong, Creemore

Better Farming

Unitarian website

No Melancthon Quarry on the Haldimand Tract

Water Canada on Melancthon Quarry

National Farmers Union opposed to Quarry-Ontario Farmer

With your permission from the Orangeville Citizen

We should not make the land unreal

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Ever heard the story about the blind men feeling an elephant?? In various versions of the tale, a group of blind men (or men in the dark) touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each one feels a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes and learn that they are in complete disagreement.

With a sick feeling in my stomach, it just occured to me that this is the way the province is going to comment on the quarry and determine the fate-yeah or nay.

The MOE is going to look at it from ONLY the MOE perspective, water and environment.  

OMAFRA will look at it through the agricultural lens (without any specialty crop criteria of course). 

The MTO will look at it from the perspective of being the biggest user of cheap aggregate. 

The County of Dufferin SHOULD look at it from the perspective of County road traffic impact, but I suspect they will be "directed" to look at it from the perspective of how soon can Orangeville vote at the County to sell the rail line and collect on their $7 million.

Melancthon will probably look at it however cheaply they can, because of course it is the province's fault.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  You could call any of the subject matter experts at any provincial minstry and not ONE of them would be able to give you the entire fulsome picture and implications of the M3 (Melancthon Mega Mine)

Can't really fault them though.  Michael Daniher AND John Lowndes of the Highland Companies and every one of their subject matter experts at their so called open house held in Hornings Mills on April 12 didn't really know much either. 

I mean seriously, one of the subject matter experts didn't even know the nutritional value of a rock.... :|)

You can call any single member of any grassroots organization fighting this and get a concise 2 year summary in about 10 minutes.

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Minutes from the GENERAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES Committee meeting held on April 18, 2011 – Item 5

CAO & DEPARTMENT HEAD RECRUITMENT – DISCUSSION (referred from Council April 14, 2011)

The Committee discussed the CAO and Department Head Recruitment Process and made suggestions for changes to the policy regarding the short-listing process, interviews and final candidate selection.

Moved by Councillor Campbell Moon, seconded by Councillor Bennington

THAT staff be directed to incorporate draft changes as discussed regarding the hiring policy and report back to the next General Government Services Committee.

You know what this means?  County Council members felt the process was either not fair, OR transparent or didn't work.
In fact I heard through the grapevine that the outgoing CAO sat in on the interviews.  Seriously how inappropriate is that?  Of course it isn't out of character for her, she wanted to control the show to the very end.

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Another expert heard from on the Highlands proposal:

In case you are wondering, NONE of it supports anything IN the Highlands proposal.

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"When the limestone's gone, we won't be sorry. 

We'll have a lovely little farm at the bottom of the quarry..."

(Author/artist: Gail Prussky)


There has been a glitch at blogspot, the people who provide this great service that lets nobodies like me post all their thoughts and every action on line for the whole world to read about, have been experiencing problems for a few days.

Some posts/comments and stuff were missing.

All has been restored and all is right with the world so post away!!

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Shelburne Creative Arts is holding their annual spring concert on May 28 at 7 pm, Trinity United Church in Shelburne (200 Owen Sound Street, Shelburne).

The kids will be performing at the concert and while we are fighting to save their water and future, showing up at the concert is another way to show we support them.


I have found another good blog (besides this one ;) at the link below. 

LOTS of local issues, including the quarry. 

YES, it is also a business blog for a real estate agent, but one who seems to realize that without houses, water and with 7,200 trucks a day on local roads, there won't be much business for any real estate agents or really anyone.  The entire area will be the corporation of the Baupost Group and for their profits only. 

Interestingly enough, the blogger's name is Waters...get it?  water/Highlands....

I understand alot of real estate agents have risen to the challenge and are mobilizing to assist in efforts to stop the quarry, so thank you.


Selected excerpts from the GRCA's response to Highlands proposal:

"the statement on page 22 (Volume 2) that groundwater movement through bedrock is typically slower than through a porous completely misleading...."

"the discussion included in the Dundalk Municipal water supply is out of date"

"the assumption on page 62 that agricultural water use is continuous and 100% consumptive is not credible"

"a base case has not been presented"

"this means that the quarry must be dewatered at a rate possibly exceeding 600million litres/day perpetually, which would seem challenging'

"On page 73 it is indicated that a similar system is operating at the Milton Quarry.....we were only able to determine that a similar system is proposed for the Milton Quarry..."

"the potential clogging of recharge wells is discussed on page 77, but the conclusions are not supported in the text."

"a number of important details on the proposed water management system are not provided in the report..."

I mean, need I go on?

You could make a drinking game out of this, and everytime the GRCA points out something implausable in Highlands reports take a drink, but seriously you would be completely hammered by the end of the first page.  What's the fun in that?

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This morning at some point between 11 am and 1 pm Goldhawk will be talking again about the quarry issue.  Zoomer radio 740 am.

If you get a chance listen and call in to speak if you want. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Orangeville to take $3.1M revenue hit in next 10 years

This is about an OMB ruling on Development Charges that didn't go in favour of Mayor Robbing Adams - so now the taxpayers will pay, yet again.

In my opinion I would think it makes him all the more desperate to get his $5 for the sale of Orangeville's rail line and a $2 million BONUS when County land, land Orangeville doesn't even own, but do hold a weighted vote, gets sold to Highlands too.

Monday, May 9, 2011


As it happens, there was an interview today on As It Happens, CBC radio.

Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill had a clip which was good.

Then Linda Jeffrey, the Honourable Minister of Natural Resources was interviewed.

Here is the link:

The interview at the above link starts at 7:10 minutes.  The environmental assessment question (will there be an EA) is asked at 10:00 minutes; 10:43 minutes at 10:56 minutes and finally at 11:39 minutes at which point the interviewer gives up.
Minister Jeffrey advised that the Ministry of Environment has objected to the application and at 12:54 minutes there is a comment about the Environmental Commissioner objecting to the entire aggregate application.
At 14:03 the Minister acknowledges she knows nothing about the misrepresentation by the Highland Companies regarding their intent when they purchased the land (honestly, has she heard of google?) and finally the icing on the cake at 14:17 when her comment about meeting with Melancthon and telling them the best they can hope for is a nice golf course.
Of course, WE all know she made those comments in February 2011 at OGRA/ROMA to our Mayor and Deputy and yet she recalls a meeting last SUMMER where she made these statements.  

AND whether it was February 2011 (which it was) or summer 2010, there was no application filed at either time so why would a Minister in charge of approving or turning down the application make any statement like that?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The site is called Goodquarry and it is out of England.

It talks about things like rehabilitation.  You know, how Highlands is going to rehabilitate the land for farming?  Well this site talks about what happens when soil is stored.  (Something NOT address in the 3,000 pages of clap trap provided by Highlands as their aggregate application).

What happens when you store soil?

"Chemical changes occur in soil as microbial populations die, especially if the stored soil is compacted and anaerobic. This may lead to the build up of toxic substances. Soils stored in heaps less than 1.5m high suffer minimal damage for up to a year; after that the structure and chemical composition gradually deteriorates. "

What about the impact of blasting on livestock?  (Something else Highlands didn't address in their application)

"There is some suggestion that livestock may be affected by noise/vibration."

When you view the site in detail, it is clear it is funded by the aggregate industry, although there are very telling facts on the site, that even the industry couldn't hide. 

And also, remember,  this is modelled on legislation and regulations in England so the health & safety standards and noise standards may be different. 

Things that are universal are dust issues, water issues, etc.  Sort of something like this statement: 

"Dust may have physical effects on plants such as blockage and damage to stomata, shading, abrasion of leaf surface or cuticle, and cumulative effects e.g. drought stress on already stressed species. The chemical effects of dust, either directly on the plant surface or on the soil, are likely to be more important than any physical effects. Dust deposited on the ground may produce changes in soil chemistry, which may in the longer-term result in changes in plant chemistry, species competition and community structure."


Environmental Bill Regsitry for Strada:


Phone your Mom, take her out to lunch/dinner and wish her a Happy Mothers Day!!

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Wonder if Johnny, Michael and Seth are feeling a little like this:

It has been a rough month.

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Hokey smokes.

A 5 day Native March;
A royal wedding;
A federal election;
A burial at sea;
A partridge in a pear tree!!

Once I catch my breath, blogs will be fast and furious.  Not factually correct, entertaining or even remotely of interest, but they will be fast and furious!!


Van Leeuwen-G
NDP-whoever it was, didn't see a sign, a brochure or an ad

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This is a pretty cool website. 

It records all power outages in Ontario for people on the Hydro One system. 

Of course you can only check it if you have hydro, a little flaw in the design, but otherwise, it is a great site.

You will need high speed to view this: