Sunday, June 30, 2013


GIANT Garage Sale, Honeywood from 9 to 1.

HUGE party at the arena in Shelburne, most of the day.

DELICIOUS strawberry supper in Honeywood from 5 to 8.

Don't miss a minute!!

"the Liberal government slashed the $9.7-billion agreement by more than one third.
The NDP said the Liberals' green energy policies are driving up electricity prices but not creating the thousands of jobs the government had promised.
We've clearly seen that sweetheart deals with private companies have not delivered good jobs, and they've created increased costs."
Wow, who cudda saw that coming?
Well everyone except the Liberals and their dogma and their policy wonks....
I would think in the beginning Liberals were hoping that these monstrous turbines, being erected in RURAL Ontario at a record pace with unsustainable taxpayer funded subsidies would serve as a PR move.  Everyone that saw one would remember the Liberals were behind this green energy policy.
Well, it has worked.  Everytime someone sees one of these monstrous turbines will remember, at voting time, the Liberals were behind this green energy policy.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Farmland crusaders set to party

NDACT celebrates with mini Foodstock

Orangeville Banner
While the North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) is widely known as defenders of farmland, they also throw one heck of a party.
On Sunday, Aug. 18, the group returns to party-mode to celebrate Food & Water First at the Honeywood arena.
“It’s not about raising lots and lots of funds. It’s about bringing attention to the importance of food and water,” said Shirley Boxam, who is organizing the party.
NDACT was created with the mandate to stop The Highland Companies quarry plans in Melancthon, as well as influence change in the province's Aggregate Resources Act (ARA).
The group organized Foodstock in 2011 and Soupstock last year to aid in raising awareness and funds for their quarry battle.
With the Highland application withdrawn, the group is now focusing on ensuring legislation exists to protect Ontario’s edible assets.
“We tried to come up with something for an event that would retain the recognition points on the mega quarry fight, but also bring recognition to this second phase,” Boxam said.
While Foodstock and Soupstock each drew tens of thousands of people, Boxam said the Food & Water First celebration mixes chefs and music on a smaller scale.
“It’s not quite as big as Foodstock and Soupstock, but hopefully something that will interest people from outside Dufferin County,” Boxam said.
“We wanted to hold an event that would extend the reach, outside of our own neighbourhood.”
Harlan Pepper will headline the musical side of the event, with other artists being announced later in the summer.
On the food side of the celebration, chefs from Men With Knives, Terra Nova Public House, Matthew Flett and One99 Restaurant have signed on for the event.
As well, an art show and sale, farmers’ market and kids' activities join the festivities.
With 50,000 hectares of prime farmland disappearing annually in Ontario, Boxam said the Food & Water First message is more important than defeating any single quarry plan.
“It’s actually a far more compelling issue, but it doesn’t feel that way. It’s not as immediate,” she said. “It doesn’t feel like David and Goliath the way the mega quarry was.”
NDACT chair Carl Cosack said the timing is right for the celebration as the review of the ARA continues throughout the summer.
“We need to remind those who write it that we’re not going away until this is done the right way,” Cosack said. “We just have to take care of our farmland better than we’re doing. There’s only so much left.”
Admission to the celebration costs $5 with hot food items priced between $2 and $5. It is free for youth younger than five-years-old. The ticket price covers the cost of operating the event.
“The only funds being raised at this event will pay for the event,” Boxam said. “It’s just supposed to hold its own.”
For tickets, visit or


Excerpts from a recent article on the DEEP-Sixed plant:
“Alter NRG has told us that at this point they’re not going to pursue anything,” said Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill. “That is over. They’ve signed the divorce papers.”
About three years ago, Dufferin’s lower-tier municipalities agreed to upload waste collection duties to the county, which officially occurred on Jan. 1.
The initial plan was to process waste into electricity at the proposed EFW facility at the DEEP site..                      
“If there is a way we can satisfy our own waste requirements and do it economically in Dufferin, then let’s pursue that,” Hill said. “That was always the mandate of the (CDC). It just morphed into something else.” (minebuster note: good for Bill)
So lets take a look at what happened here.
Experienced con artists, "investors", heavily subsidized, so they thought, by provincial taxpayers, did a song and dance on County staff and politicians who had absolutely NO expertise or experience in this type of facility (gasification of garbage to "green" energy).  
In order to feed the beast however, one of the conditions imposed by the investors was the County would need to find more garbage. 
To quote some famous lyrics: 
So in a backasswards move, the County on a recommendation by staff, who did not PUT A PENCIL TO PAPER TO FIGURE OUT COSTS, and without actually having the gasification plant built, uploaded waste on January 1, 2013, closing local landfills and thereby costing most municipal taxpayers more money and inconvenience to dispose of their garbage.
THEN of course the entire gasification thing falls apart, because the provincial government, feeling the heat from rising hydro prices due to their ridiculous subsidies to "green energy", couldn't guarantee theses investors their inflated subsidy, price for energy they were to produce.
Oh yeah, and this priceless exerpt from the above noted article:
“Let’s look at the options of importing (waste). If it is yes, then what should we do about importing? Are we going to look at exporting?” Taylor said. “We’re going to take a real evaluation of what we’re supposed to do with our waste in Dufferin.”

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Head line in the June 20, 2013 editorial of the Orangeville Citizen:

The Province Should Pay!!
The Province and developers of properties to the south have the greatest desire and need for the gravel.

The township doesn’t realize any great revenue from the mining of aggregates, and precious little of that funnels its way to the county’s coffers.

On the other hand, the Province not only gets the desired gravel production but also benefits from taxes arising from increased fuel consumption because of the haulage from the pit, along with other tax revenues, including those from developments made possible by the gravel production.

Accordingly, we submit that the Province should have to foot the cost of bringing Airport Road up to required standards if, indeed, its ministries and agencies approve the pit notwithstanding the wishes of local residents and township council.

What a far cry from the editorial that appeared in the same publication in 2009 with the head line:

Fighting quarry will be expensive

With the asinine advice:

In the circumstances, perhaps the best course for NDACT will be to strive for a compromise under which Highland will be barred from having an operation that occupies more than 100 of its 6,000 acres and is encouraged to move the aggregates by rail, not trucks on County 124.

The abrupt change in editorial stance can only be attributed to NDACT and their supporters, who never once waivered from their message and their cause which is to ensure that food and water take priority over rock and stone.

They, unlike this blogger, calmly and rationally stuck to their factual message to ensure people understood about not only the Highlands application, but the aggregate industry and the Aggregate Resources Act and the Provincial Policy Statement in general.

There were some pretty bleak times.  Some families have been divided forever, local papers took editorial stances against individuals and NDACT supporters, but NDACT and supporters resolutely stood firm and kept their "eye on the prize".

And, to do date they have achieved remarkable things with 
Highlands abruptly withdrawing their aggregate application in the fall of 2013 in the face of world wide opposition.

World wide opposition you say? 


Remember the pictures of Stop the Quarry on  Juno Beach?

Or on Mt Kilimanjaro???

BUT, it is NOT over.  

NDACT and supporters are now focusing on the next phase of the campaign, Food and Water First, which involves lobbying the government, who really, really, really needs rural votes, to make changes to the Aggregate Resources Act and the Provincial Policy statement, so once and for all, Food and Water come first-over everything!!

Please get a sign, a button, make a donation and continue to support the cause.

They have the momentum, please help them capitalize on it now, so your children, grandchildren and their grandchildren's futures are secure!!


Saturday, June 15, 2013


We used to farm potatoes
And that was mighty fine
But there's simply nothing nicer
Than a Chinese wind turbine

Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Orangeville Police Service aka Citrusville, is attempting to terminate an officer because of an attempt to download legitimate WORK RELATED EMAILS from the computers at work to his personal blackberry. 

This case is about abuse of the email system, the Internet system,” said prosecutor Ian Johnstone.

Previously this officer had the NERVE to post defamatory remarks on the Citrusville blog, which closely resembled and mocked OPS staff and events, however I am sure this isn't a witchhunt.

I am astounded that posting on a blog is a better reason for getting fired at the Orangeville Police Service than accessing PORN, because nobody got fired for that, although one might think that would be an abuse of the email system.

Then there is poor Sgt Rutt, who had the NERVE to make a valid complaint about the goings on in the Orangeville Police Services and who is now facing a hearing under the Police Services Act, which really should be "If you tell on any incompetent higher upper in the police you will be punished Act"

Unsafe vehicle-fix it float it or tow it….MTO says
The crux of Tuesday’s proceedings, however, stem back to Rutt’s concerns about the safety of an OPS prisoner van nearly three years ago.  He is charged with deceit for a complaint he made to the Ministry of Labour.  MTO vehicle inspector Glenn Mckee was asked by an Orangeville police officer to examine the van in May of 2010. He found a large hole in the van’s body above the exhaust pipe.  After discovering the hole, Mckee placed the van out of service. After reading Mckee’s inspection report on Tuesday, Wirachowski testified she would have given the vehicle that same label.

And yet nobody gets fired for not getting off their lazy ass to check on a prisoner in a cell, a young man, who died.

And nobody gets fired, while wearing an Orangeville Police Services uniform at a policing event for passing out his personal business cards for a service that is provided free by the Orangeville Police Service and paid by taxpayers for which he is charging a fee to perform.

And in a bizaare turn of events, as of January 1, 2014 this organization will be THE top paid police force in Ontario and Mayor Robbing Adams defends that?

Orangeville cops PAY
As of Jan. 1, 2014, members of the Orangeville Police Service (OPS) will be the highest paid in the province, according to the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA).

But if any of this enraged you, wait until you hear this. 

All officers at the service are banned from accessing the internet. 

NOT because of officers accessing porn, but because of a blog.

The internet is the research tool of most police forces, particularly social media, which helps them solve crimes.

So even though they will be the best paid force in the province, they can't solve crimes, so they call in the OPP at MORE expense to the taxpayers.  But in all fairness, they wouldn't be able to solve the crimes even if they had the internet, they would have called in the OPP anyhew. 

Sonia Varaschin’s family is being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

Adam Sprague's family is being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

The taxpayers of Orangeville are being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


RW Tomlinson (RWT) acquired a majority interest in Lystek in 2011 - managed by Rick Mosher

Key noted line of business: aggregate extraction

Google search exposes a RWT businesses fined for lack of adhering to regulation:
Lystek linked to Conestoga Rovers..who....wait for it.... was the water flow research company for the highlands application.
So what say you......
Strange Bedfellows OR

just a Dutch Oven?

Sunday, June 9, 2013


God I know how politicans feels when they don't want to admit to a mistake.

"I know nuthing.....

I wasn't there.....

I deleted emails but didn't know it....

I paid $90,000 to Duffy, but didn't know it....

I did not have sex with that woman....

I do not smoke crack....

I do not wear women's clothing....

I did not have sex with Marilyn Monroe"

So here goes Minebuster's mea cupla.

I fucked up......simple and thems the facts.

RE: The entire Liestek thing, the CORRECT emails to which to direct your complaints are (and take your pick, all or at least three of the four)

And mea cupla Minebuster here: Could I also ask, please don't send emails to NDACT or the Chair, trust me, I am pretty sure they know about this.


So if you are unhappy with this PR campaign by "Lie"stek, I mean Lystek, please send those cards and letters to the guilty, sorry, brains behind this offal, sorry!! awful PR campaign...

And out of something bad always comes something good.

And what has come out of this PR blunder?

A lesson for other corporations.

Do not do what :"Lie"stek, oops, Lystek has done.

On the plus side for "Lie"stek, damn it!! Lystek, they are now held in the esteem of other big name corporations and their PR blunders including Highlands/Baupost/Daniher/Hill of Beans and Knowlton.

Way to go! LYSTEK!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013


Wow, so corporations don't like it when you mess with their logos. 

This poor woman is being sued by Nextera, you know those benevolent wind turbine people who are partners in the communities in which they want to erect huge industrial turbines. 

While I am not a lawyer, I would have to say this is just a SLAPP suit to silence opposition and while they will be hard pressed to prove damages, they will drive this poor woman into bankruptcy if she doesn't agree to shut up.  Wow, democracy China style. 

Read all about it here:

That would be like Minebuster picking a random corporate logo and doing this.....



And then putting it on the fence to Minebusters secret headquarters and the fleet of corporate vehicles.

I just wouldn't do it, because of course it would be misleading and wrong, right?

Just saying......



Did you know that your average farmer must submit an environmental assessment in order to build a new shed, but doesn’t need one to dig a 2,000-acre quarry?
The Ontario Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) places aggregate extraction above our ability to feed ourselves and drink clean water. As they say, times change. We're here to change them.

Each year in Ontario, prime farmland equivalent to the size of Toronto disappears. Many people are surprised to hear that we don’t have all that much of it left. The question is, what’s more important? Growing food in perpetuity on the surface, or excavating the rock below?

Read the entire newsletter here:

Thursday, June 6, 2013


The organizations and businesses at this link are working diligently to put Food and Water First, please support them

This one isn't

(In a nutshell, this crap company, will be transporting offal and human waste and god knows what else, in tarp covered trucks to a facility in Dundalk, adjacent to a school and residential area and their "product" will be spread on farmland, but NOT on land on which root crops can be grown or on which livestock meant for human consumption, will graze...)

And if you would like to bombard, ask them why they are using the Food and Water First logo, which is a slap in the face to anyone who worked to Stop the Quarry and anyone who has now signed on to the Food and Water First initiative, please send those cards and letters to:
Rick Mosher -
Kevin Litwiller -

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When a company tries to ram an unpopular and environmentally insane idea down the throats of the locals, one would think they might take a look at some colossal failures in community engagement and failed applications.

I recall one of the biggest blunders in the world was by a billion dollar hedge fund who tried to destroy a community while ramming through a 2,300 acre 200 foot below the water table, open pit limestone mine situate on prime ag land on the sourcewater of more than 1 million Ontarians.  Shudda been a cakewalk because the laws were tipped in their favour but one obnoxious move after another galvanized the world.

Remember this ....

They painted this mural across from the farms who hosted Foodstock where 28,000 people came out to support Stopping the Quarry.

And the frame sign to the left of the picture in the forefront that is the they posted their notice they were planning on digging the mine.

So one might think that Liestek (Lystek) who is trying to ram through a composting facility that will store and process human waste, offal material and god knows what else, adjacent to schools and homes in Dundalk and which they plan to spread on fields, but not on root crops cause then we couldn't eat it, would have taken a lesson, but nope.

See what they have done...

If you have been a supporter of Stopping the Mega Quarry to protect prime farmland and water and are now a supporter of Food and Water First and if you are offended by what this corporation has done, please email your cards and letters to Lystek: 
Also, it should be noted that these signs are also posted on property owned by the township of Southgate as their Mayor is a huge supporter of Lystek's shit, so please also let Council c/o the Township Clerk know how you feel.  Ask that your email be included on the next Council agenda for action by Council.

Monday, June 3, 2013


The lowly potato or elixer of the  gods?
"One medium sized baked Russet potato – with the skin – has 168 calories, no fat, 37 grams of carbohydrate and four grams of fibre. If you’re worried that a potato contains more carbohydrate than other starchy foods, it doesn’t. You’ll find roughly 37 grams of carbs in one cup of cooked quinoa, three-quarters of a cup of cooked brown rice and one cup of cooked pasta. And unlike white bread, the starch in potatoes hasn’t been refined to deplete nutrients."

Read more mouthwatering facts:

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Factory farms find it cheaper and more profitable to raise chickens like this

Government says that it is cheaper and more cost effective to provide infrastructure when people are grouped together.
Why is one acceptable and not the other?
When you close rural schools, post offices, banks and over regulate the farming industry to the point of collapse, people move to the urban areas to find work.
Leaving rural ontario available for gravel pits and mines, wind turbines and garbage dumps.
Anyone see a pattern?

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This sign is located just south of Primrose at the business known as Gimme Shelter.

Honk the horn when you drive by...
Go in and purchase an R.V. or two.
OR go to their website and thank them.
Please support those who support NDACT and
Food and Water First.