Thursday, October 25, 2012


Fuel spill at Tottenham pit worries residents

A fuel spill at the Tottenham Pit has residents worried if their water is safe to drink.

And their concerns have increased after being told it’s up to the aggregate company to find out.

Brock Aggregates, a company that has applied for an amendment to their license on the Tottenham Pit, a quarry at the corner of Mount Wolfe Road and Highway 9, recently entered the property with large construction equipment to demolish buildings on the lot.

And now the company is responsible for the testing to prove whether a fuel spill caused by their demolition activities will affect local water supplies.

Residents became concerned about the demolition when they saw it commence this past week and contacted the town to see if demolition permits were in place.

After walking toward the site, they also contacted the Ministry of the Environment about a smell they quickly attributed to a fuel spill on the property.

According to Leo Butko, manager of regulatory services for the Town of Caledon public works department, permits were not in place for all buildings demolished and the town is conducting an investigation to see what actions should be taken.

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  1. The aggregate industry in Ontario is out of control and unregulated. Permits to destroy buildings? HAH. Limitations on amount of aggregate removed from sites? HAH. Gravel trucks honouring road restrictions?? HAH again. This is a brutal industry that is destroying valuable land FOREVER and nobody is overseeing their activities other than a pathetic few inspectors who are way over their heads. Rich men are getting richer, and our water and land is at risk because of the unsustainable practices of the aggregate industry. Pathetic.