Friday, August 31, 2012


Owen Sound Mayor Deb Haswell says there are companies interested in owning Owen Sound's harbour -- but she wouldn't elaborate due to confidentiality agreements.

So read the article, then take the poll on this blog:

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Take 3 minutes and watch HoboWally tell us about the quarry in the most concise way ever.

King of the Hole Indeed!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



An Amaranth property owner was fined $3,240 because he took out a burn permit, but inadvertently failed to contact the fire department before he lit the fire.

In his words : We’re trying to keep the property nice and you want to penalize me for it,” Holmes said. “That is the sad part. That council seems to be more focused on the right and wrong, instead of what is maybe fair in this situation.”

Read all about it here:

Funny thing.

The Mayor of Amaranth, Don McIver sat on County Council in 2009 and 2010 while Highland Companies gutted, razed, bulldozed and burned hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trees in Melancthon, but wouldn’t vote to fine Highlands, even though it was proven they were in contravention of the County tree cutting bylaw.

Strange, very strange.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mr. Crump of Toronto wrote a letter to the editor in the Orangeville Banner.

In the letter, supporting the Mega Quarry, he writes:

"While I agree with much of what Rob Strang said about the pristine British Columbia (BC) environment and the northern gateway pipeline project providing little benefit to the province — Oil pipeline is a lot different than a road, On Politics column published Aug. 21— his attempt to draw a parallel with the Melancthon quarry proposal accomplished the opposite.

The quarry, of course, would extract the resource in Ontario for use within Ontario to meet a projected future Ontario demand. The province and its residents will indeed bear the environmental risk, but will also reap the benefits in terms of jobs and a secure supply of an essential construction material.  

It doesn’t take much imagination to envision materials quarried in Melancthon being used in Melancthon. "

His thought process is clearly misguided.  Materials quarried in Melancthon used in Melancthon?  Seriously?


Here is the Toronto Life Article from last month.

Melancthon’s windswept highlands spread out like a grand table underneath the sky. At 1,700 feet above sea level, southern Ontario’s highest point, the air is different: cool and often foggy, it’s a world away from smog-suffocated Toronto, which lies 100 kilometres to the southeast.

The climate is ideal for raising crops, and tens of millions of kilos of potatoes are grown each year in the township’s rich, silty loam.

The karst, or fractured limestone, that lies beneath the soil delivers an almost perfect drainage system—no matter how much it rains, crops never flood

Click here for the entire article:

Monday, August 27, 2012


I have to thank the Highland/Baupost/Hob&K/Klarman plants for pointing out that I posted a before picture of the Webb farm that wasn't the Webb farm.

It is kinda hard to keep track of them all, especially after they are torn down.

So maybe this is a better visual.

The actual demolition of the Webb barn and as you can see, the picture of the house, shortly AFTER the Webb's moved out.

Tx to Melancthonvision for the Visual!!!

And once again, tx Highlands, for pointing out my mistake!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Webb farm as it looked shortly before the family moved out.-see correction in the August 27 post.

Add caption

The Webb farm is owned by Highlands and this is how it looks today. This IS correct

Remember this the next time Highlands spouts off about this being THEIR community.

This is what the locals do when they purchase a surplus house.  They fix it up and rent it out, to improve housing stock for people who then remain in the community who build capacity by volunteering, sending their kids to local arenas and sports team, attending church, shopping locally.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


The article at this link is great,pictures wonderful but one of the comments at the end posted by stonecoldtruth2011 sums it up:

In one sense the Highland Companies have done us a Mega Favor.

If their proposal were not so ‘Mega’ we might have gone on in slumber, not really noticing our Niagara Escarpment being progressively consumed ‘pit by pit’, 100 acres at a time.

Organizations like Gravel Watch and its affiliated members have been fighting these battles for many decades, with few but locals taking notice.

The Mega Quarry is a proposal for 2300 acres. In Caledon alone, even closer to the GTA, there are 2800 acres of pits and quarries already in operation, with more acres being applied for.

Groups like FORCE, PERL, PitSense, CONE, ProtectCaledon and NDACT, to name a few, are actively engaged in protecting our Escarpment, Greenbelt, World Biosphere Reserve, and Moraine.

The more we learn from each other, cooperate, and coordinate, the better our chances of being heard.

And here is a link to stonecoldtruth2011 blog:

Hey StoneCold-truer words were never blogged and so tip of the hat to you Highlands, Lowndes, Baupost and Seth Klarman.


Excerpt from an Orangeville Citizen article about an issue in Melancthon:
A lady had purchased a severed lot in the rural residential area in full knowledge that she could not have horses on the lot. However, she believed that she could rent property from a continuing farm to shelter the animals.

The only problem arose when it was discovered that it had escaped both owner’s notice, or been forgotten, that a building on the rented property was to be removed as a condition of the severance.

Nope, sorry.

It wasn’t forgotten, or escaped anyone's notice.

The planning consultant for the Township of Melancthon assured the owner of the farm that he didn’t need to take down the barn if he severed the property.

It was administrative staff, probably the CAO who caught the planners error and informed the owner that it had to be done.

Friday, August 24, 2012


If Highlands proposal to blast Melancthon to kingdom come is approved, this will be the ONLY place we will be able to see potatoes:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Jane Mendillo of Harvard Management Company, which manages Harvard University’s $32 billion endowment, told the gathering of investors …..that she looks at an increasing world population, …….and believes that the demand for natural resources such as timber, food, and water will increase in the long term.

Therefore, she is bullish on companies that do business in related industries, calling natural resources “our favorite area.”

And now we play a little game called the Kevin Bacon six degree of separation game:

1. Jane is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvard’s Management Company

2. Jane was elected to the Board of the Boston Foundation, a charitable organization, in June 2012

3. Paul C. Gannnon, Managing Director and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for Baupost Group was also elected to the Boston Foundation in June 2012

4. Seth Klarman is the founder of the Baupost Group and also went to Harvard.

5. Baupost Group has an application in to mine limestone and has a little problem with 600 millions litres of excess water a which Harvard wants to invest.

  • Harvard wants to invest in water
  • Baupost has 600 million litres of water a day if their mining application is approved
  • Klarman/Baupost has ties with Harvard


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Uppity ups at HoB&K held a special meeting recently to discuss the colossal failure of their social media PR campaign they were hired to undertake for the Highland Quarry. 

They have been beaten at every turn on twitter by social media savy @TeamHeadwaters.

So in a cunning and somewhat desperate strategic move, they have decided to employ the advanced tactics that helped them win the PR spin game when they were at their heyday, say 1969....

Here it is:

Monday, August 20, 2012


Just like Jethro Bodine, Minebuster has been doing some ciphering.

And sometimes my mind works in mysterious ways.

For instance when I look at the map of the 2,300, 200 foot below the water table open pit limestone mine as proposed by the Baupost Group aka Highland Companies I noticed something.

Take a looky see if you notice it too.

What is missing on their proposed map, besides every living creature, tree, bird, house and human being is the municipally owned 3rd line and 4th line of Melancthon between sideroads 15 and 20.

I would like to say the nerve of these idiots just thinking they could buy a muicipally owned asset (meaning WE the taxpayers own it, not  council) and then blast if off the face of the earth but clearly they have no limits.

So if even for one moment Council dared risking the revolt that would follow should they sell these roads to anyone, here is some food for thought.

Underneath those municipally owned roads is limestone, worth about $18 million an acre.

Do the math and you will see that there is about 28 acres of municipally owned road in question here.

And at $18 million an acre, that would mean the purchase price would be about $500 millon bucks. 

You are welcome.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


We've all had a long lazy summer, and now it is time to shake it all off and get right back into it.

You know what I have noticed lately?

Even people with hearts of stone, steel and wood want to help stop the quarry.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The "State of Aggregate Resources in Ontario Study" (SAROS) was published by the Government of Ontario in February 2010.

The summary report recommends an underground mine or a "mega-quarry" as the ideal solution to meeting Ontario's aggregate needs.

The study area is 75 kms around Vaughan (the city with the highest growth/construction expectations) to adhere to the "close to market" policy built into the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) and excludes Ontario's largest limestone quarry on Manitoulin island amongst others.

The Highland Companies started buying land in Melancthon in 2006.

In her ARA Review submission, Helen Purdy points out that “Five of the six SAROS Papers commissioned by the Ministry of Natural Resources were authored by consulting firms that prepared planning or licensing application reports for the Highland Companies.”


Helen's ARA Review submission -

2nd submission -

Helen requested audience in front of the ARA Review Committee but was denied.

(Tx to D.B. for this great piece of information)


What is interesting about these articles is I don't see any politician telling people there is nothing they can do, to write the province as it is all their fault.  Instead the council is finding ways to stand with their ratepayers.

BURK’S FALLS – Changes have been made to a proposed pit and quarry site at Pegg’s Mountain and it came before anxious residents at a July 25 public meeting.
Ryerson Township residents have been waiting since the fall of 2010 to learn what will happen to the local landmark and now, it is back before them, with amendments to the proposal awaiting approval that are said to protect the mountain face and area wetlands.

BURK'S FALLS – It was standing room only upstairs at the Burk’s Falls Arena as Ryerson Township council was presented with two sides of a debate that could forever change the site of a local landmark.

Ryerson Township held a public meeting on Wednesday, July 25 to consider a proposed bylaw amendment to rezone property on Pegg’s Mountain Road to allow 50 of the 80 hectares of property owned by Glenn Thompson to become a pit and quarry.

BURK’S FALLS – Armour Township is going to play hardball if they don’t get dealt into negotiations that will impact their road.

During a July 25 public meeting relating to the proposed development of a pit and quarry at Pegg’s Mountain in Ryerson Township, Armour counc. Pat Hayes announced a resolution passed at Armour Township council only the night before.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Peter Kent has been bombarded with emails, foodstock postcards (17,000 if I recall) and generally hounded for his lack of leadership on the Mega Quarry issue.

He did, however, appear in the flesh last week with our MP David Tilson.

I know this because the Orangeville BANNER  reported on it, see link:

The least we could all do is thank him for appearing and thank Tilson for bringing him here.

Just saying...and just a suggestion...PLEASE. No matter the political party they belong to, this is now a non-partisen issue.

Contact emails are here:

And if you do nothing else, please please, pretty please,  thank Michael Chong and Peggy Nash for being concerned at the federal level about something that isn't in their own riding.


Tx to D.T. for another update:

As we head into the August long weekend, we look back on yet another terrific week in our campaign.
StoMp the MegaQuarry was a great success and introduced many new supporters to the beauty of the farmland, river valleys and forests we're trying to protect.
For those who have yet to travel the back roads of Melancthon and Mulmur, please watch this wonderful YouTube video of the StoMp produced by Greg and Grace Lloyd...and then get up here to see this stunning landscape for yourselves!
The Orangeville Citizen also published an article about the StoMp and noted that while much of Ontario's farmland is suffering from this summer's drought, the abundant water in the Hills of Headwaters has benefited Dufferin County's farmers.
And, of course, federal Environment Minister Peter Kent was spotted in them thar hills, escorted by Dufferin-Caledon MP David Tilson and Wellington-Halton MP Michael Chong. Kent's tour, which was preceded by a busload of NDP MPs and their constituents a week earlier, was covered by the Orangeville Banner.
A reminder about Paddle the Grand to Stop the Mega Quarry! This 20km excursion down the Grand River in Kitchener will launch next Sunday, August 12th. Thanks again to Sophie for organizing this event to raise awareness about Ontario's precious fresh water resources! You can sign up here for either a canoe or kayak. It promises to be a fun paddle along one of this province's famous rivers.
Have a wonderful long weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2012


The Suzuki Foundation issued a press release on July 30, 2012 advising that in conjunction with the Canadian Chef's Congress they are hosting Soupstock to raise awareness about the fight to stop the Highland Companies proposed limestone Mega-Quarry in the Township of Melancthon.

You will recall that the Chef's Congress, together with NDACT, hosted Foodstock on the farms of the families who will be impacted by the Mega Quarry-Blacks, Vanderzaags and French's.

It was an amazing and magical event that drew 28,000 people to the site on a cold rainy day in October.

Everyone involved was very appreciative of the Chef's Congress and the awareness that was raised for the idiotic idea proposed by Highland Companies of blasting a hole 2,300 acres wide and more than 200 feet below the water table to remove the limestone on prime ag land.

You should be aware that the funds raised at Soupstock go to the Chef's Congress and Suzuki Foundation for ALL of the causes they support.

None of the money goes directly to NDACT.

So please support Soupstock and the Suzuki Foundation as they have been instrumental in raising awareness about the Mega Quarry.

BUT, if you would rather direct your donation directly to NDACT, please check out their website

DISLAIMER: this blog is NOT supported, endorsed or even read by NDACT. 

The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

StoMp the Quarry....AND HoB&K????

GREAT article on the StoMp event held last weekend in Honeywood, ALL proceeds going to NDACT.

Thanks to Maria for organizing an outstanding event, to the Honeywood Arena Board for partnering with StoMP, to Meg for the article and special thanks to a local Councillor for this observation about H0B&K:

While winning the fight for the environmental assessment is a major victory, many in the movement are talking about what seems to be a completely unprecedented victory over one of the most powerful and notorious PR firms in the world.

Less than a year ago Baupost brought in the big guns. They hired Hill and Knowlton (H&K), an American based international public relations firm, to spin the quarry issue into something less controversial.

Anti-quarry activists were initially concerned because of Hill and Knowlton's reputation, and with good reason.

In the late 80s, H&K were hired by the Chinese government in the wake of the Tiannamen Square massacre to put a positive spin on what can only be described as a human rights disaster.

A few years later, Hill and Knowlton were hired to create a fiction, namely Iraqi soldiers murdering Kuwaiti babies in incubators, to manufacture consent for the Gulf War.

While not intimidated, the Melancthon community knew that they now had a seriously scary player.

According to a Melancthon town councillor, Hill and Knowlton probably figured that a group of farmers would crumble under their well-honed PR machine. "

They've met their match," says Nanci Malek, councillor for Melancthon and an active supporter of the movement. "The reaction to any statement made by Hill and Knowlton was so negative, their campaign backfired on them."

According to another activist I spoke to, H&K had no idea what they were getting into.

Actively working for the Baupost Group for months, Hill and Knowlton beat a hasty withdrawal after being publicly flayed by people outraged by their arrogant assumption that a group of farmers, the general public, couldn't possibly see through the spin.

After a flurry of scorn from the anti-quarry community, H&K fell off the radar. "We haven't heard from them in three months," says Malek.

"I don't know what the deal is, whether they were fired, or quit in embarrassment, or what, but a lot of people are wondering why they've been silent for so long."


So I have to ask a special favour from Linz of HoB&K.  Can I call you Linz?

IF you guys have thrown in the towel, would you let me know? 

I really don't want to keep flogging a dead pit pony, I mean horse.


A three minute overview of Highlands involvement in 'OUR" community from day 1.