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Jobs or turtles? Has the human species learned nothing?

Particularly Tim Hudack?

"Tim Hudak that made several alarming statements including this one: “Government should be protecting jobs more than turtles, birds and snakes.”
Read all about it here:
And watch this video of baby turtles can you NOT love turtles?


In the words of Amy Winehouse:
They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no"

Well, this is how rehabilitation "works"in the mining world.

"The quarry is an operation with three cells. Three holes, in other words. Once a cell is mined out completely it was to become a part of a comprehensive rehab plan approved during the original licensing process for the site. But plans have changed and residents are upset about how they were notified of those changes, which was evident during a rather tense gathering of the Cheltenham Area Residents Association (CARA).

Read all about it here:

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Deputy Mayor of Mulmur weighs in on Ontario Fire Marshalls review with her opinion via a letter to the editor.  

A statement she made in the letter caught my eye:
“The ratepayers expect and deserve that Mulmur should achieve a higher standard in this service…”

You can read her letter in its entirety here:

So now for my opinion(s) on what the Mulmur ratepayers expect and deserve:

They expect and deserve their elected officials will not use their status as a platform to “get” every single person who ever looked at them the wrong way.

They expect and deserve their elected officials to comply with the rules that unelected officials have to like zoning bylaws and and the building code

Excerpt from Mulmur December 11, 2012 minutes: P-2012 April 4, 2012 Hilchey 13/7 EHS Property Standards Building/Zoning Matter is the subject of potential litigation and is therefore now being dealt with as an 'in camera' item, as necessary. Further direction from Council is required. Page 35 at attached link

Excerpt from February 6, 2013 minutes
 Motion #39-13 Hawkins-Hayes: That Council instructs staff to notify the County of Dufferin and the Township Solicitor to proceed with a legal opinion and possible actions with regards to the John and Lynn Hilchey property.
Page 3 at attached link

They expect and deserve their elected officials to make decisions based on the greater good of the municipality, not just vote out of spite and vindictiveness.

They expect and deserve their elected officials to maintain the mission statement of the municipality, which is on the website and it states:
Council our employees and representatives will perform their duties in the best interest of our public, with responsibility and fairness and with partiality towards none.

They expect and deserve their elected officials will not sue their own municipality forcing the use of hard to come by tax dollars to defend against the suit. (Deputy Mayor sues Council )

They expect and deserve their elected officials will do what a politician is supposed to do, which is to build consensus for an issue and once a decision has been made by a majority vote to LET IT GO and move on to the next issue.

They expect and deserve their elected officials will not bully, berate and browbeat staff and other Councillors.
( …his exact words, but he distributed copies of “bullying” articles from Municipal World and another publication and said the five-member council is “two short of a team,” and that the mayor and CAO have “difficulty to keep the ship afloat.”  )

They expect and deserve their elected officials to set a high standard ( )

So over to you Mulmur ratepayers, have I missed anything?


Some great quotes from an article in the Vancouver Observer:

“If a mine that, by its very design, will destroy a mountain that's home to the largest population of charismatic ungulate species in the world – a mine that by its very design will bury pristine alpine lakes with tailings, the toxicity of which eventually will leak into the headwaters – what exactly would it take to fail an environmental assessment?”

I'm fighting because it's in my backyard – of course I am – if those of us whose lives and homes and places where we raise our kids don't fight for those places, where else are we supposed to fight for?”

Full article:,1


GREAT SITE, check it out



"Lately there seems to be an excess of environmental issues in Ontario. It seems that protest groups are fighting everything. Where do we get good information?

The goal of this site is to provide an overview of each situation (as unbiased as possible) with links to more information where available. Hopefully this website will inform and save you time. In return we ask that you strive to make decisions with Ontario’s future generations in mind – whether you are voting, shopping or talking to your neighbour.

Today’s decisions must take our children and grandchildren into account. Today’s choices are our legacy.

There is an old proverb: The earth was not given to us by our parents – it was loaned to us by our children. Treat it well.

The information on this site has been gathered through private amateur research for the purpose of allowing the reader to make an informed decision.
However, while the information is believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

We, as residents and taxpayers of Ontario, must be vigilant and AWARE of the issues."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On page 50 is a letter from the Mayor to the Premier, setting out issues and concerns, so that is a good thing.

On page 80 is a letter demanding requesting Melancthon to sign a 25 year road use agreement (with two ten year mandatory options to renew) with Skyway to permit their trucks, presumably HEAVY trucks the opportunity to travel on Melancthon roads to service turbines in Southgate.

Exactly what is in this for Melancthon and how can they erect no truck traffic on local roads to the locals and then permit Skyway trucks to travel on these same roads?

Well nothing because subsection 41(8) of the Electricity Act, 1998 provides that no compensation is required by a transmitter or distributor for use of public street and highways….

So, here is a solution:

One year road use agreements with all fees for the signing, preparation , etc of the road use agreement borne by the developer annually...

Or don’t sign it at all.

Click here for the agenda and SOME attachments


The town council of Halton Hills approved restrictions on the location of new aggregate businesses with new zoning by-laws and official plan amendments,

The changes also would remove aggregate transfer stations from the list of permitted uses on land currently zoned for aggregate extraction.

The Provincial Policy Statement considers mineral aggregate extraction to be an interim use, not a permanent rural employment site so the lands are to be rehabilitated back to agricultural conditions or something compatible with the rural area.

How did they do it?

Here is the report:

Hopefully someone passes this on to Geriatric Jorden as I suspect this is going to come up at the public meeting on Melancthon's OP that still has to be held under the Planning Act.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Yet another proposal for below the water table pit, this time in Rockwood by James Dick Construction-(remember the company that was famously defeated in Caledon after a 12 year fight?)

Guelph Eramosa Councillor Doug Breen seems to have a handle on it at least with comments like:

"There is going to be absolutely zero appetite for going below the water table"

"It’s going to be a long long fight"

In the past the township has received tax revenue a new road and a small fee for each tonnage extracted but “It won’t even pay for our phone bill for the complaints we’re going to get”

Does James Dick have a good handle on it? Not so much.

The consultant for Dick says: the James dick proposal does present some concerns: including traffic, water quality and quantity and protection for the natural environment, but he recommends moving forward with he public meeting.

Article here:

The public meeting is March 25 at 7 pm at the Rockmosa Hall in Rockwood.

74 Christie St RR 1, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0

Spring will be here by then and the days are longer, so why not take a drive and attend the meeting and support the community?

Sunday, March 17, 2013


St. Patrick's Day

A day for all Irish to celebrate and today, who isn't Irish?

But remember, the Irish suffered greatly, the horrible potato famine and THEN those Horrible Baupost people.

Want to know why NDACT was so successful in their battle against a billion $$ hedgefund?

Luck o the Irish.  (Well that and NDACT's brilliant strategy)

But seriously.

The potatoes were threatened once, they weren't going to let it happened again.

After all, have you ever noticed how similar a potato plant and a clover is?  Both from the emerald isle.

How could the potatoes not win?

Saturday, March 16, 2013



TEAMHEADWATERS @Teamheadwaters

TEAMSOUTHGATE @Teamsouthgate


The problem with mines and pits?

The proponent applies for a license, poo poo poeple's concerns calling them NIMBY's, get their license and then ignore the rules. 

I believe we are still waiting for an accounting of the aggreate removed from the Strada pit on the 4th line of Melancthon compared to the tonnage fee paid.

AND citizens had to complain over and over and over again about Strada trucks violating their "agreement" to not have trucks on that road before 6 a.m. and now taxpayers of Melancthon are having to pay for lawyers to write a bylaw to prohibit what Strada should be forced to do, since they agreed to it.

Here are more truck troubles as posted on the PitSense site:

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario conducted a ‘vehicle survey’ to determine the scope of weight compliance issues within the aggregate industry. Enforcement Officers surveyed 434 aggregate trucks between August and October 2012.

The data collected revealed a systemic problem and pattern of non-compliance for both gross and axle weight. Overloading is a problem across the industry. The majority of trucks surveyed exceeded maximum allowable axle weight and more than 40 percent exceeded maximum allowable gross vehicle weights.

Click here for more:

Friday, March 15, 2013


The community of Southgate, Ontario is fighting to stop a sewage sludge treatment plant from being built there, beside a wetland and a few hundred meters from the local elementary school.

Unfortunately, their Mayor and Council appear to be going out of their way to help bring the plant -- and hundreds of tonnes per day of Toronto sewage sludge -- to the tiny community.

Real democracy requires transparency and when elected officials meet corporate interests quietly, behind the scenes and "in-camera" (which actually means no cameras or members of the public are allowed to know what is discussed) there is no chance that democracy will be served.

This is a common occurrence in the battle between the residents of Southgate and their elected officials.

I know the ratepayers being SLAPPED by their own local government could use some help, even a posting on facebook to let them know to never give up.

Facebook - STOP the Bio-Solids Plant from Being In a Town or near Housing
Website -


Premier Wynne says agri-food will be focus of the new Ontario government, which dovetails nicely on the coattails of NDACT who are now focusing on Food and Water First!!

Full article on the Premier and her comments here:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Canadian Environmental Law Association has drafted model legislation to expand support for Ontario agriculture in advance of the expected re-introduction of a local food bill by the province this spring..

Here is a link to the proposed bill:


Hello Mining for the TRUTH,

NDACT appeared before Council Thursday March 7th and Council, in a recorded vote, unanimously agreed to support and activiely participate in the "FOOD and WATER FIRST" campaign.

I am just waiting for the official wording from Council before we spread the word. NDACT will present to MONO, 26th of March and MULMUR at the next available date to ask the to become a "FOOD and WATER FIRST" Community as well.

Carl Cosack

NOTE: when the minutes are posted Minebuster will post the resolution. 

And another thank you to Council!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Thoughts and best wishes for a full recovery to Mulmur Councillor Earl Hawkins.


From the February 21, 2013 minutes:

Mayor Hill - Addition - Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech - Mayor Hill commented on Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech, particularly the part about rural areas and that they must have a voice in the future.

Mayor Hill suggested that the Township put a package of information together with the Township’s ARA comments, moratoriums on wind projects, etc. and send it to Premier Wynne.

The Township needs to move forward to protect farmland and wondered what Council’s thoughts were about sitting down with NDACT and possibly preparing a joint statement for the Premier, as NDACT’s new mission is to protect farmland and water.

No one from Council had any objection to this and the CAO was directed to book NDACT in to the next meeting as a Delegation.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


St. Mary’s Cement was proposing to build a quarry on a 150-hectare site at the 11th Concession and Milburough Line, just north of Carlisle. It was opposed by a citizens group, Friends of Rural Comunities and the province in 2010 issued an unprecedented order halting the firm’s attempt to establish the limestone quarry. The order declared the site must remain zoned rural and conservation management in perpetuity.

In turn, St. Mary’s in 2011 threatened to take the matter to NAFTA.
Click here for entire story:

You will note that provincial taxpayers had to pay St. Mary's Cement $15 million to go away.

Hopefully the public realizes that that this cost is because of the province's policies and legislation, the Provincial Policy Statement and the Aggregate Resources Act that places a higher priority on rock than it does on prime agricultural land and water.

Change those and you stop this kind of nonesense and cost to taxpayers.

And congratulations to Graham Flint and the Friends of Rural Communities Everywhere (FORCE)!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday's post showed (rather brilliantly if I do say so myself) that that rocks are higher on the food chain in Ontario than food or water.

That must change.

And I know it will change because NDACT is on the case!!!

After stopping a 2,300 acre 200 foot below the water table open pit mine, fighting against a billion dollar hedgefund, NDACT is moving on to the last next and last phase:


Click here to read about NDACT's call to action to achieve the goal of FOOD AND WATER FIRST!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


They start with this:

And turn it into this:

Because someone needs to build this:

 And they leave this:

But then they do this:
 And dump it back in the hole they originally dug:

Because someone want to build this:
And the cycle repeats itself-return to top of page


The legal sword clashed with the turbine blade on Monday in Varna, as Bluewater Council voted to add fees totalling 434 thousand dollars per unit to the development costs of Nextera's 60 megawatt, 37-turbine wind installation

Click here for full article:

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sadly, (and quite unfairly I believe), Minebuster did not win a golden Tater Award this year, but alot of other notable individuals did.

BTW, Minebuster DID win one last year....just saying.....

And here is my picture of me accepting my major award:

But enough about me, so read all about this years awards:


The Oscars may have red carpets, glitzy dresses and tuxedos....but we have the Taters!

To those new to the campaign, the Taters were launched last year to honour the many journalists, bloggers, filmmakers and musicians who have told the story of our fight to stop the Highland mega quarry.

The Tater is a Golden Spud (a spiffy Mr. Potato Head!) representing the potato fields we sought to protect.

Click the link below and look back on an incredible year!


“The summer of 2012 saw debilitating drought to the extent that some municipalities were on water restrictions right through November, Guelph Eramosa for example,” Water Watchers chair Mike Nagy said in the release.

“It would be totally inconsistent and unfair to ask citizens to conserve while a corporation continues to pump and profit during times of water stress,” said board member Kim Gutt in the release.

Concerned citizens can participate in the hearing by registering. For more information, contact Paul De Medeiros at 416-314-4600 or

Full article:


Paul Magder took Mayor Rob Ford to court over what Magder felt was a conflict of interest on the part of the Mayor.

Magder won.

He immediately filed for costs against Ford.

THEN Mayor Ford appealed the decision and he won.

Mayor Ford immediately filed for costs against Magder.

Magder's lawyer says his client shouldn't have to pay as he was only doing his civil duty in questioning government.

So, using this argument, SPIRG was only doing their civil duty in questioning their government and should NOT HAVE TO PAY.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Dundalk's Last Stand against Big Waste?

On behalf of the community of Southgate, and in particular, the residents of Dundalk, we at SPIRG (the Southgate Public Interest Research Group) want to thank and congratulation NDACT on your stunning victory, and also for the interest, concern and kind support you have shown towards our situation - one that we believe (along with the David Suzuki Foundation and others) could have negative consequences on the foodland and water in our area.
In a February 2, event hosted in Owen Sound by the Grey Bruce Peace and Justice Coalition, we shared the stage with Ramani Nadarajah of the Canadian Environmental Law Association to discuss SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). The story yielded front-page billing in the Owen Sound Sun Times. In that story Southgate Mayor Milne responded to the event by asserting: “his council has never attempted to discourage SPIRG from public participation in the democratic or legal process.”
What we did not know at the time (but Mayor Milne certainly did) was that he, his CAO and Southgate’s Bay Street lawyers were in the process of throwing a new financial hurdle in front of the Southgate citizens opposed to the anti-democratic imposition of waste disposal and processing industry on theresidents of Dundalk.
By the time he spoke to the press, the affadavit had been sworn, and the motion drafted, to require SPIRG to cough up $15000 in cash by March 9th, or abandon the appeal of the Lystek building permit ruling. That appeal is the only possible off-ramp for the people of Dundalk to avoid a torrent of Toronto’s sewage sludge arriving in Dundalk – up to 600 tonnes per day.
You have had a hard fight with the mega-quarry – and deserve a rest. But the same burning sense of injustice that has brought us this far in the fight with big waste (and all its local agents) compels us to ask if you can see fit to support us in our emergency fund-raising drive.
If we did not need to, we would not ask this of people who live such a distance from Dundalk. But those people on the front line of this fight have dug deep over and over to raise the tens of thousands absorbed by planners, disbursements, and legal defense. We’ve raised it through penny drives, yard sales, benefit concerts, trivia nights, bottle drives, door to door canvassing and a few leadership-level gifts. But that money is gone and now we need more in a hurry.

We have a convenient on-line donation form at:
If you can see it in your heart to pay it forward on this one, we may yet prove together that the waste industry, just like the megaquarry, is not more powerful than democracy.
James Cooke
Vice-President, SPIRG

PS – to learn more about this issue, and SPIRG, visit our website:


March 9, 2013

Rosemont Hall (Hwy 89 across from the Globe)

10 am to noon

Mono Mulmur Citizens' Coalition

Topics of discussion:
  • Reforms to the Aggregate Resources Act/Melancthon Mega Quarry: NDACT
  • Airport Road proposed aggregate operation-moment of truth: CORE
  • Waste Disposal Controversy: Environmental Engineer
All are welcome