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This picture has and says it all.








That is the day the world hits 7 billion people.
It is expected to double in 50 years-14 billion people.

That should signify to everyone the importance of protecting water and food.

If push came to shove, we CAN, believe it or not live without cells phones, t.v. internet (NO, NO, NO) and we can live in houses and drive on roads made from something other than limestone. 

It wouldn't be the comfort and conveniences we have become accustomed to, but we could do it. 

BUT here is the hard truth, we can NOT live without water and food.

While you are thinking about that, think about where you are in the chain of 7 billion people.

Check out this cool website and you can find out what your number is-kinda like Where's Waldo:

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Did anyone notice last night on the Agenda last night that when the Highlands rep, Johh Scherer, smiled he looked like this:
He should be less worried about the hair - terrible toupee by the way- and more worried about his facial expressions, since it looks like he will be doing alot of media trying to explain this asinine idea.

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Minebuster has long warned readers of this blog that the Shelburne Free Press/Orangeville Citizen, particularly Wes the Crypt Keeper Keller, are biased in their reporting regarding the Mega Quarry.

From the beginning (January 2009) Wes was writing that the grass roots group opposing the mega quarry were wasting people's time and money, they should just "settle" for a 100 acres, they were fear mongering, etc. etc. 

All the while the paper for which he "wrote" was taking Highlands, at times, weekly $900 buck ads. 

In fact some of the "articles" that appeared in the paper were nothing more than press releases of Highlands that had been rewritten.

Then this blog advised people that Wes wasn't even showing up for meetings, just writing (NOT reporting) from agendas and minutes.  He would attribute statements to people and make the statement such as "Mr. XXX was not reached for comment". 

What that means is they were not contacted at all.

Well not only has Wes been cribbing from agendas and minutes, apparently also from other reporter's articles.

In today's Free Press/Orangeville Citizen is this:

Last week’s issue contained an article on page A9 which clearly should not have been published. Headlined, “Foodstock was overwhelming for one farmer,” the excellent article was from the previous Tuesday’s edition of the Orangeville Banner.

The article had been downloaded from the Banner’s website by freelancer Wes Keller, who had planned to produce a similar piece based on his own interviews, but was unfortunately submitted in the document with Mr. Keller’s story on Foodstock. Since the second article lacked any byline or other indication of its external source, it appeared to the Editor to be a “sidebar” and accordingly was run in addition to Mr. Keller’s Foodstock article.
In the circumstances, the article was obviously published without the prior knowledge or approval of The Banner and without crediting the writer of The Banner article, Bill Tremblay. We acknowledge that publication of The Banner's article was contrary to basic principles of responsible journalism. We sincerely apologize to The Banner and to Bill Tremblay for this error.

And here is the Banner's item on this little slip up.


Owners of the Orangeville Citizen were forced to publicly apologize today (Oct. 27), after they published an article taken from The Banner.
The article in question — Quarry protest never tasted so delicious — appeared on the front page of this newspaper’s Oct. 18 print edition and was posted on a day earlier under a similar headline.
A nearly identical version, containing no independently conducted interviews or research, was published in The Citizen last Thursday (Oct. 20).
Use of the article was not authorized and demonstrates a clear infringement of copyright laws.
“We are very upset and embarrassed that such a mistake like this has occurred,” Alan Claridge, publisher of the Orangeville Citizen, wrote in an email to The Banner’s publisher Ken Nugent.
Claridge went on to claim the “mistake” was the result of how information is collected for news articles appearing in that newspaper.

And the funniest thing? Highlands uses Wes’s wisdom on their website to support their quarry…..



You may or may not know that our Planning Contractor-Geriatric Jorden-was the contract planner for Melancthon in 1978 when an Official Plan was adopted.

We are still working under that 1978 plan.

Ger has been working on an updated plan now for say, 5-6 years?  I have lost track, not sure.

In January of 2010 he assured Council the final draft was on its way within a few weeks.

Still waiting.

I can report that in 2010 taxpayers paid $94,000 for planning services.

Not sure what we are getting for that, because of course his bills are never presented to the public and his reports are given in closed session, which the Meeting Investigator said was not permitted under the closed meeting provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 but I DO know we haven't got an updated Official Plan yet.

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Thursday October 27 at 8:00 p.m. the show “The Agenda” on TVO with host Steve Paikin is devoted to “local food and the mega quarry”

Maybe we will even catch a glimpse of that elusive Broadhead???


Remember Amberley Gavel, the meeting investigator for the Township of Melancthon who ruled that Melancthon did in fact hold a closed meeting in contravention of the Municipal Act, 2001 (see blog posting dated September 7, 2011)

And remember the outraged reaction of Council when they heard they were in the wrong?


Let me remind you:

Comments by Council members at the September 8, 2011 meeting at which Council received Amberly Gavel's report (minebusters brilliant and insightful comments in green):

“It was felt that Fred Dean, Amberley Gavel owes the municipality an apology as this report is very insulting – the premise of the report is wrong and information contained in the report is not factual."

(Here is a link on Fred Dean’s credentials, the individual council is demanding an apology from:

"....Council has the right to defend itself and we have every right to consult with our legal counsel on such a report...."  (WRONG-the Municipal Act provides no appeals court so to speak)

"Council to reconsider whether or not they are going to stay with LAS. "  (here we go, lets fire them, they ruled against us)

"Council to also reconsider whether or not Mr. Jorden, Township Planner, will remain in the Township Office twice per month.  Council want to know who Mr. Jorden is meeting with and if this cannot be done in Closed Session, there is no point in having him here.  This was initiated by ratepayers to have a Planner in the office for easier accessibility to Planning matters." (lets punish the taxpayers)

For full details of Council's comments on Amberley's report on Melancthon, click on this link and go to page 3:

BUT now, Amberley Gavel has made their report public on an investigation they did on a complaint about an alleged closed meeting of the Mulmur Melancthon Fire Board.

AND they found no fault-there was no contravention of the Municipal Act, 2001 as it related to the Board's closed meeting.

So where is the outrage from Melancthon Council?

Well no where, because IF you agree with Council all is good.

If you don’t, well suffer their wrath.

And here is a link to the closed meeting report re: the fire meetings starting on page 26

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There is a crappy situation to the north of us in Southgate Township, specifically Dundalk.

Southgate Council has been less than transparent about their decision to install an industry that burns human waste, offal (animal waste) in a facility located adjacent to a school and homes.

Like really, really close.

There is already a facility that does something with "compost" and here is an excerpt from the minutes from the Southgate June 1, 2011 Committee of the Whole about their traffic options:

Highway #10 by-pass roadway from Ida Street options:

 Option #1 – The best option at this point as it is the most efficient route and least EP land impacts;
 Option #2 – Not enough room between lagoon ponds and Foley drain;
 Option #3 – This option has a few problems being the cost of a box culvert to cross he Foley drain, EP lands would be effected and loss of some saleable industrial lands for this roadway route;
 Option #4 – This option has EP lands and is not being considered; and
 Option #5 – This option would us the existing road allowance townline right of way, however more EP land than option #1 and would require legal investigation and agreements with Melancthon Township.

And at the October 12 meeting about Lystek, the business that wants to bring that offal smell with their product, the Mayor of Southgate stated that meetings had been held with Melancthon about a bylaw/diversion road through Melancthon for the smelly trucks.  Anyone else hear anything about that?

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Still on hiatus from Foodstock, holy cow.  I was going to post poignant and moving blogs with pictures and stuff, but Stop the Quarry and Foodstock facebook sites and UTube have said it all.

So in keeping with the spirit of the season (get it, Hallowe'en season, spirit, ghosts???) enjoy this site:

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The article is great, but at the bottom are links to all the articles and videos, check it out.

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Collection of Youtube videos of Foodstock-set up, take down, the event itself.....

CTV coverage of set upCTV coverage of the event

Getting the chefs into the bush

CTV coverage of the event

Great pictorial
(Our own Ginny and original NDACT member in her signature Chicken Hat)

Foodstock Busker

Foodstock in Five minutes

CTV coverage of clean up

If you look closely in the background of all of these videos you will (NOT) notice the Mayor of Melancthon. 

THE biggest event in the history of Melancthon-yes even bigger than bringing the Stanley Cup home and done to raise funds to fight THE biggest issue in Ontario right now and where is our Mayor.....(insert sound of cricket chirping here)

Not Foodstock, but still this is Minebuster's absolute favourite on anything on the quarry, though they are all great.

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I challenge you to put on an event, with ONLY volunteer capacity and none of Baupost's money, all from scratch and donations and attract 28,000 people in support of your cause. 

What was that cause again? 

Oh yeah, a 2,400 acre 200 foot below the water table open pit limestone mine on the headwaters of more than 1 million Ontarian's drinking water.

I am sure Mavis would be first to step up and call all her friends to help. (insert cricket chirping here).

Hope your planted spies yesterday noticed all the MP's and  MPP's milling around.


28,000 people at Foodstock.  (I have heard estimates as high as 47,000 but that is not true).

So if 2,000 came on buses that leaves 26,000.

Lets say there were 4 people in a car,

That means there were 6,500 cars on that roadway yesterday,

Hm....I believe Highlands proposal, at peak market times, calls for up to 7,000 trucks on the road a day,

So MTO, County and OPP might want to rethink any comments they submitted on the Aggregate Proposal Act.

I am no genius and it doesn't take a genius to see that 6,500 cars crippled the flow of traffic, added stress to the infrastructure and would have significantly impacted any emergency response call required yesterday.

As it was, the only emergency was people were enjoying the day too much!! 

And who knew kid LOVE mud, OMG. 

The organizers worried themselves sick about the mud the day before.

Who knew it was going to be a featured entertainer of the day!!

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YES, 28,000 people attended foodstock today.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Globe and Mail article today, October 15, 2011, has the following quote:   Joseph Izhakoff, another principal, (sic of Highlands) told The Globe and Mail the company did not mislead landowners.   “We did exactly what we told people we were going to do,” he said, referring to the potato operation. “When we came to Melancthon … we knew there was aggregate, but just knowing there’s aggregate doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to develop a quarry,” he said.   (Click here for full article:

AND there was this quote by a Highland representatives in 2007:  “Trevor Downey of Downey Farms and John Lowndes both say the intent in Melancthon is merely to have a world-class potato operation.” (Orangeville Citizen, June 27, 2007) Click for full article:

And yet an individual at the public meeting held in January 2009 at which the grassroots movement, now known as NDACT, was formed advised the crowd, despite Highlands spokesperson's denials, that the MOE, MMAH and the MNR had all been approached by Highlands regarding a quarry application and in fact one Ministry had designated staff just for the application as it was to be of a size never before seen in Ontario.

Anyone left who believes anything out of their mouths?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


FOODSTOCK: Save The Land That Feeds Us

100 of Canada’s best chefs cook up a storm to help Stop The Mega Quarry.

Honeywood, ON – On Sunday, October 16th almost 100 chefs from across the country will gather to cook up a feast in a pay-what-you-can foodie festival on a farm north of Orangeville. FOODSTOCK, as it’s known, will turn local ingredients--all generously donated by Ontario producers-- into gourmet dishes highlighting the bounty of farmland that could be devastated by a proposed mega quarry.

The prospect of replacing ‘taters with craters’ has deeply concerned restaurateurs across Canada. Celebrated chef Michael Stadtländer—whose nearby Eigensinn Farm and Haisai Restaurant are internationally celebrated—is spearheading FOODSTOCK together with the Canadian Chefs’ Congress. “This will be the culinary equivalent of the original ‘60s celebration,” says Stadtländer. “Each chef is pouring their talent into one dish. We expect close to 20,000 people, and if you love food, farmland and water, you will not be disappointed.”

Top musicians have also joined the campaign. "Happy to lend a hand to people who are trying to preserve the sanctity of water and arable land,” offers Jim Cuddy. “If a little music can help open some peoples' eyes to the risks we are facing up here then I consider myself lucky to be able to help." The line-up of musicians backstopping this culinary tour de force includes Jim Cuddy, Sarah Harmer, Ron Sexsmith, Tom Barlow, Cuff The Duke, Hayden, Lily Frost and Jose Contreras and a host of unplugged artists. Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace), will MC and speakers include Faisal Moola of The David Suzuki Foundation as well as Mark Calzavara (Council of Canadians), Danny Beaton (Mohawk First Nation) and Jeff Monague (Beausoleil First Nation).

In March of this year, The Highland Companies-backed by the Baupost Group hedge fund of Boston-applied to the province to excavate the largest quarry in Canadian history. If allowed to proceed, the mega quarry would:

· Span more than 2,300 acres (1/3 of the size of downtown Toronto),
· Require extraction of 600 million litres of water per day FOREVER, affecting the watersheds of five southern Ontario river systems,
· Destroy Class 1 farmland consisting of Honeywood Silt Loam—a specialty soil now producing approximately 50% of the GTA market for potatoes.

See  or for more details.

Pre-interviews with Chefs will be available at the dedicated FOODSTOCK media tent near the main entrance from 10 am. Interviews with musicians will be available from the media tent throughout the day as the artists are present.

FOODSTOCK will take place on Sunday, October 16th from 11:00 to 5:00 at Lennox Farms just west of County Road 124, Melancthon Township, Dufferin County. The entrance is off the 20th Sideroad, west of 124, at Conover, Ontario.


Paul Böehmer, Milana Lise, Böhmer
Teo Paul, Union
Adam Colquhoun, Robert Bechard, Oyster Boy
JP Challet, Ici Bistro
Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco
Jeffery Claudio, Scarpetta at The Thompson Hotel
Chris Brown, The Stop Community Food Centre
Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens
Aaron Bear Robe, Keriwa Café
Fabio Bondi and Michael Sangregorio, Local Kitchen and Wine Bar and Bar Salumi
Luis Valenzuela, Torito Tapas Bar
Victor Barry, Splendido, The County General
Albert Ponzo, Le Select Bistro
Hiro Yoshida, Hiro Sushi
Anthony Walsh, Bannok and Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants
Carole Ferrari, Locale Café
Carl Heinrich & Ryan Donovan , Marben
Michael Sacco, Chocosol Chocolate Traders
David Kokai, Loïc Gourmet
Anthony Rose, The Drake Hotel
Derek Bendig and Colen Quinn, Pangaea
Zane Caplansky, Caplansky's
Evelyne Gharbirian, Hearty Catering
Rodney Bowers, Hey Meatball
Matty Matheson, Parts & Labour
Derek Zavislake, Merchants of Green Coffee
Keith Froggett, Scaramouche
Lorenzo Loseto, George Restaurant
Rob Gentile, Buca Restaurant
Patrick McMurray, Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill, Ceili Cottage
Joshna Maharaj
Steffan Howard, Palais Royale, Casa Loma
Kevin McKenna, Globe Bistro
Kevin McKenna and Phillip Heilborn, Earth Bloor West
Kevin McKenna, Earth Rosedale
Trish Donnelly, Chef Donnelly Catering
Brad Long, Sara Kuntz, Belong Café
John Higgins, Oliver Li, George Brown College
Daisuke Izutsu, kaiseki Sakura
Christopher Palik, L-Eat Catering and Paese Ristorante
Daniel Muia, Mogette Bistro
Joe Levesque, International Centre
Graham Pratt, Christine Fancy, The Gabardine
Giacomo Pasquini , Vertical
Audrey Demers
Bertrand Alépée, The Tempered chef
Fawzi Kotb, Veloute Bistro & Catering
Nick Laliberte, Poutini's House of Poutine
Dawn Woodward and Edmund Rek, Evelyne's Crackers
Jacob Sharkey Pearce , Two Brothers Inc.
Linda Burnside and Kevin Walters, Alternative Grounds
Alexandra Feswick, Brockton General
Diane Cartwright, Whole World Trade Ltd.
Jeff Brown and Jennifer Rashleigh, Delight
Lesia Kohut, LPK's Culinary Groove
Anton Potvin and Nick Liu, Niagara Street Cafe
Johan Maes, Goed Eten

Michael Schmidt, and Chef Carey McLellan, Glencolton Farms

Rob Uffen, Rob Uffen's Trout House

Ross Midgley and Beth Hunt, The Globe Restaurant

Robin Pradhan, Rocky Raccoon Café

Michel Masselin, Chez Michel
Dave Nesbitt, Creemore Coffee Company
Don Akehurst, Sovereign Restaurant

Gareth Carter, Men with Knives
Leona Nyman, Andrea Greyerbiehl, Azzurra
Jeremy Korten, Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, Blue Mountain Restaurant"
Mark & Christene Kraus, Espresso Post
Scott Chalmers and Andrew Barber, Simplicity Bistro
Christophe and Wispy Boivin, Tremont Café
Joelle Rogers, Tesoro Restaurant
Mike Duffin, One99 Broadway
Roger Genoe, Ravenna Country Market

Marita Gómez and Jörg Neth, Haisai
Michael and Nobuyo Stadtländer, Eigensinn Farm

Jason Reiner, The Mono Cliff's Inn
Alex Johnston, Hockley Valley Resort

Shawn Adler, The Flying Chestnut

Tobias Pohl-Weary, Red Canoe Bistro

Carin Balint, Garden of Vegan

Paul Harber, Ravine Vineyard
Janice Suarez
Ryan Crawford, The Stone Road Grille

Ruth Klahsen, Monforte Dairy

Philip Patrick, The Ridge at Manitou

Matthew Flett, Georgian College
Randy Feltis, Oscars
David Keenan, At the Five
Daniel Hong, Anna Kim, Furusato Restaurant
Ceasar Guinto, Cravings Fine Food Market and Catering

Shaun Edmonstone, Jennifer Vipond, Bruce Wine Bar

Tracey Winkworth, The Belworth House

Jason D'Anna, Magna Golf Club

Ross Fraser, Fraser Café

Moe Mathieu

Stefan Czapalay, Culinary Design Solutions


Jim Cuddy
Sarah Harmer
Ron Sexsmith & Colleen Hixenbaum
Andrew T Queen
Lily Frost and Jose Contreras (By Divine Right)
Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace)
Tom Barlow
Cuff The Duke
Misty Creek Drummers
Killing Time
Some of the BNL

The Loon Choir
Killing Time
Shotgun Wedding
Marnie Herald
Patrick Keating
Steve York
Ed Roman
Kim Harcourt
Rob Saley
Bryan Wall
Romney Getty
Jordan Eveland
Ellie Avishai
Dave Russel
Sue Miller
Aaron Garner
Blood Trails
Peter Adams
Shara Claire and Friends
Jamie Willi
Eric Nagler
Kyle Haight
Joanne Mackell
Kevin MacLean
Hobo Wally
Jim Letheid
Gruven Devaki
Jennifer LIvingston
Seana Murdoch
Jason Alexander
Soul Singers
MacCallum and Langhorst
Cameron Austin
Friends of the Earth
Souls at Play
Lory Macdonald
Paul Vodak
Glen Noble
Ironworks Clarksburg
Ralph Hollis
Gordon Kemp
The All Naturals Poetry Pocket
Artists Against the Mega Quarry

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Excellent piece on the National tonight about the quarry. 

The two proponents of the quarry, Joseph Izhakoff and John Scherer are pictured here:

And when I saw them I couldn't help but be reminded of these two guys:

Full CBC print article here:


There is money in the moon. 

Mining activities on the Moon appears to become a fast-approaching reality as U.S. astronomers reported last week the likely presence of titanium ore on the lone Earth's natural satellite, with reserves rich enough to encourage man in establishing a mine colony.  (Click here for full article: )

Business magazines and twitter are abuzz that Baupost will be completing the purchase of the moon within the week and will begin mining activities within the year. 
An unnamed spokesperson, pictured at left stated that from a client portfolio persective it makes sense.  "There is virtually no regulatory regime in place on the moon, so the proponent can start mining the moon for everything it is worth immediately on landing.  We have also noted there are very few people living on the moon so there will be few public expectations to manage.  We find in that respect, the moon is very similar to Melancthon Township." (Source unconfirmed)

On an unrelated note, neighbours in the posh neighbourhood of Chestnut Hill Boston have complained to City officials about some sort of illegal use and construction going on at this property:


Satellite sources show the new structure appears to be this:


Sunday, October 9, 2011

BAMBOOZLING THE BOBOLINK (and the public too?)

The government passed a regulation to the Endangered Species Act in 2008 showing the Bobolink is a species threatened species.

(The Act and Regulation are these thinks: )

Must have gotten them some HUGE pats on the backs from environmental groups and alot of free PR, because by doing this it showed they are very concerned about the environment and eco system in which we live.

Except of course for that little back door clause 17(1) that states:
The Minister may issue a permit to a person that, with respect to a species specified in the permit that is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List as an extirpated, endangered or threatened species, authorizes the person to engage in an activity specified in the permit that would otherwise be prohibited by section 9 or 10

Blah, blah...what does that mean?  Well if the Minister (meaning the government) decides there is a MORE important reason not to protect any of the species listed on the regulations he just provides a permit that says go ahead, do what you want.

The Environmental Bill Registry (EBR) shows that Grand Valley Wind Farms Inc. has applied for an overall benefit permit under clause 17 (2) (c) of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 with respect to Bobolink in order to construct and operate nine wind turbines in the Town of Grand Valley.

An overall benefit permit?  I will be the overall benefit is NOT going to benefit the bobolink.

So don't think for a minute that any species listed on the Endangered species regulation that may be found in the area that Highlands wants to mine will be safe. 

IF the government of the day decides this needs to go ahead, they can just set aside the requirement to protect it with a simple permit.

You can write or email with your comments.  Do NOT phone as phone calls are not a permanent record.  Keep a record of what you have submitted.

Gail Jackson
Senior Permits & Agreements Specialist
Ministry of Natural Resources
Policy Division
Species at Risk Branch
Permits and Agreements Section
300 Water Street Floor 2
Peterborough Ontario K9J8M5

Here is Grand Valley Windfarm's application on the EBR:



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NO Cookies and spam are NOT Minebusters thanksgiving dinner. 

I will be having cold shoulder and lukewarm reception. 

The rest of you with friends and family, try the turkey. 

In the meantime....

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Friday, October 7, 2011



Liberals win a minority government

Sylvia Jones PC candidate in Caledon-Dufferin wins.

Interactive map showing riding results.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I do not like you Mr. Lowndes
I wish you'd leave, get out of town

I cannot eat your rocks and stone
Please take Highland
And go home

I do not like you Mr. Lowndes
I like my water underground

I like my food that's grown right here
I want to keep the farmland near

I do not like you
What's to say?

Take Highland/Baupost,

If you would like to submit something as a guest blogger, please forward to

Minebuster reserves the right to edit or not publish comments that do not meet the guidelines (guideline is short and witty) or that do not otherwise meet editoral approval or put me in a pissy mood or that I just generally don't feel like posting.


Jim Wilson in Simcoe gets in by doing very little.  Showing up and, well just showing up. 

Here is his quote in yesterday in response to Green Party leader and Simcoe-Grey provincial candidate Mike Schreiner saying the mega quarry could be stopped today if Queen's Park flexes the right political muscle. "We all know that the government has a variety of options.  This is just the Green Party desperately grasping for votes, Wilson said."(entire article here: )


Good to know Mike.  Just wondering when you will bringing those options up in the house and start fighting for them.  You can email him (over and over and over) at to ask. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The polls are open tomorrow morning, please vote.  A veteran will thank you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Council of Canadians, Maude Barlow specifically has made the following statement as it relates to the Melancthon Mega Mine (M3):

NAFTA’s Chapter 11
First Nations and other organizations have joined the NDACTF in opposing the mega-quarry, including the Citizens’ Alliance for a Sustainable Environment (CAUSE), the Sierra Club, the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, and the Council of Canadians. Maude Barlow, Chair of the Council of Canadians, addressed some of the concerns in a recent letter to Craig Laing, Aggregate Resources Officer in the MNR. She wrote: “Because the construction company [Highland] is backed by the Baupost Group, a Boston-based multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, it likely has NAFTA rights to sue the Canadian government if, at any time after the contract has been signed, any level of government changes its mind on the project or attempts to limit damage to the land and water of the area by imposing new restrictions on the company’s operations. “As well, NAFTA’s Chapter 11 gives American corporations operating in Canada the right to claim the water sources they use in their operations. The Canadian government recently awarded the American pulp and paper company Bowater/ Abitibi $125 million in compensation for the water [and timber] it no longer uses after it voluntarily abandoned its operation in Newfoundland.

Full article here: (Thanks Rob Strang, Green Party.)

So, here is my take on this. 

IF this application goes through, part of getting a mining license under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) is a permit to take water. 

When you get a permit to take water, you get to TAKE the water, it is YOUR water. 

Why does that matter in this instance?

Highlands/aka Baupost/aka Seth Klarman's ARA application calls for the management of 600 million litres of water a day that has been exposed to contaminants, the air, pollution, blasting materials and probably bird shit-well maybe not they have chased those pesky birds away.

Their ever shifty, I mean shifting plan calls for the reinjection of this water into surface wells to be "reintroduced" into local drinking water.

MOE has already had a shitfit over this. 

What else could they do with that dirty stinking water?

Well, well (get it, wells, water???) Highlands/aka Baupost/aka Seth Klarman are "negotiating" with Orangeville, I mean the County to purchase their abandoned rail BED.  Not a rail line, a rail BED.

What would be way cheaper than reinstalling the rail line and operating it as a rail way?

A water Owen a slow boat to China, Dubai, any country that is short of water.

In my OPINION, I would bet that Highlands/aka Baupost/aka Seth Klarman will make more on water sales than they ever will on limestone.

Take a look at what the Baupost Group is trying to do in California-google the Bixby Ranch.


Minebuster has received numerous reports that people can't post comments to blog postings. 

Is this a widespread problem?

Councillors?  Hill (of Beans) and Knowlton...You guys having problems posting anon comments?

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here is a farmer tending his vineyard, making ice wine at the bottom of the masshole left by Highlands aka Baupost aka Seth Klarman and investors.