Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Opposition to the Highland Companies’ proposed “mega quarry” in the Township of Melancthon continues to mount as the quarry application enters into its next phases...."

 "Mr. Vander Zaag commented on the current political stance on the issue, in which some political authorities such as the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, seem to remain neutral on the issue: “We have to encourage our leaders to lead.”

"The GPO’s position is that the Highlands Companies’ Melancthon Quarry Application should be subject to a federal Joint Panel Review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. The quarry's potential impact on fish habitat in the Grand, Saugeen, Nottawasaga, Pine and Beaver Rivers, the First Nations interests in this region, and the potential implications of the North America Free Trade Agreement on this project all justify a joint Panel Review."

Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow, signs are popping up everywhere.

This one was spotted at 329 Heath Street, Chestnut Hill, Boston MA.

(thanks to the a-non contributor for this!! and the five man electrical band for a great song)


Wonder if Seth Klarman, aka Baupost, aka Highland Companies realizes what our veterns know.

In the words of a Juno Beach veteran, Ken Wallace, when your time comes you can't hire someone to die for you, so it doesn't matter whether you have ten cents or ten billion in your pocket.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know those people who are fascinated with all things to do with astronomy and watching the night skies for falling stars, life on other planets, the northern lights have it WAY wrong.

Seriously everyone should be following the Twitterverse. 

Instant time and fascinating.

Do I care what Kim Kardashian or the Beebs is doing on Twitter?  NO.

But I am fascinated with the social media slapdown being foisted on @Teamhighland by @Teamheadwaters.
Got to give Mz Lynz credit though, she does keep at it.

Here is a recent exchange:

@Teamhighland: We will not build a quarry that has an adverse impact on water quality in GTA or anywhere else

@Teamheadwaters: you tweet there would be NO impact to H2O anywhere, but your application says a possible 10% drop in flow. Where's the truth?

Seriously if Lynz is going to engage in this stuff she should really read the 3,100 pages of Highlands own studies. 

Friday, August 26, 2011


MNR comes down hard.....on a dog owner in Wasaga Beach.
"The latest example involved a Wasaga Beach man who was fined $1,000 last week for letting his dog run free and harass a pair of nesting piping plovers in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park."

Read all about it at this link:

But on a 2,300 acre, 200 foot below the water table open pit mine on prime agricultural land?

Not so much, because of course there is a "process" to be followed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Veteran speaks out against proposed quarry

Dear editor,
This is a letter of protest against the Highland group that is attempting to dig a hole on 2,316 acres of Melancthon, below the water table.

This is the most ridiculous idea, which is all about greed coming to Ontario to make a few trillion dollars at the expense of losing excellent farmland to feed our country.

To those who don’t understand, this is the headwater of all the rivers like the Grand, Boyne, Pine and also the ones flowing into Georgian Bay.

What would we do with 100 trucks per hour on our highways 24 and 10? This would wear out our roads and we, the taxpayers, pay for repairs to the highways. Also, the highway would be so clogged local traffic would be impossible.

The death and destruction risk would be increased every day.

Think of the loss of all our wildlife — birds and animals that have been using the area since the beginning of time.

All this and much more just to satisfy the greed of a few rich people that never got the message that when your time comes to leave this world, it won’t matter whether you have 10 cents or $10 billion.

I am a Juno Beach veteran and would like to think I have done my share to keep the planet the way it was when we settled on it. We do enough damage paving over the earth with parking lots, highways and buildings.

They say we have seven billion people on this planet, which is all it will support, and predict in the next 50 years we will reach nine billion. The need for water and food will be critical.

Just think again how much food these 2,316 acres could produce if you were hungry.

From my experience 67 years ago in Juno Beach, I know what it feels like to go without food or water, and it is not nice.

Just some of my thoughts and concerns.

Ken Wallace,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You know, if there was a way to blame the storm system on Highland Companies, I would find it.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Tuesday August 23 at 4:15 on 1010 am CFRB (in our parents day used to be called CFRBoring, but no longer, they are actually relevant now) John Tory is interviewing Dalton McGuinty.

It should be interesting.  Tory is a long time conservative, but also a huge long time, childhood friend of Michael Daniher, he of the Highland Companies, aka Baupost Group, aka Seth Klarman who have courted the liberals in their quest for a megaquarry.

Will Tory allow questions about the quarry?  If he does, he will be putting old chum Daniher on the hotseat.  If he doesn't, that might mean he is allowing his personal friendships to get in the way of responsible reporting.

I mean after all, why hasn't CFRB done a story on this huge issue?  Even MTV covered it tonight.

Keep calling the show tomorrow and keep asking for a FIRM commitment from McGuinty about his position on the quarry, not a political one about how there is a process to go through.

If he waffles ask him why he stopped the Flamborough Quarry and isn't stepping in to stop this travesty.

The number is *TALK or Twitter: @JohnToryShow

Friday, August 19, 2011


OMG, like have you been following twitter?

Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

Follow twitter for Teamhighland vs. Teamheadwaters.

In the PR war, Teamheadwaters is kicking ass.

In fact Teamhighland hasn't even responded in like 24 hours.

In the words of that great philosopher/warlock, Charlie Sheen, Teamheadwaters is WINNING!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


"........ experts with a combined 700 years of experience analyzed plans for a proposed open-pit quarry and a study of the project dispels opponents' falsehoods, a representative of the quarry's developer said......
.....the quarry would be environmentally friendly.....
.....the quarry won't be seen, heard or felt as it supports high-paying jobs, generates millions of tax dollars and improves air quality,,,,,
......monitors at various distances from the blast showed noise from the explosion did not exceed 65 decibels -- the sound level of a normal conversation......
Officials .....say the ...mine will produce 99 high-paying jobs and twice that number at outside firms that offer support to the mining operation...."

Sound familar?

It is.

But if you thought it was about Seth Klarman, aka Baupost, aka Highlands quarry, well you would be wrong.

These comments are straight from the PR person's mouth of a company in california that wants to blow the top off a mountain, in a native reserve, to mine granite.

It is called the Temecula quarry.

Here is a link to the article and be sure to read the comments:,0,608025.story

Nice to know, however the quarry proponents are all singing from the same hymn book.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Great article in today's Orangeville Banner.

"Although company spokesperson Lindsay Broadhead noted the number of actual trucks coming and going from the site would reflect demand, Highland’s application cites road capacity — as determined by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) — could accommodate 150 trucks entering and leaving the proposed quarry every hour.

“I mean 7,200 trucks a day on the road going up and down roads that are heavily travelled with vacationers — winter and summer — school buses, families that live there,” remarked Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill, who is also chair of Dufferin County’s public works committee. “It is obviously going to a concern.”  (Thank YOU Mayor Hill, thank you..)

Broadhead said Highland has made no commitment as to how many trucks would use County Road 124 as a haul route, but noted the company is sensitive to maintaining the level of service the highway affords. For example, she said the company would finance further road improvements if it was ever projected to exceed 150 trucks per hour."
Well isn't that big of Highlands.  Once THEIR trucks exceed 7,200 an hour (in and out) on County Road 124, in addition to the current traffic count, (including school buses, emergency vehicles) between 3,100 and 5,300 per day THEN they will pay for upgrades?
Seriously, they will use it as their own personal road, because no one else will, too dangerous, and WE, County taxpayers will pay.
Keep working for us at County, please Mayor Hill.


Shelburne September 7 @ 7:00 p.m. Grace Tipling Hall Shelburne

Orangeville September 14 @ 7 p.m. at Westside Secondary School, Orangeville.

Dufferin-Caledon will have four choices on the ballot, including incumbent and Progressive Conservative MPP Sylvia Jones, Liberal challenger Lori Holloway, NDP candidate Joe Periera and the Green Party’s Rob Strang.

Get out and ask them where they stand on the Mega Quarry issue and keep asking until they give a firm committed answer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Jeez. you would think for the amount of money Seth Klarman and the Baupost Group is paying Hill (of Beans) & Knowlton, they could come up with a better "social media" campaign than this:

This Youtube video is SO bad, H (of Beans) & K have pulled it, but fortunately once it is on-line it is always on-line.  And remember, Highlands posted this: Members of the Highland team would like to hear Ontarians' opinions about the MegaQuarry project in Dufferin County, so let them have it-your opinion I mean.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Not for a minute does Minebuster believe that Baupost, aka Seth Klarman, wants to control water. 

What he is doing is investing in a relatively, for him, cheap investment, raping the natural resources (California oil, Melancthon limestone) while obtaining water rights.

Once the oil and/or limestone is gone, what would raise the price of his investment substantially, particularly since the investment has been raped, I mean depleted of oil and/or limestone?


And since Baupost would hold the rights to the water, they hold the rights to sell it to the highest bidder.

Saudia Arabia?  Mexico?  Africa?  China?

Doesn't seem to matter to Seth Klarman, aka Baupost, highest bidder rules. 

Baupost investors gain, the world loses.

Hope Seth's wife, while writing those cheques for good deeds in Bawston, and the recipients of those cheques, have no qualms about where the money is coming from....

Just asking.


Sometimes even minebuster can't bitch all the time-I know hard to believe!!

Have some fun with this.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Desperate times call for a tall, cool glass of creativity in this patch of West Texas where water is scarce and quickly disappearing.

But a plan to pump millions of new gallons of drinking water into the system has many people across West Texas holding their noses.

This week construction started on a $13 million water-reclamation facility. That's a fancy way of describing a treatment plant that will turn sewage wastewater into drinking water.

"That's not something I even want to think about," said Eunice Thixton, a Big Spring resident. "It really doesn't sound too good."

This is the U.S.A.-NOT a third world country and they have water issues. 

And yet, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world is in "talks" to purchase California water rights.  And are in the regulatory process to obtain a permit to "take" water here in Ontario under an Aggregate Resources license.

The truth is, the next world war will not be fought over oil, it will be over water. 

It would appear the Baupost Group aka Seth Klarman are amassing their own army already, right under Canada and Ontario's own noses, I mean "regulatory system".


Excerpt from a 2009 Toronto Star article:

Another NDACT draftee, cattle and pig farmer Ralph Armstrong, says he has "lost a lot of sleep" over who's going to sell next, not because of NIMBY-ism at the prospect of a quarry at his back door but because of an erosion of "our own values, of what's important." The Crown deed to his farm is dated 1861.

"Food has been rationed in my lifetime," he says. "It doesn't take much of a hiccup to cause a problem. We're talking about the generations following. It probably doesn't make much difference to me, but where's the good food going to come from if you don't have land to grow it on? What can you leave your grandchildren? Clean air to breathe, pure water to drink and good quality soil, secure, that you can grow food on.
"What else can you leave them that's any more important?"

Just remember Seth, your kids and grandkids can't eat money.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Excerpts from the article:

"First came grumblings from within the ranch itself and nearby neighbors that, depending on who was spreading the rumors, anywhere from a few to several hundred acres of cattle-grazing land had been suddenly tilled. By no means an uncommon occurrence, it was more the timing of the earth-moving that was questionable, as it happened just as native grasses and other such primary food sources for the cattle were beginning to sprout. "

Hmm, remind anyone of Highlands grass cutting efforts, which they are better at than growing potatoes?  Can you say Bobolink?

Asked specifically if it might also be a precursor to future development plans — after all, there are 100 legally buildable lots on the property — Amerikaner scoffed, “No, not at all. The purpose of it is to assist with the ranch’s current needs and agricultural operations.”

Be sure you read the comments at the bottom of the article.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Swear to God, it just gets better and better.  Honestly how could we live without google?  Read about Baupost's involvement in the hacking scandal:

JULY 28, 2011
"News Corp. has begun surveying its largest investors in an attempt to address their concerns amid the phone-hacking and alleged police bribery crisis at the company's now shuttered British tabloid, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Many top shareholders, including The Baupost Group, which had 19 million shares as of March, Eagle Capital Management, which had 17.4 million, and Conatus Capital Management, which had 5.7 million, have declined to comment to The Associated Press on the recent scandal. They also declined to share their opinions of News Corp.'s corporate governance."


Thanks to D.B. for posting this "Trouble in Paradise" gem on facebook.

With that lead and a little digging around, Minebuster has found that Baupost is pulling the EXACT same scam down in California that they are here and it started almost at the same time.

Down there they are interested in California's water and oil.

Here?  Limestone and in my opinion water.

Read all about it and if you are a provincial or federal politician read this then go change your underwear:


“...the historic ranch was purchased for $136 million in early 2007 by a Massachusetts-based investment group Baupost Inc. Despite current and consistent rumors to the contrary, the new owners promised at the time of purchase that they had no immediate resale or development designs. And, according to Baupost’s local representative, Steve Amerikaner, that position hasn’t necessarily changed. ....before adding that Baupost had no immediate plans to apply for any sort of development or lot line adjustments with the County. .....lying just off the Bixby Ranch is the Santa Maria Basin, one of the largest untapped oil reserves in the West. There are reasons to believe the new owners are at least wondering how to reach it.
Full article:

"Asked about the future of the Bixby, the new owners were circumspect. "We're sending out land planners, archeologists, ecologists, hydrologists, biologists," says respected land-use attorney Steven Amerikaner, the public face for the owners. "We're looking at perhaps a year of studying how best to use it."

Jan 2011
“Exactly four years after an East Coast investment firm, known as the Baupost Group, purchased the historic Cojo and Jalama ranches (known collectively as the Bixby Ranch) for some $136 million, the group is seeking to purchase a massive amount of State Water rights from the Carpinteria Valley Water District (CVWD). “The purpose of it is to assist with the ranch’s current needs and agricultural operations,” stated Amerikaner.”

July , 2011
It appears, at least in the eyes of the California Coastal Commission (CCC), that the un-permitted dirt-moving done out at Bixby Ranch this past winter was not quite as harmless as the owners of the historic Gaviota ranch say. Coastal Commission staff concluded early last week that not only was the earth-moving indeed done illegally but that the soil in question was federally listed as critical habitat for the endangered Gaviota tarplant — a near-extinct, yellow-flowering annual from the sunflower family.Property managers at Bixby, which was bought for some $136 million by the Boston-based investment firm Baupost four years ago, have contended all along that the disking — which is similar to traditional tilling except that it only impacts the top three inches of the soil — was done purely for cattle-running purposes and with the intent to seed the area for future grazing: nothing more, nothing less.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I sincerely hope that Highlands are better water managers than they are farmers, or we are all in BIG, BIG trouble.

Pics of Highlands bountiful crops growing in Melancthon:


"Highland is committed to meeting or exceeding all environmental and other regulatory requirements,” said Broadhead. “This is why Highland can say with certainty that there will be no adverse impacts on the environment – because it is not legally allowed to do so.”"

She made this statement in response to Jim Wilson, MPP for Simcoe-Grey, expressing his concern about Highlands proposed quarry and his call for a full environmental assessment.  (Click here for entire article: )

Everyone who has read the proposal has found Highlands studies, reports and arguments lacking, except well for Highlands.

But you can hardly argue with Mz Lynz's argument, I mean if it is against the law and you aren't allowed to do it, so ipso facto our water is safe.  By the way, it WAS against the law, but that didn't stop Highlands from clear cutting trees in Melancthon in 9 proven contraventions of the County tree cutting bylaw, but I digress.

So then put your money where your mouth is Highlands. 

Post a half a billion dollar letter of credit with the Township, available for people to access just in case something goes wrong with your big plans and they suffer damages.

The Township will hold this on deposit as long as the pumps are needed to keep the hole dry. If I am not mistaken that is forever, right?

Sounds fair to me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Highlands latest community effort-blast, burn and bulldoze.

The house will probably come down in the next few days or so.  You can find this at the intersection of Melancthon S/R 15 and Melancthon 4th Line Old Survey.


Regarding the August 4, 2011 post "YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS", some astute readers noticed that when you do a bit of digging, in fact the municipality did not hold an illegally called meeting.

And they are right.

The meeting was a special meeting.

The point of that post was, anyone can put information out there that isn't factually true and people will believe it, until someone mines for the truth. It took six days for someone to notice and find the truth. I know that councillors were upset about that planted information.

Well that is how ratepayers feel when we are provided with incorrect information (or even worse, NO information).

There is some misinformation being tossed around right now about who has the jurisdiction to pass a demolition control bylaw in Melancthon.

It is NOT the County, it IS the Township of Melancthon.

Who issues demolition permits?  It IS the County, under the authority delegated to them by Melancthon Township. 

IF Melancthon doesn't pass the information on to the County that all lands which are the subject of an Aggregate Resources Act, and all the buildings and land thereon may be subject to a Stage I archaeological study and heritage study as required by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, how in the hell does the County know NOT to issue the permit?

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Wow, how many times have we heard that over the years from Departed Daniher?

You know when they started clear cutting trees in proven, but no charges laid, contravention of the County tree cutting bylaw...remember he said it was to maximize their agricultural operations, NOT as their critics claims to rid the land of wildlife and wildlife corridors. 

To date not one single crop has been planted anywhere Highlands cut a tree, in fact many of those trees still lay where they were felled. 

When they started bulldozing, burning and blasting homesteads?  Normal farm practices it was patiently explained to the unenlightened.  We were also assured the number of homes to be demolished would be less than double digits.  Not to depopulate the community as their critics claimed, but to BETTER the community.

NOW there is this:
Fronting on most properties on which Highlands owns land, it appears as though they have given a bunch of drunk monkeys some dull scissors and told them to cut every long standing blade of grass. 

Why would they do that?

Well there is something in this world that throws terror into the hearts of Seth Klarman, John Lowndes, Departed Daniher, Mz Lynz and every single investor in the Baupost Group.

Is it this?
Or this

Nope, it is this terrifying 1 oz, 6 inch bird called a Bobolink

Friday, August 5, 2011


These men and woman fought many years ago to protect our Country.

Their bodies may be failing and there are fewer and fewer of them every year, but clearly understand the quarry threat and are continuing to fight to protect their country which is evidenced by their letter of opposition to the Quarry submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources.  You can read it at this link:

The petition launched by David Tilson, MP requesting a federal Environmental Assessment is now available for signing at the Shelburne Legion, thanks to these people.

Please stop in at the Legion over the Fiddleweekend, enjoy one of their meals, a quick drink, thank a veteran and sign the petition!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them."
Paul Valery (1871 - 1945)

Well in Melancthon that isn't entirely true.  As long as you pay the bills yourself, you can "force" Council to be open and transparent....

Well, I mean not ALL the time. 

Just every time you want information to which you are entitled.

The current Council, despite the new Mayor's comment that Council they will be as transparent as they can, is only as transparent as they want to be.

I mean there have been record number of closed sessions and last minute meetings called since they were sworn in December 2010, of which the public would not know about...

In fact in the last month they went into closed session to talk about their AMO delegation.  Jeez.....  No legal, identifiable individual, etc. etc. reason there, but still, we wouldn't want the pesky public to be there.  See blog post August 9.

Honestly though, you don't have to worry about the public being there.  They threw their hands into the air at the January 2011 meeting when it became evident there would be NO demolition control bylaw, or any real opposition to the Highlands proposal.

It was pretty evident that Melancthon was relying on grass roots organizations and other municipalities and agencies to do battle for them so it wouldn't cost them money.

Although the public has been invited back, in fact a personal plea by a Councillor, but we were warned, no eye rolling or criticism, or ELSE......


So, lets see if Highlands blinks while the world watches.

Silo came down last night.

Tin came off the roof today.

Your move Highlands, Baupost and Sir Seth Klarman

They may decide to NOT tear the house down now and say we were wrong, in which case we know public pressure stopped them.

OR if they take it down, wow, what a PR opportunity for us.

Win win for us all around, lose, lose for them.

Mz Lynz, seriously, I thought this was going to be much harder than this to win the PR war when you came aboard, but clearly I was (for once :) ) wrong.

But it is actually pretty easy.

If you would like to do a drive by of the property and aren't sure where it is, please contact any Melancthon elected official to inquire as to the location.

They can be contacted at:
Mayor Bill Hill (519) 925-5264

P.O. Box 465
Shelburne, Ontario L0N 1S0

Deputy Mayor Darren White (519) 923-2829
682378 260 Sideroad, Box 36
R.R. # 4, Dundalk, Ontario  N0C 1B0

Councillor John Crowe (519) 925-6069
R.R. # 4, Shelburne, Ontario, L0N 1S8

Councillor Janice Elliott (519) 923-3803
R.R. # 6, Dundalk, Ontario, N0C 1B0

Councillor Nancy Malek (519) 925-0591
108 Main Street Horning’s Mill, Ontario L0N 1J0

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yes, Highlands is taking down another house.

Yes we can be upset at Highlands, but frankly this Council and the previous Council (with four of the current members) have complete authority over passing a demolition control bylaw which they have refused to do.

I won't blog about it, because if you type demolition in the search engine on this site you will see there are more than 30 posts about it.

But do NOT let Council pass this off on staff, on Highlands, on the County on anyone but themselves. 

Do NOT let them say they tried to establish a committee but no one volunteered.  A bylaw like this needed expert input NOT ratepayers with little knowledge of bylaws.

Do NOT let them say they couldn't pass a demolition control bylaw because it would target one individual.  What about the scrapyard bylaw they have spent untold $$$ on that was initiated due to two neighbours fighting?

We were told that within six months of this "new" Council being sworn in December 2010 there would be big changes.

Still waiting.  Still nothing.

No strategic plan, no official plan after 6-7 years of working on it, no peer reviewers in place to comment by the prescribed date on the biggest quarry application ever filed in Ontario, despite assurance to ratepayers at a Council meeting in October 2009
"At recent council meetings, the gallery appeared pleasantly surprised to learn that township council has been assembling a team of professionals to review whatever studies The Highland Companies brings forth in support of its planned quarry application, and also to hear that the council does not support a huge extraction of limestone below the water table."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It would seem clear from recent comments to postings, that the 2011 Fiddlefest is NOT going to be the drunken fiasco it usually is, but rather a political statement.

Sign of the times I guess, but ah for the good old know when the campers where situate beside the High school in the park and a fight would break out at least once an hour under the ball park lights and at least ONCE every 24 hours someone would tip over those old wooden port a potties with a high school enemy in it?  (FOR THE RECORD: those who had given birth, no matter age 12 to 50 were exempt from the tipping of the wooden port a pottie ritual)

On the other hand.   If the province doesn't think they have a provincial interest in the Highlands, aka Baupost, aka Seth Klarman, 2,100 acre 200 feet below the water table open pit limestone mine, Melancthon, who is so mindful of taxpayers money, should think about this:

Melancthon generates $14,000.00 from a 1% tax levy. 

So, if Melancthon doesn't get off their ass and start producing peer reviewed comments (as everyone else did by the April 26 date) to the ARA application, it will wind up costing them under joint and several liability.

How so??

Read all about it:

Nutshell:  oil spill occurred on private property and the municipality was implicated and paid.

So, Melancthon Council, PLEASE start demonstrating a full and vigourous objection to the Melancthon Mega Mine.

If not, I hope you start putting away money for the insurance claims that will be foisted on you should water contamination occur through the quarrying from Higlands, aka Baupost, aka Seth Klarman.  (You know the billionaire that could afford the repercussions, the one causing the potential repercussions??)


Check out some new clippings at the links provided:

Creeemore area residents association demands environmental assessment:

Guelph Ward 2 Councillor information about the quarry on their own site

Yes, you read that right, a Guelph Councillor, NOT a Melancthon Councillor.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Melancthon Council IS holding a public meeting on August 18, 2011 at 5:30 pm.

It is NOT related to Highlands Quarry.

It IS about wind turbines and the proponent for Elexco Ltd. on behalf of Candian Hydro Developers for surface leases  or easements. 

The information is at this link:


Continuing on yesterday's theme of the misinformation and in fact untrue information being issued by Lindsay Broadhead, new spokesperson for Highland Companies, here is something else Lynz didn't research before she issued her statement:
Among a great deal of misinformation being circulated are claims of 30 good farmhouses levelled, Broadhead said. Highland gave an historic log cabin to a museum after renovations, and lesser-quality homes were razed “for security and other reasons.”

The "claims" of 30 houses is sickeningly true.  In 2008 when the first home was razed, neighbours attended Melancthon Council to express their concern and nothing was done to stop it via a demolition control bylaw.

When more and more houses started coming down, Michael Daniher, the then spokesperson for Highlands stated at an NDACT meeting in June of 2009 that the total number of houses to be demolished would be less than double digits and in fact many of the homes were ordered to be taken down because they had been issued orders by the Building Inspector.

The Building Inspector denied that any orders had ever been issued.

Watch this video at Melancthonvision and see if you believe the homes were uninsurable and uninhabitable: Lynz, when you say the homes were taken down for "security and other reasons" what would those reasons be?

The "security reasons" are because they bought the houses, moved the families out of them and immediately demolished them because as John Lowndes stated to the Mayor and CAO in a private meeting in February of 2010, he wasn't in the rental business.

This was despite Highlands assurances that the homes they were purchasing would be provided as rental homes to their employees.

And the fact Highlands donated an historic home to the County Museum?  Well Highlands had no freaking idea it was an historic home, the locals noted that, stating it would be a shame to lose it.  By that time, Highlands was taking a beating in the press and realized this would be a good publicity stunt and donated it to the museum. 

Funny why they would do that though because their own experts stated there is nothing of historical or cultural value in Melancthon, or did you miss that in the 3,100 pages Lynz?

Link to entire Toronto Sun article-be sure you read the comments at the end of the story as well-good discussion