Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wow, great news.

County Council passed a resolution to have the former Shelburne Hospital site gifted to them.

You know, so they could use it for good things for the community.

Here is the entire article: http://www.orangeville.com/news/local/article/889425--county-wants-shelburne-hospital-site-gifted-to-it

Wait, wait, this reminds me of something.....

OH YEAH.....

Sounds like the railbed deal. CN gifted it to the "County" for a community trail and good works but when push come to shove and Orangeville with its weighted vote stands to make a $2 million signing bonus in having the railbed sale go through for a company to haul aggregate product, boom...only a matter if time before it is gone.

How about using the Shelburne Hospital site for a truly County initiative, something which the Mayor 0f Shelburne is championing....I believe it is called the DEEP plant. After all, it is completely safe because the consultants say so, and it would limit the greenhouse gas emissions because the trucks from the cities who are lining up to dump their (literal) crap there, wouldn't be hauling it all the way to the Grand Valley/Amaranth townline.

And Ed doesn't have to worry like other elected officials about losing votes, after all he never has to run.

Win, win for everybody.

If anyone else has any good idea where Ed can stick his DEEP plant, just post them anonoymously on this blog.


  1. It would be a win win because the Mayor would show by locating it in HIS town, it IS truly safe. It would show true leadership.

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  3. How much you want to bet that hospital miraculously turns into a YMCA in about 3 years?

  4. That would be okay if the hospital turned into a YMCA because there is more room at the fair grounds (which are for sale) to locate his DEEP plant.