Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am late in getting the results posted so I am sure you have heard...and congratulations to those who won and thank you to those who put their names forward to run.

Melancthon's new Council:

Bill Hill - Mayor
Darren White - Deputy
Janice Elliott-Councillor
John Crowe - Councillor
Nanci Malek - Councillor

Mulmurs new Council:

Paul Mills - Mayor
Rhonda Campbell-Moon-Deputy
Heather Hayes-Councillor
Earl Hawkins-Councillor
Lynn Hilchey Councillor


  1. What do you think about the councillor recount? I doubt that there will be a change in count so why bother.

  2. Google search: recounts, Ontario 2006.

    In all honesty, recounts, unless with a margin of one vote, do not often change the results.

    In all honesty though, if I were a candidate separated by 6 votes, I would probably ask for a recount, just to satisfy myself.