Saturday, October 16, 2010


Melancthon All Candidates Debate

Quotes from the Orangeville Banner (Free Press was too full of inaccuracies-I swear their reporter wasn't even sure which debate he was at)

John Crowe-absent. No excuse was provided which seemed "lame" although rumour has it this was more important than facing the electorate (your decision-but I know most of the men in Melancthon will go with John on this one-you get a a moose ticket you better use it):

Rob Uffen- “There is a perception that council is confused, or not willing, or submissive or passive, or passive aggressive when they should be more engaged with what is going on,”

Bill Hill- Council needs to “aggressively” fight against the province’s Green Energy Act, which is currently handcuffing their control over land use planning.

Darren White - council needs to start taking more initiative, “getting in front of some of these issues, not always coming from behind them.”

Barton Malloy-has seen numerous delegations from residents brushed aside by council. He argued council should have increased setbacks for turbines when they had control — before the Green Energy Act came into effect.

Nancy Malek-believes council needs people like her, who have already been down to Queen’s Park regularly to advocate on behalf of residents and their concerns. “I think we need someone who has the gumption to stand up and do it,

Dennis Sanford -it is important to make sure we don’t lose any more houses and at the very least, for demolitions to happen, there should be a plan in place.

Janice Elliott - Compromising our water system will be one of the priorities that we are going to be following through, We have to be prepared and we feel that we are.”

Wayne Hannon-believes council should be working with the ministry to correct any mistakes in regards to the mapping of the area’s watershed. That is the kind of thing council should be doing and … making sure everything is in place.

Alex Banks- believes the province’s Clean Water Act may help fight threats to the town’s water supply .

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