Thursday, September 20, 2012


This Orangeville news article talks about how County Council, way back in 1995, passed a parking bylaw for county roads, yet have never bothered enforcing it.

Then why in the hell was a bylaw passed?

The public, should be able to rely on the fact that once a bylaw is passed the bylaw will be enforced.

But then this is the same County Council refused to enforcetheir tree cutting bylaw when Highlands was found in many proven contraventions of that bylaw.  In fact one elected official stated at a public meeting that they had never enforced it before, so couldn't start now.


Why should non enforcement of the bylaw bother me?

The issue came up as a result of complaint to the OPP, County and Township of Melancthon about the gravel trucks from Strada "PARKING" every morning on County Road 17, 124 and the 4th Line of Melancthon for over an hour waiting to access the Strada site.

The morning of July 20 there were 16 trucks parked on that road before 6 a.m.

Recently the Court upheld a ruling that a municipality was found to be 2/3 at fault for the conditions of the road that left the two Deering sisters paralyized from the waist down.

If the County refuses to enforce their parking bylaw and when (NOT IF) someone plows into one of those many "parked" gravel trucks you can be sure the taxpayers will be the ones paying for Council's lack of leadership and enforcement on this issue.



  1. Here is a simple solution.
    Let the trucks park in the pit before it "opens" and I mean let them in, but they still wait for the pit to open before they can load and leave.

    Pretty simple ah.?

  2. For whatever reason, Strada said no problem to the condition of NOT having trucks on the 4th line before 6 am. Did they do it because they knew they weren't going to comply anyway and it would just make a problem go away at the time when citizens concerns were to be addressed? Probably. But the other issue is, why in the hell are County staff doing research, staff reports, drafting bylaws and wasting tax dollars on things like tree cutting bylaws and parking bylaws when they have no intention of enforcing them anyway?

  3. Before this bloody mega quarry nonsense came about I dwelt in the land of naivete, believing that most elected officials and governing bodies were competent and functional. What a fool I was, ignorance truly was blissful, now I want to scream on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, at the abject buffoonery and corruption that exists in all levels of government and much of the media. Ahhhhhhhhhh! The lunatics are running the asylum!

  4. I suspect that they are just like the rest of the government employees, love the wage and benefits, but when it come to actual work,(especially when it involves conflict) they tend to shy away from it.

    Strada doesnt own the trucks or the roads so how can they control them? Other then following their site plan and not opening the gate until the approved time.

    The truckers are all independent traveling on public roads.

  5. Melancthon Township,
    Tax dollar expenditures for roads= 52%
    Tax dollar revenue from roads= 9%
    Area= 310.96 km2 (big)
    Population= 2839 (little)
    Density= 9.1/km2 (very low)
    The Jeopardy answer is- Melancthon Township residents.
    The Jeopardy question is- Who's (already) paying for industrial use of Melancthon Township roads?

    1. Correction: should read
      Revenue from roads= 9%
      By the way: Revenue from taxation is 49% and some residents had increase in municipal levy of over 11%

  6. The Town received a large payment from Strada to repave the portion of road they use, they also paid the County a large sum to repave the county road and install turning lains.

    Strada pays royalties to the Township, County and Province for every tonne that leaves the pit.

    Get your facts right.

    1. Hey there,
      That's a load of.... well it's a load. Industry is financially, environmentally and socially getting a free ride in Dufferin and, in particular, Melancthon. Folks... do your homework and find out what the Greater Dufferin Area Chamber of Commerce wants for you and who sits on various economic development committees!

  7. The royalties you talk about to the Township and County amounts to a HUGE .6 cents per tonne in tital. The other .56 cents per tonne does NOT go to the province, it goes to a fund to rehabilite pits, except of course not much of that happens and it NEVER happens when a quarry is dug below the water table. AND we are still waiting for a public accounting from Strada as it would appear there was shortfall on the amount they paid in royalties per tonne versus what figures they provided in their application to dig a new pit beside the existing one. Mayor Hill-still waiting, remember you were going to get righ on that when you were Deputy Mayor? AND the only people who needed a turning lane and the 4th line repaved was Strada, so why wouldn't they pay for it?