Saturday, September 29, 2012


In the early stages of NDACT, a speaker at an NDACT meeting, Steve Odgen, made a presentation.

Steve had been fighting against Site 41 for over 20 years.

He didn't give up the fight even after they started construction on the Site.

In the end he was victorious and Site 41 did not proceed.

I recall something he told us that day, that whatever we learn through the quarry battle to be sure to pay it forward as there will be others who could use the help.

Right in our own backyard in Dundalk in the Township of Southgate we have a group who desperately need help.

Their own local Council has spent untold thousands of dollars in recruiting waste companies to be located adjacent to a school and residential areas.

The local Council held over 15 illegally closed meetings on the issue;

They will not disclose costs to the residents, even though it is tax dollars that are being spent;

They have rulings again them by the Privacy commissioner as they have not provided information to which taxpayers are entitled;

Southgate does not have proper zoning on the property, yet issued a building permit and are fighting against their own residents in court who have challenged the building permit.  Southgate says, in court, the zoning is correct, but in an astounding display of idiocracy...are undergoing a process to put the proper zoning in place;

They sued residents over a native blockade-NOT the First Nations, but their own taxpayers;

The material they want to truck in is raw human waste and offal material in tarp covered tractor trailers;  contaminated soil;  and recyclables from Toronto;

They are doing this against the protests of their local community;

The Economic Development officer, who recruited these companies and was paid for with tax payer money, held many of these closed meetings and now works for one of the recruited companies;

AND in an astounding slap in the face to ratepayers, are hiring a PR company to tout the good companies that will be bringing this crap to town-paid for with tax $$ to support some private companies.

Please spread the word and support them-go to their website and check out the facts. 
Learn more at on Facebook at "StoptheBioSolidsPlant.." and follow @TruthNotTrash or @teamsouthgate on Twitter.
This is my way of paying it forward.

There is a public meeting on this issue October 3, 7 p.m. at the Southgate Council Chambers in Hopeville.  Spread the word and attend if you can to inform yourself.

If you live anywhere on the haul route (and we don't know that because Council and the company will not disclose it) you will be impacted, by odour, potential spills and truck traffic.


  1. What is the name of the economic development officer in question?


    that is a video of a walk we held in Dundalk...

    I am wondering if the Quarry struggle has connected with the struggle against Sludge at the headwaters in any meaningful way, and if not, why?


    That is a video I made about our walk in Dundalk to stop the Sludge of industrial and human waste at the headwaters.

    I am curious to know if the struggle has linked with the mega-quarry struggle in any meaningful way?