Monday, September 10, 2012


Seth Klarman aka Baupost aka Highland Companies here is face saving easy way out and you can still collect some coin.

Farmland prices are soaring as they are becoming increasingly scarce:
While the soaring prices are a welcome relief after 15 years of stagnation or decline, the short supply and high price of farmland is making it hard for existing farmers to expand operations and newcomers to get into the business.

So some savy investment advice-sell now, make a bit of profit before you lose your very expensive shirt.

There are lots of real farmers who would buy the land and actually farm it.

Sorry, no quarry.

1 comment:

  1. Mr. Klarman, if you please,
    Forget the hole
    Put back our trees.
    Pull up stakes and
    Go back home
    Leave our farms and land alone.
    Keep your hands off of our water
    (we'd rather save it for our sons and daughters).
    Can't say that we're gonna miss you
    And when you leave take John Lowndes with you.