Thursday, March 18, 2010


Seems the Town of Innisfil built a YMCA not that long ago.

I am presuming that the YMCA, not wanting any of their facilities to fail did the requisite "studies" that they did in Dufferin and Soutgate. You know, population to be served is 29,450, but only actually talked to 428 people for their opinion.

Anyhew, it doesn't seem to be working out so well for Innisfil.

According to this article, it is cheaper to load the kids into a bus and drive them to a Barrie facility than use Innisfil's YMCA.

And remember, Innisfil has a casino and racetrack and thousands and thousands and thousands of $$$$ in revenue every year from it, but user fees are too high for their residents to use the Innisifil YMCA.

Just a word of advice (yet once again) to all sitting politicians who thinks this is a good thing for "our" community. Highlands will built it, that is the cheap part ($15 million was the last estimate I heard). It is the cost of running it that is unreasonable and unaffordable.

If as Mayor Crewson indicated he can't afford the $700,000 loss on operating costs of an indoor pool like Orangeville incurred in 2006 (and that is the LOSS, that isn't the total operating cost), how in the hell is he going to afford a YMCA? Melancthon can't help out, tax base has been decimated and we already pay for three arenas and two pools.

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