Sunday, March 21, 2010


FOUND: endangered species in Melancthon - a reporter for a local paper actually in ATTENDANCE at a Melancthon Council meeting.

Since summer 2009 this paper's gonzo reporting for this news outlet meant reading the agendas and minutes and "reporting" from that, rather than actually showing up or interviewing anyone. (NOTE: When you see the phrase in an article that someone was "not reached for a comment" means they didn't bother to call that person for a comment-NOT that the individual refused to comment.)
Although just because this reporter was in attendance at the meeting, doesn't mean they will report on the same meeting that the rest of us were at. After all this reporter is a "freelancer", not employed by any paper, rumoured to be something to do with a spot of legal trouble over reporting techniques quite some time ago.

Looking forward to the objective article. Looking forward to seeing how many full page ads Highlands takes out in this paper this week.

Wonder if Highlands has to put this sighting of the elusive species in their EA as endangered...just asking.....

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