Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There have been unsubstantiated rumours in Melancthon for a couple of years now that Highlands has approached a staff or councillor(s) about purchasing and closing the 4th line of Melancthon between Sideroad 15 and 20 in Melancthon.

All the usual denials have been issued-nope, nothing to see here ta
xpayers, move it along.....

I bet when it happened to Clearview last week, taxpayers were pretty stunned because they just didn't see it coming (see the excerpt and article).

"A plan to turn a portion of a county road over to Walker Aggregates Inc. is stirring consternation west of Duntroon.

The plan, approved by both Clearview Township council and Simcoe County council, will see the western end of County Road 91 turned over to the company...." (March 10, 2010 Enterprise Bulletin)


It can't possibly be true in Melancthon though, because an elected official has assured it isn't.

Until I see it in writing from all staff and elected officials, however, I am going to have a little nagging doubt.

And of course no one wants to put it in writing.

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