Friday, March 12, 2010


SO much has been happening. Not sure where to start.

FIRSTLY: Kudos to every single elected County politician for the leadership they showed at the meeting on March 11, 2010 with respect to the proposed tree cutting bylaw.

In a nutshell, the proposed bylaw would have allowed Highlands, under the "guise" of agriculture to continue their destruction of Melancthon forests unabated. The current bylaw at least provides they must apply for a permit before they cut.

Not one County politician voted for the proposed bylaw, except Chair Oosterhof and he only did that AFTER he presented an amendment which would have mandated that agricultural uses would require a permit to cut.

Every single politician showed leadership and a true understanding of the issue and everyone should thank them for this.

And what is interesting is Highlands mouthpiece, Minion Mickey wasn't at the last museum committee meeting or at last night's County Council meeting to hear the "verdict".

Either he couldn't trust himself not to have a meltdown on the steps of the County building on his phone like last month, or they are cooking something else up.

Just wondering if the Baupost Group, the Boston based hedgefund who is funding all of this is getting advised of the REAL situation up here, that this is going to be no cake walk and they better be prepared to keep ponying up more $$$$$ and at best it is an iffy proposition.

Water and the environment seems to be a BIG concern in this foreign nation called Canada.
I bet they had no IDEA.


  1. Thanks for attending and keeping us posted!

  2. Not saying I was there :)

    I just "heard".