Saturday, March 17, 2012


Enjoy the weather, a cold one, some gardening and outside stuff.

And if you have some time, attend Church tomorrow in Alliston at 10.30 am (Victoria Street right beside the rail tracks).

The Chair of NDACT will be speaking about the quarry and the implications for everyone.  The Church will be making a donation to the cause.

The United Church in Shelburne under the leadership of Reverend Edward Bellsmith was certainly breaking new ground when he, at the urging of Marni Walsh, held a series of sessions on environmental issues facing the congregation and the first session was the Mega Quarry.  So thanks to them and the Trinity United Church congregation for showing leadership!

And special thanks to the Alliston United Church for their support!  Please support them.

And if you are wondering if you will see Minebuster in a pew that day, clearly not. 

I am afraid should I step across the threshold of a place of worship that I would be smited. 

I know Hill and Knowlton, Daniher, Lowndes and others have prayed for that so I shan't take the risk.

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