Friday, March 9, 2012


An article in the paper today with some odd statements made by Highlands newish spoutsperson spokesperson Lindsay Broadhead of Hill (of Beans) and Knowlton.

Firstly she states:
She says Highland will use a method which involves pumping water out of the quarry and into wells. The wells then flush into the water table, which essentially recirculates the water.  She says this method is new to quarrying.

And then she goes on to attack the locals with this statement:
She says during time of purchase there was as much transparency as the sellers wanted

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But in an April 14, 2011 article from the Orangeville Citizen, Highlands advised:
Highland plans on using a recharge system in the Melancthon quarry similar to the one currently operating successfully in Milton.

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So if I can give you some advice Linz, can I call you Linz? I have been involved in this since the beginning and I know you are relatively new, so let me give you some tips.

Last time someone retained by Highlands tried to personally attack the residents of Melancthon and Mulmur it didn't divide and conquor the community nor help Highlands cause. 

Here are a couple of examples of misguided Highlands high handedness: trying to buy a debt of someone who refused to sell out and the little YMCA fiasco.  Neither worked in favour of Highlands.

It might be a little out of your comfort zone, but maybe try a new approach based on honestly and integrity, it is working wonders for NDACT.


  1. The real reason they are going for the technology to reinject the water into the groundwater instead of sourcewater is that MNR, where mining applications are considered is only concerned about the QUANTITY of water being consumed, so this way Highlands/BAupost can say most of it will be returned. Sure as hell hope someone at the province is interested about QUALITY.

  2. Highland??? Hill and Knowlton?? Honesty and integrity????? Oh Minebuster, you KILL me.