Friday, March 9, 2012


Some more "misinformation" by Hill and Knowlton:
"The vast majority of this province is prime agricultural land, so if that were the criteria, there'd be really no digging in the province," she said, adding the areas which aren't prime farmland are not the same as where the resource is located.

Truth is:
Only 0.5 per cent of Canada’s land is classified as Class 1 agricultural land. Fifty-two per cent of this is in Ontario. Over 18 per cent of Ontario’s Class 1 farm land has been developed. Since the 1951 census, in Central Ontario alone, 49 per cent or 1,897,000 acres of farm land have been lost to agricultural use. (Source: Farmland in Ontario – Are we losing a valuable resource?, Ontario Farmland Trust)


  1. Do they honestly think that we can't use the internet to do research and refute what they are trying to sell/tell us? Highlands and Baupost should be paying HK to just shut the f up.

  2. Highland has counted on our ignorance from the very first time they knocked on someone's door and claimed to be potato farmers. They fully intended on rolling over this community, after softening-up the politicians and inventing some fairy tales about how harmless a 2300 acre, 200 foot deep quarry would be. Even the former MNR thought we'd remain mute and ignorant. Who's looking stupid NOW, Highland????

  3. Actually, I say "Let them talk," their blatant lies work for our side AND their stupidity is always good for a laugh!

  4. I believe you're talking apples and oranges. She said Prime, you said class 1.

  5. The point is not apples or oranges, prime or class 1, 8:21am, the point is that it is an ignorant lie to say that "the vast majority of Ontario is prime agricultural land"...have you been to northern Ontario the vast land of rock and rock?...not prime agricultural land...nopey, nope, nope...good agricultural land, let alone prime, is rare and endangered world wide and that includes Ontario.