Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Farmers are really the stewards of the environment and must be given credit.

If you were hoping it was Melancthon Council that delivered that message, you would be wrong.

We do know our Council went to OGRA/ROMA.

What happened, who did they speak with, what was the outcome?

You wouldn't know unless you were in attendance at the March 1, 2012 meeting which started at 9 am where Mayor Hill gave a verbal update.

No report has been tabled yet on the agenda/minutes but it IS on file at the municipal office. 

Not sure why it would not be a written report on the agenda so people who have to work could read it and not trouble staff for a copy.

And this is NOT sarcasm, staff are swamped.  Probably more than 50% of admin time in any municipal office is spent fulfilling provincial reporting requirements.

So I have to ask why Council are not submitting these reports in advance and they would be included on the agenda like everything else that is dealt with at a meeting. 

For gods sakes even questions have to be submitted in advance.

It is the obligation of a government to be open and transparent, not the obligation of ratepayers to run around and have to chase down information.

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  1. I keep reading about fire board stuff in the paper but I can't find anything on the melancthon website. I checked after I read this post and they are on file with the clerk.