Monday, September 16, 2013


How much is 350.00?

350 marshmallow peeps would be eat...and then probably throw up

350 bales of hay is alot of lifting

350 books is alot of reading

350 miles is a long walk...well you get the drift.

Then think about 350 acres of farm land.

If one acre can feed one person for a year that means 350 acres can feed 350 people annually.(Source:

Which makes this statement astounding:

Sadly, Ontario is losing so much farmland to development that it threatens our ability to enjoy local food. We lose approximately 350 acres of farmland every day. This is not sustainable.               
We need farmland to grow food. Yet we continue to pave over prime farmland because of poorly planned growth. The bottom line is, we can't eat subdivisions, quarries, highways or pipelines.

Losing 350 acres of farmland a day equals 128,000 acres a year.  In Ontario, we are losing the ability to feed 128,000 people a year.

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