Saturday, September 7, 2013


Now calm down people, the sun rose in the east this morning and will set in the west, despite this love in festival.

What is the point of agreement?

Orangeville Hospital is requesting the County of Dufferin waive $2 million in taxes so they can put that money toward "bricks and mortar".

Dufferin taxpayers already fund the operating budgets for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) and Dufferin Emergency Medical Services (EMS), to the tune of more than $4.6 million in 2013.

Mayor Hills objections are offset by the fact (and no argument here) that ":Headwaters is a “phenomenal” supplier of health care to the people of Dufferin. “First-class people, first-class organization.”"

His arguments include obligating the next term of county council to the tune of $500,000 for each of the next three years and the fact that health care if the responsibility of the PROVINCIAL government.

MY arguments include the fact that the County wants to upload Hwy 9 to the Province and complains about provincial downloading, but funding healthcare at the municipal level is another form of downloading. 

And the hospital pays, I would suspect a nice salary, to a full time fundraising position.  So, fundraise, NOT on the taxpayers backs.

Additionally, if they are going to put an ask on the table, they should be approaching Peel Region, as I would suggest that more than 50% of emergency cases are from Peel-as they waiting time for ER services in Brampton are off the scale.

AND finally, there ARE people who live outside of Orangeville and they include those in Mulmur, Mono, Melancthon, etc. etc. you know, all those other lower tiers in Dufferin.  I would suggest that a great number of those people use hospitals in Arthur, Mount Forest, Collingwood, Alliston and Markdale and more.

So why fund one and not the others?

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