Sunday, September 22, 2013


A very very important development has occured with respect to the local turbine issue.

Dennis Sanford, who has been a long time advocate against turbines-since the very first phase went in when the local council of the day still had the ability to STOP these things but chose to accept money from the developers instead of saying NO, has, at mostly his own expense, been successful at filing a constitutional relief.  Simply put, it means that the Renewable Energy Project,( in particular, Dufferin Wind Power’s Project,) violates constitutional rights of citizens.

Until the issue has been heard, no turbines.

Well, I hear you say, why are the Chinese still trucking these things to the STRADA pit in anticipation of construction?

Its kinda like the gas plant situation. 

Once the Liberals announced they would be stopping the gas plant in Oakville/Mississauga (at TAXPAYERS expense) the company continued construction.


Well because thaty way the company could keep incurring expenses until a deal had been negotiated to legally cancel the construction contract.

Which meant the company could continue to incur costs, for which the TAXPAYERS would have to pay for cancellation.

So make no mistake, this is NOT a done deal, but every day the government of the day delays the cancellation, the costs to the TAXPAYERS increase. 

In another weaker, but telling development, the Mayor of Shelburne, a long time strong liberal supporter, has called for the Liberals to stop the Chinese turbine project. 

Good for him.

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