Thursday, October 10, 2013


Another municipality just passed an unwilling host resolution-unwilling to host wind turbines. That is 16% of all municipalities in Ontario who now have passed an unwilling host resolution.


  1. Let's all resolve to have no more wind turbines in our municipalities. No quarries either. Power plants - bah! We don't want those either. Jobs - who needs those since we won't have electricity to see or roads to go anywhere we won't really need money. But at least we have the Melancthon farms to save us. The water isn't that clean but at least we have a place to grow potatoes. I mean, it isn't as though a potato will grow anywhere.

  2. So true 24 oct, so true.....I have never been able to grow a potato in my garden!. LOL

    But remember the rich don't need jobs, don't care about hydro cost all they worry about is their view out of their summer homes windows!