Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The Environmental Review Tribunal made a decision to stop turbines at Ostrander Point, Prince Edward County. Ostrander Point, part of a globally significant Important Bird Area, includes areas of imperilled alvar habitat and provincially significant wetland in a major migration pathway for millions of birds, bats and butterflies. It provides habitat for the endangered Blanding's turtle and Eastern Whip-poor-will. The Ontario government is fighting Prince Edward County Field Naturalists successful bid to stop development of Ostrander Point with Industrial Wind Turbines. We need to tell the Ontario Government to give us back democracy. Listen to the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal and honour it. learn more at Sign the avaaz petition here:

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  1. I never realized that the Minister of the Environment's job was to serve up Ontario's resources and wildlife to Big Business. Fat cats at the table, our politicians bringing silver platters of Ontario landscape to them, for carving up and consuming. I assume that this job pays well and has lots of perks, but it's got no future. Cuz soon there'll be nothing left to sell. Idiots.