Saturday, October 26, 2013


Thanks to Donna Tranquada for being on top of all of this (so I don't have to! ;)

TUESDAY --  NDACT chair Carl Cosack and Food & Water First volunteers attended a Land Over Landings meeting in Claremont to share their experiences from the Mega Quarry campaign. Land Over Landings is trying to protect 13,000-acres of Class 1 farmland from being paved over for a Pickering airport and other development. The gym was packed and there was great enthusiasm for Carl's presentation. Thanks to Mary, Pat, Jim and the Land Over Landings team for making us feel so welcome! It was also wonderful seeing all the Food & Water First lawn signs in the Pickering area! The Durham Region newspaper covered the event.

WEDNESDAY -- The Orangeville Banner published a story about both Rachel McAdams and Toronto supporting the cause! Toronto Councillor Josh Matlow, who introduced the Food & Water First motion at City Hall, is quoted extensively.

THURSDAY -  The David Suzuki Foundation published a column about Food & Water First by Faisal Moola. DSF was a key supporter in the Mega Quarry campaign and co-organizer of last year's Soupstock. Thanks, Faisal, for this terrific blog!

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  1. Boring......Yawn.....Quarries were more entertaining.