Friday, October 4, 2013


Can we talk about the elephant in the room?

You know, the farmers who started the turbine talk and "invited" the turbines into the community.

To start with, I know most of these people and I honestly think they thought they were doing the right thing.

AND do not forget, our elected government was making a very attractive package with OUR own tax dollars.

AND to top it off, wind turbine proponents hire very skilled scam artists I mean "marketing professionals" to sell proposals like farm owned wind power.

I feel the ONLY thing the farmers who opened the door are guilty of one thing-naivety to think they would have the resources to finance the entire project.

I think we all learned something from the quarry battle-stand together as a community-or fall.

And if you don't think the farmers were tricked by a skilled snake oil salesman..think about this.

Seth Klarman, the founder of the billion dollar hedgefund Baupost, one time owner of thousands of prime farmland in Dufferin, someone who is touted throughout the world as a financial genius, was sold a worthless idea (remember that 2,400 acre 200 foot below the water table open pit limestone mine) by John Lowndes. 

John Lowndes for pete's sake.

A Ron Jeremy doppleganger!! (And if you don't know who Ron Jeremy is, don't google his name at work.....just saying.)

PS: psychology studies show that one of the hardest things for the human species to do, is change their opinion once they have made a public declaration in support of something. 

So for those farmers (and individuals) who were championing farm owned power, perhaps you are morally or contractually obligated not to make a public statement against the proposal now, but something you could do, very quietly, is throw some money to Dennis Sanford, who is making great strides at mostly his and his families own personal expense in bringing this proposal to its knees.

Just a suggestion........

Tommorrow-why Food and Water First should be opposing turbines.


  1. As a newcomer to the community (only been here a few years), one of the most heartbreaking things for me to witness during the mega quarry mess was the destruction of old friendships and life-long bonds that Highland rained upon Melancthon in its greedy quest for limestone (and water, let's face it.). Neighbour turned against neighbour. The very fabric of the community was torn apart. The wind turbines have picked up the damage where Lowndes and his minions left off, and it's got to end, because once the heart is ripped out of a community, there isn't much left to salvage. What's done is done, if some people made mistakes, it was only because they were doing what they thought was going to help keep their farms going. Let's move forward, together, and do whatever's necessary to stop the carnage NOW, because we have NO power if we continue to turn on each ot her....

    1. Exactly, lets stand together.

  2. I give Seth Klarman full credit for (i) seeing a brilliant money-making idea in the proposed mega-quarry, (ii) bowing to public opinion despite the potential for billions of dollars and a predisposed provincial government/regulatory system, and (iii) doing his best by the community in selling the land to a farm-investment venture. He changed his opinion after making a very public declaration of support/large investment. We were lucky because the fight could have been a lot worse ...

  3. I see the resemblance-Ron Jeremy has a big pr**k and John Lowndes is a big pr**k