Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wonder how the 19 year old kid and his family who were described by the Benningtons and the Star as being poor, in fact living in a "three-room cottage at the end of a dirt road, with a metal roof, exposed cinder block walls and bubbling wallpaper".  feel?  Just asking (here is the follow up article by the Star)

I would expect Russian teenagers and families would feel the same way someone here in a small town in Canada might feel if someone described them that way. 

And last I heard, they have the internet in Russia.  Google the kids name, I am sure all his friends from back home have.

Hope he knows HE has nothing to be ashamed of.


  1. I wonder if the money the Russian kid owed was overdue board owing to Ken Bennington?

  2. The Benningtons are doing a good thing helping these kids out. The press took advantage of them. Whoever you are, blogging about this should be the one ashamed. Support our town and arena instead of slamming the people trying do do good.

  3. I hold no resentment towards these kids or even the concept. It does seem that an elected official should know the rules and work with those in charge before knowingly crossing the line in the name of the Town. It also seems that he is looking for an advantage for his son, which we all do, but it an unfair advantage? He is also profiting considerably with rent money. I know what it takes to feed an extra teenager, all the other costs are existing overhead. Deputy Mayor Bennington has a definite pecuniary interest. He needs to claim it and step aside. Minor hockey needs rethink what is best for all these kids, both in the long and short term, and decide whether or not change is needed.

  4. The Benningtons are doing a good thing helping the Benningtons out, certainly NOT the arena, NOT the Shelburne Hockey team and NOT the taxpayers. Muskies have wanted Friday night ice time back since at least 2006 and guess who got it? Owens team the Ruskies, NOT the Muskies. And I have no qualms in blogging about the truth. Name one thing in anything that has been blogged about that is untrue. He was quoted as saying, "I knew we were operating outside the rules" so he shouldn't have a problem when it comes back to bite him in the ass.

  5. Benevolent Benningtons? That shoulda been his campaign slogan. What happened was he thought the Star would do a nice little write up and promote his kids NHL dreams and now he is pissed because it didn't work out so well. The Deputy Mayor has never apologized publically for calling ratepayers Cagney & Lacey or blaming people for "turning him in" OR for calling the High School hockey program into the fray OR for pubically calling a teenager from a poor family. Talk about being ashamed.