Saturday, December 25, 2010


Apparently someone isn't happy with the "exceptional" rehabilitation done in Puslinch on a pit owned by St. Mary's.    "If that’s exceptional, I’d hate to see what bad is,” councillor Susan Fielding said on Dec. 15."

Reminder-  St. Mary's, who bought the Lowndes quarry in Flamborough from John Lowndes brother David and John Lowndes is connected with Highland Companies who want to dig a 2,400 acre 200 foot below the water table mine in Melancthon. 

Here is the entire article:

So good for Melancthon Deputy Mayor White for being "on" this at the last meeting of Council as it pertained to Strada and the site plan agreement.  If you recall at the December 16 meeting of Council Strada objected to having to deposit securities for rehabilitation.

BUT, and you knew there was a BUT coming.  If I understand it correctly, the entire amount of securities being requested by Melancthon from Strada for rehabilitation is $68,000.00.

To put it into perspective, $68,000.00 paves about 1 kilometre of road or buys two mid-sized cars.  I am not really convinced it could rehabilitate a pit the size of Strada's should they "walk".  

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  1. They only asked for $68,000! Are you kidding me? What did Melancthon Councillors base that ridiculous request on? Grass seed? Not much wonder Strada doesn't want to pay's a joke. Councillors get your act together and find out from a REAL know one that is NOT in the pockets of the aggregate industry...what a suitable security fee would be for rehabilitation of a pit this size. PLEASE!!