Monday, January 9, 2012


A US hedge fund who holds a 14.2% stake in CP is demanding Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.’s oust their CEO.

And while we are on the subject of hedge funds who think they own the world, or at least Melancthon, the article titled "Was Baupost’s Mega-Quarry Investment A Mega-Mistake?' states that The Boston-based hedge fund owns a rumored 16% stake in the project, which has more than $40B in gross revenue potential.

So if Baupost owns 16%, who owns the other 84%?

In the Toronto Star article the locals were blamed for selling without asking questions.  Here is the quote from Joseph Izhakoff:  To the extent they asked us, we said we were going to do farming; and we said there are other alternatives; and the question is, how much more did they ask?” says Izhakoff.

Shame on us lokal yokals for NOT asking for the truth instead we trusted what Highlands, Bruce and ole Mavis Wilson and Trevor Downey told us: world's biggest potato operation.

So lets not make that mistake AGAIN.

Start firing away the emails to any and all of these addresses and ASK who owns the other 84% of Highlands.


  1. So... finally... Minebuster is asking the question that has been at the root of this all along and which some (although not the self congratulatory, team building, head in the sand, community is united save our water and farm land cheerleaders) have been whittling away at while there are other so called objectors who are in a position to dig in deeply and find that answer (and may very well already know). Who is the villain to be shut down? As pointed out in a response to another posting and is (was always) known, Baupost is not the principal in this! Let's return to the evidence so far that it's John Lowndes and the investors he assembled at the start. He has a family history in this kind of business. What is the Scherer/Izhakoff connection? After all, they are simply owned by Baupost. NDACT and CAUSE, to really be the voices of their memberships and supporters might just want to use their assumed authority and funds now raised to identify and bust the real culprits... the majority investors. Now that'd be news.

  2. Well if you know who is behind it cough up, if not, quit talking in circles. Too much to do to figure out riddles and mindless taunts.

  3. Hey 10:07, You might want to rethink your take on what 9:51 wrote. Seems to me 9:51 wrote what they knew but, much as Minebuster wrote, there are people out here like the Wilsons or the Downeys who might know a lot more and there are others who have assumed authority that are in a position to find out if they don't already know.

  4. It is a breach of privacy for a fund to make client lists public without permission. Also Baupost is listed as the "Parent" on the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada forms for lobbyists, Harnick and Pinto. So why would NDACT or CAUSE direct donation money to determine who the Baupost investors are? The investors are not "culprits" -- only people looking to make a buck. Ontarians don't want them making that buck to our or the next generations' detriment. We have to change the system that allowed this in the first place -- Ontario government policies. Amend the Aggregate Resources Act to reflect today's priorities. Food and Water First.

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  6. That Broadhead broad gets pissed when you email her directly. Isn't that what she gets paid for?