Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Mayor Bill Hill asked what financial benefits the quarry would bring aside from employment.
(Minebuster Note: employment are 300 truck driving jobs eventually and another 150 over the 100 year life of the quarry)

“We would continue our corporate sponsorship,” Scherer said, adding the quarry would create economic spin-offs.  (Minebusters Note: economic spin offs include jobs in other countries who make things to enable them to dig the hole, money that Baupost share holders make and can spend on private yachts and stuff, there is no limit to the economic spin offs-no truth either, just no limit)

Hokey smokes, start digging the hole, we really need their corporate sponsorship as we were on the verge of collapsing as a community before they slinked into our midst.

What has been their corporate sponsorship to date?

A failed YMCA bid

A clock at the Honeywood arena

Offering housing to a physician that the recruitment committee might land to work in Dufferin and to date not one single physician has ever lived in a Highlands house (the ones that haven't been demolished)

Sponsoring some sports teams......

Money to "assist" with the renovation of Hornings Mills Hall-despite the fact Highlands could have purchased an elevator and paid for the monthly inspection fees forever out of Seth Klarman's pocket money
Funding a study to identify ways of reducing snowdrifting on County Road 124 (note this was NEVER released to the public so not sure how this is helpful to anyone except Highlands)
blah, blah, blah

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