Tuesday, January 10, 2012


On Thursday January 12 at 11.30 am, be prepared to be amazed.

For on that day, you will see a sight more rare than the Chupacabra or a Ford without rust.

You will see John Lowndes, in the flesh at a Melancthon Council meeting.

He has finally decided to take Council up on their invitation issued two years ago so that Highlands can do some explaining about "their" economic vision for Melancthon.

For those of you who aren't sure what to look for, here he is, in the flesh:

But beware, he is a master of disguise.  Here are some recent characters he has assumed.

And these two (wise) guys will be there too.  Someone had to drive the car and someone else had to open the car door.

For those of you who want to attend the whole meeting, there are some other interesting tidbits on the agenda.

Page 29-35: Nice to see council is not being pushed around by wind developers

Page 41: Anyone find a sliver lamprey in Melancthon it may help to stop the quarry.  (NOTE, but the real deal, not the plentiful Highlands no spine lamprey seen in most photo opportunities in the local papers.)

Page 54: NVCA update on their review of Highlands quarry application. Wonder why Highlands is submitting an updated computer model which predicts future groundwater conditions with the quarry in place. Didn’t they have it right the first time?

Page 55: Copy of Tilson’s letter to Peter Kent re Federal review

Click here for link to agenda:


  1. I have a question for Lowndes, what the hell happened to his little gollum, Daniher?

  2. Unfortunately I have to work that day, otherwise I would be there with 6 dozen rotten eggs and a crate of over ripe tomatoes. May he rot in hell for the grief he has caused this community in order to further his own lust for money.

  3. Hey 10.18-those chickens went to alot of work to lay those eggs. Lowndes isn't worth it.

  4. 10:18 When you die I believe that the Lord will ask you if you regret those words. If by then you don't ... may God have mercy on your soul, for you have learned nothing in this world.

    You don't always have to agree with people. Treat people as you would have them treat yourself, with respect and dialogue, not insults, yelling and ignorance. That is of course only if you really believe in the values of our society, which I seriously doubt. Your comments are cowardly and rank with the morality of Bin Laden.

    If you truly wish others to rot in hell, I can only pity you and hope your children learn from your wrong doings. Thankfully, you post anonymous and your family will not have to bear the shame of your comments.

  5. Well then, 11:25, you won't tear a strip off of ME, cuz I'm not gonna say that I wish John Lowndes would "rot in hell". What I hope for is that he's captured by a primitive tribe in Borneo, cooked slowly over a hot fire, and eaten, head first, by the tribe members. With a nice hot sauce. Is that un-Christian of me????

    1. Yes it is un-Christian of you. I believe you will rot in hell first for God knows what is in your heart. May you burn and suffer greatly for your evil thoughts, you possessed soul. In the name of Christ, begone foul demon! May your sins be washed away in the fiery pits of Hell!

  6. You too are anonymous 11.25 and your religious ramblings are superfluous. If you think that I am going to play Judas, utter pleasantries and smile sweetly whilst the devil's disciples turn our lives upside down in order to pad there own pockets, well, I'm just not going to do it and keep god out of it for Christ's sake! Ahmen to that.

  7. Are there silver lampreys in Melancthon / downstream in the Pine? May be more difficult for Highland to raze the stream beds and eliminate their habitat to claim there never were any like they are doing with the Bobolinks.

  8. Well, there I was amazed to be in the same room as this august trio who made friendly and co-operative noises, told us they were 'comfortable' with what they'd done or are proposing, but baulked when asked if Highland would cover the cost of any OMB hearing. They have offered to meet again and respond to questions which, if I heard correctly, are to be submitted. Highland will then respond and address those questions via a Powerpoint presentation. There is, though, a formal application process underway where, I imagine, all questions have to be formally addressed and responded to, so is this just a sideshow of little relevance?

  9. The ONLY reason Highland is paying for NVCA peer reviews is NVCA was smart enough to implement a fee system. Melancthon ratepayers begged, pleaded, cajoled Council to do the same beginning at least two years ago, to no avail.....This current Council had three months to get the fees implement ($1,000 an acre wouldn't have been out of line), but nothing.