Sunday, February 10, 2013


Apparently, county officials weren't aware the TSSA, which regulates fuel standards and safety, should have been notified when 1,200 tonnes of contaminated soil was unearthed at the Primrose Operations Centre near Shelburne....
Wow, this is pretty standard stuff that any farmer with a fuel tank, trucker, etc. knows you call the TSSA. 

But the highly paid experts at the County apparently didn't know. 

At the time, the staff person in charge was Trevor Lewis. 

The SAME staff person in charge of the waste management upload who somehow managed to convince (apparently very guillible) councillors to upload waste management without putting a pencil to paper to figure out the cost/benefit analysis until it was a done deal.

And now, seemingly without a public process he, since his recent retirement, is now a paid consultant for the County in charge of.....the DEEP process. 

God help us.

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