Thursday, February 21, 2013


Mono, Mulmur and Amaranth have called in the legal beagles over the "uploading" of waste management.

And can you blame them?

Well yes, yes I can.  And so can you.

After all, they sat on County Council and voted for this fiasco.

NEXT time, like say when it involves the transmission tower or say the DEEP plant, ask ALL the questions first BEFORE you vote.

As a result, those municipalities hit the hardest by the waste transfer have banded together. Having not received answers to their satisfaction, they plan to seek a legal opinion in hopes of sorting things out.  “We thought we should get a legal opinion on this and see where we’re going,” Mills said.



  1. How can u have a say when orangeville and one other municipality make up a majority vote

    1. At the very least, politicians should have asked the questions and knew what they were getting into before voting. Would you decide to build a house, THEN decide what it costs, or would you figure out what it will cost, THEN decide if you should build, or stay where you are? Bassackwards is how the County does everything.