Sunday, February 24, 2013


Since November, when Highlands had premature/immature withdrawl of their quarry application, congrats to NDACT have been widespread, just NOT from Melancthon Council.
Sylvia Jones, local conservative MPP couldn't quite spit out NDACT's name, but did congratulate the community resistance:

“The reality is there was a lot of community resistance to this project from the beginning,” Jones said. “I congratulate the local residents who showed great tenacity in
organizing themselves to present a coherent argument against this application.”

David Tilson, conservative MP, despite looking like a deer in the headlights at the debate in Shelburne during the last federal election whenever the quarry was mentioned, almost like he knew nothing about it, seemed to take the beat down to heart and stepped up, presenting on an almost daily basis in parliament the names of petitioners calling for oversight into the matter. 

And he even nominated the first Chair of NDACT, Dale Rutledge, for a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Go to his site and watch the video in the top right corner, where he congratulates NDACT, by name no less, in parliament.

Melancthon Council.



With the exception of Councillor Malek, who worked her butt off, there was not even an elected official from Melancthon at the February 16, 2013 NDACT congratulations party.

And the only one from Mulmur was Councillor Hayes and her husband Mike.

It is almost like they don't realize or acknowledge that without NDACT doing fundraising, hiring "qualified" planners, galvanizing the country and in fact the world (Avaazz petition) and raising the awareness of the issue that we would have a giant hole dug now. 



Too busy worrying about horses on an agricultural lot and entrance permits.

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