Thursday, February 14, 2013


So the Ontario Fire Marshall's office was asked, by Mulmur and Melancthon Council, to conduct a review of fire services. 

Which is odd, because when asked about it last July, the CAO in Shelburne said: "the OFM merely picks several departments across the province to audit each year, and his municipality’s name came up on its board."  Full article here:

Anyhew, starting at page 36 on the attached link is the report, which has 30 recommendations to improve the fire services on which we rely.

Kinda curious, however, that on page 7 of the same link above, the Shelburne Fire Department has a resolution that in effect says we aren't going to deal with an issue any more related to the underground bunker in Hornings Mills, cause it is costing them too much money. 

SO by this formula if we have a big fire in Melancthon, say a turbine or an on-farm industrial sawdust fire, and it seems costly, can the fire department from which we contract for services, just decide it isn't cost effective for them to attend?

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