Thursday, April 11, 2013


Excerpt from the Orangeville Citizen about the DEEP plant:
... NRG vice-president Ken Willis... said most of the investment candidates for DEEP decided against Navitus “because of the absence of policy.

“Regarding the sale of electricity, the Ontario Power Authority does not have a set tariff for waste, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are done on an ad hoc basis via directives from the Minister of Energy.”

Mr. Willis said that NRG has incurred about $1 million in development costs to date, and expects that a further $2 million to $3 million would be required.

Although not saying he would expect the county to contribute that amount, he said that “to move forward we will require a more active involvement of the county in the project, which would include funding development capital and facility ownership of municipal bond financing to be made available.”

Huh?  He says he would not expect the county to contribute, but they require a more active involvement of the county....including financing??? 

Then that is EXACTLY what he is saying, pony up the County cash....

I can not believe a single County politician would support paying $2 to $3 million toward the DEEP plant when the proponent says they can't get private investors because it isn't viable and it is risky.

PLUS?? PLUS, paying millions of taxpayers money to situate a gasification plant in the unwilling host community would seem not to be a good election platform and would be a slap in the face to taxpayers.

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  1. As a collective, they sure come across as a bunch of boneheads. How could they get this far without knowing all the facts, like the less than expected price for the energy produced, the higher costs in some townships and lower in others, the clear bag push-back, the added development costs, etc. etc..... Is there any brains or leadership over there?? They will probably give NRG the dough...