Saturday, April 27, 2013


Bluewater taken to court over wind turbine building fees
"The bylaw would see industrial wind turbine developers pay a $14,000 base permit fee, a $220,000 security per turbine for decommissioning, a $100,000 fee per turbine for matters related to health and property devaluation and a $100,000 fee per turbine for potential legal matters arising as a result of the turbines.

Bluewater chief administrative officer Steve McAuley told the Times-Advocate the municipality received the Notice of Application to quash the bylaw on April 10 and council was informed of the action during an in-camera session at its meeting April 15."

Here is a link to a court case that states municipalities have broad powers to set their own bylaws as long as they have jurisdiction and it is does not constitute a decision that no reasonable elected municipal council could have made. (well except maybe Melancthon).

The bylaw was challenged and stood the test.

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