Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have to be honest.

When I read in the paper County Councillor White's comment : ... the policy (clear bags) would help increase diversion rates as well as reduce injuries to waste collectors. “People hide all kinds of things in coloured bags. Picking up garbage is currently the fourth most dangerous occupation in North America,”   I scoffed in disbelief.

And then I did my homework.

Depending on which google search you land on, garbage collecting ranks as the 4th to the 10th most dangerous job in North America.

So fair enough.

HOWEVER the reasons for this are not because people are not using clear bags.

The reason for the injuries and death is garbage collectors get hit by traffic, run over by the garbage truck, things fall on them or are ejected from the truck, etc. etc.

So my disbelief about the dangerous job is unfounded, but the clear bag is an incorrect statement about reducing injuries.

Read the entire article about the clear bag issue at County Council here: http://www.orangeville.com/news-story/2533413-county-clear-on-garbage-bag-issue/

And trust me, clear bags are NOT the biggest issue.

What is the number we call every garbage day from Melancthon when our blue/green boxes and clear bags are blown away, run over by a snowplough or blow out in front of vehicles and cause accidents?

Just wondering.

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