Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I was overjoyed when I read that Melancthon Mayor Hill wanted to move a motion at the last County Council meeting to deep six the DEEP plant.

However, there was caution in the air and Mayor Hill was advised to wait until everyone had time to think about it.

Mayor Hill said, okay, but he would be back, with his motion.

And now, just like clear garbage bags, the reason is clear as to why there was the suggestion to wait.

On tonight's April 23, 2013 committee agenda is an item where York Region is really, really really interested in outright purchasing the Dufferin County DEEP site on which they can locate THEIR Source Separated Organics (SSO) Facility and of course truck THEIR garbage to the site.
You will note unlike the clear bags, County staff reports lack full transparency.
On the report are a couple sections of note titled:
Local Municipal Impact
There is no immediate local impact. 
(MINEBUSTERS NOTE: I bet if people knew about it there would be an immediate local impact, being a shit storm of outrage. Do the legwork and provide the local impact, traffic, loss of value on your home, smell, etc.)
Financial, Staffing, Legal, or IT Considerations
The responsibility for and cost of preparing the site outside the designated for the SSO facility area rests with the County of Dufferin. 
(MINEBUSTERS NOTE: Well then what are the costs? SET THEM OUT IN THE REPORT)
You may recall that this is the mess that was created around the uploading of waste to the County "considerations".  There was not a single pencil put to paper to figure out the cost/benefit analysis of the excercise before it was voted on.
York Region is a BIG place, let them site their facility in THEIR municipal boundary, rather than truck it to Dufferin.
Here is a list of all the County Councillors who will be voting on this at the next Council meeting, if this recommendation passes committee tonight. 
Let them know how you feel, even if you DO support this.
Laura Ryan Warden
Rob Adams Councillor
Ken Bennington Councillor
Rhonda Campbell Moon Councillor
Ed Crewson Councillor
Bill Hill Councillor
Walter Kolodziechuk Councillor
Don MacIver Councillor
Warren Maycock Councillor
Ken McGhee Councillor
Paul Mills Councillor
John Oosterhof Councillor
Allen Taylor Councillor
Darren White Councillor

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