Thursday, April 4, 2013


Rosemont Firechief quits over dispute with Mulmur
Chief MacIsaac's resignations comes in the midst of objections mostly from Mulmur Township with regards to adding more part-time firefighters to the Rosemont roster. Additionally, the Mulmur Melancthon Fire Department (MMFD) which complained in a letter to the Rosemont department, that they are not being called out in mutual aid situations.

When you read the minutes and letter which was written by the Chair of the Mulmur Melancthon Fire Board, it SEEMS the issue is that 

  • Mulmur pays 52% of the operating budget of the Rosemont fire department
  • Mulmur pays 1/3 of capital costs
  • Rosemont has three fire stations to which Mulmur contributes
  • Rosemont has 27 or 37 fire fighters, not sure
  • Mulmur Melancthon fire department is not being called out, even if they are closer to the emergency, but rather Rosemont is taking the calls
  • If the draft budget goes through as is, it represents a 14% increase (and this is a DRAFT budget, not the final one, so don't crap yer pants just yet)
The minutes and letter are at the link below.  

You try and figure out whether this is an issue of which fireman department has the biggest hose (see picture above) or are Mulmur taxpayers getting hosed?

All I do know is it better get figured out and quick. 

NOW that this is in the public realm, if something happens, like a slow response time due to perceived jurisdictional issues and there is a loss of life, you can guess there be the expected lawsuit.

And as always, it is the taxpayers that will be on the hook.

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