Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On the January 24 post, I mentioned that Highlands website, under community involvement listed that they funded a study to identify ways of reducing snowdrifting on County Road 124.

I then went on to state: I have to make the assumption that the money for this study went to the County, you know the one from whom Highlands wants to purchase the rail line...

Well, apparently no one from the County or the Township of Melancthon or Mulmur or, well, actually anyone in the community (you know, for whom this study was undertaken to benefit) has seen this study that was funded by Highlands and listed under community involvement.

So to recap, Highlands, oh benevolent ones who have a "vision" for us, as a private company did a private study and then listed it under community involvement on their self serving website and then don't show the study to anyone in the community?

I am not a smart person (clearly you can tell from this blog) but even I know the way to REDUCE drifting snow on the notorious Cty Road 124 is to NOT demolish every structure and pull up, cut down and burn EVERY SINGLE TREE.

The analogy would be the guy who builds a pool in his backyard ostensibly for the betterment of the community because now his ill behaved teenagers will stay at home, but no one is actually allowed to use or even see the pool.

If Highlands isn't careful they might break their arm patting themselves on the back too hard.

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