Sunday, January 24, 2010


An article talking about Ontario's Environmental Commissioner regarding SLAPP's:

Hi-lite from the article: "The public’s right to participate in decision-making over matters of public interest is a cornerstone of our democratic system. Efforts aimed at suppressing this right should be discouraged by the Ontario Legislature and other public agencies. The ECO sees a need for provincial legislation that would put both sides of development disputes on equal footing. Such legislation could serve to halt SLAPP suits in their tracks. It also could provide a means for the public to access financial and other resources in order to exercise their participatory rights in planning approvals and other contexts that have a significant bearing on the environment."


  1. Someone should write an article on this for the local papers.

  2. Someone should start a local paper!

  3. Your comments are valid, someone should start a local paper, instead of the "Highland Hyperboyle" we have now. Any takers?

    Seriously I think blogging is the way to go rather than publishing a paper.

    Does anything think Wes and Alan and Tom even KNOW about the internet other than for porn?