Thursday, January 28, 2010


Which Council(s)?

Firstly Melancthon Council for finally considering passing a demolition control bylaw under Section 33 of the Planning Act. Too little, too late, but there appears to be some recognition by them that 20 homesteads wiped from the face of the earth (and tax base) by Highland Companies is NOT a good thing for their community.

ALSO Melancthon Council submitted a letter of objection to the Museum committee who was considering Highlands request to clear cut ANOTHER 7 acres of trees to add to their 7,500 acre farming operation. (I guess it is pretty marginal farming at 7,500 acres, can't make money unless you farm 7,507 acres).

Then KUDOS to the Museum Board committee who turned down the request by Highlands to clear cut the said 7 acres of trees. Here is hoping that the "NO" recommendation as approved by the committee is supported at the February 11, 2010 meeting of County Council.

It looks optomistic though. Perhaps County Council has taken heed to the warning signs being emitted by Highlands that they are not the benevolent good ole boy farmers they would like elected officials to believe.

And in fact perhaps all Councils at all levels are realizing that objectors to Highlands grand plans, including private citizens as well as NDACT are not in fact fear mongering and exaggerating and on a vendetta to destroy Highlands, but rather on a mission to protect our water, farmland and environment and to do that political leadership is needed.

And finally KUDOS to County Council, who passed a resolution requesting the Ontario Federation of Agricultural (OFA) do a policy statement review and propose changes that would see specialty soils and classes 1 through 3 farmland deemed as a strategic resource. The OFA has endorsed this resolution.

Two thumbs up!!

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