Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The next speaker at NDACT's public meeting held January 16, 2010 was Mark Calzavara of the Council of Canadians. Their organization played a very important role in assisting the opponents of Site 41.

He pointed out the Federal government is advising that climate shift is threatening water resources-storms will be more severe, the land drier so the water runs off the surface rather than recharging the water sources.

He advised that NAFTA allows companies to sue for loss of profits. For instance Quebec implemented a pesticide ban and a pesticide company is now suing Quebec for loss of profits. If you start shipping aggregate and then stop you can be sued.

Do not expect a fair deal at the OMB;

He warned about SLAPP's (more on that in another post)

Engage the community in a fun way, people must enjoy the battle and have a sense of pride in bringing this issue to the forefront;

Do not rule out civil disobedience;

He advised forming a Chapter of the Council of Canadians in this area as it would bring a broader focus to the issue.

Diane Lister, the Vice President of Trent University gave an update on a new organization forming out of NDACT, CORE and MC2. She acknowledged the great work NDACT has done and that this umbrella organization would work in conjunction with NDACT and shoulder some of the burden with resources.

Dini Petty, television personalty and resident of Mulmur spoke about being a "newcomer" to the area, having lived here only 12 years. She said her house is still referred to as the former owners house and when she dies, then it will be known as the Petty house.

She stated in her role as a reporter she had covered alot of these protests but this is the first time she has stood up on the opposing side. She noted "they" are counting on people to shut up and go away and that she for one, will not do that.

She warned that apathy will lose the battle and encouraged everyone to get engaged.

Tomorrow-closing comments from Carl Cosack and questions and answers

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