Monday, November 22, 2010


Lets see, despite Highlands public denial in June of 2009 that they would be taking down structures in LESS than double digits (in my book that is LESS than 10) they have demolished or have permits to demolish structures on 27 properties.

Was any of it recycled or reused? NOPE.

In Peel Region alone there are over 20,000 people waiting for affordable housing.

Here is an example of what the Canadian Forces did-they donated homes for Habitat for Humanity.

And remember, Highlands are doing all of this destruction to "maximize their agricultural potential", except, take a drive by any single structure they have demolished. It is sitting fallow, wells haven't been capped, septics haven't been decommissioned, nor have crops been planted on the land.


  1. Once again you exagerate. They are donating a house to the Dufferin County museum, one of historical value.

  2. PLEASE don't make me throw up! They have burnt Victorian homes to the ground. They were shamed into that donation to the museum and knew that they would be forced to do it by law anyhow AND they did not even want to pay for the log house to be moved; that information came from someone personally you are the one who exaggerates. They won't do a thing for this township that they are not forced to do. They won't even obey simple by-laws. They should never have attempted to demolish that homestead or the 26 others in the first place. They are strictly a "rape and plunder" corporation.

  3. Well see Minebuster, you are WRONG again. They are now up to 30!!